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27 / M / ...loveless place...
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
Welcome to the night watchers. there are lots of rules and laws, but only 3 of them matter. Dont be discovered, Dont let the enemy go.....and Dont Die!!!!

ok all members must fill on this info

Wepends: (no more then 3 wepends)
Elements: (if any)
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
Name: Lee
Race: Elf?
Wepends: Dual katanas and a mako pistol
Personality: Friendly and fierce
Elements: Water and fire
Strenghts: nature, water, and other things......
Weakness: Darkness, spells.
History: Will be explained later.....
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
Name: Lucaria
Age: 21
Race: Human
Homeland: Japan
Wepends: Shyth
Personality: funny, shy, and quiet (in battle: angery, aggresive, and load mouth)
Elements: none
Strenghts: Fighting with her fist, using a shyth, and computers
Weakness: cant fight when embaresed
History: ???
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27 / M / ...loveless place...
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
Name: Bacura
Age: 17
Race: Drakon (magical human)
Homeland: ???
Wepends: gun of shining darkness, and blade of eternal flames
Personality: Cool, Layback, rebelious
Elements: Fire, light, and Darkness
Strenghts: fighting, leading, and taking hits
Weakness: dosent obay orders
History: Rased by the Night Watchers, Bacura is a great agent.....but dosent ever listen to orders. it has gotten so bad that the night watchers hire agents just to babysit him.
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26 / F / inside a giant fa...
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
Name: Nemesis
Age: n/a
Race: Daughter of the Moon
Homeland: Saramyr
Weapons: The Onyx Sword/Magyk
Elements: Shadows and Darkness, the moon and air.
Strengths: Use of Magyk powers, "Midnight Maelstrom" Sword move.
Weaknesses: Staying out in the sun too long drains her.


History: Born as a rare daughter of the moon, Nemesis was soon admired but feared in Saramyr, and so she travels on by moonlight and in the shadows, seeking for someone who will accept her for what she is.
Night Watcher
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26 / F / waiting to see yo...
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
Age: 17
Race: human?
Wepends: two swords each with an emblem unknown
Personality: unselfish, dark, unable to allow others to get close, yet would drfend someone she doesn't know...
Elements:darkness, ice, lightening
Strenghts:nature,cold, storms, fighting
Weakness:light, fire, too willing to help others
History:N/A....lost memory....
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23 / F / In the forest
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
Name: Reina
Age: 15
Race: Vampire?
Homeland: Romania
Wepends: (no more then 3 wepends) twin swords and a sceptor
Personality: Nice most of the time...... gets mad easily
Elements: (if any) Ice, Darness, Light
Strenghts: Magic, Healing, sword fighting, hand combat
Weakness: someone being bad..... someone who doesnt take things seriously

History: She is the princess of vampires. She has two brothers. She lives by herself. travels all the time. brothers do their own traveling. She is thought to b a human because she isnt weakened by garlic,the sun, stakes, nor crosses. She is seen as a normal human. She can control her powers and her need for blood. She is able to survive on human food. Travels from country to country.
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25 / F
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/15/08
Name Bella
Age 15
Race: Vampire
Homeland: unknown
Wepends: none
Personality: nice but really quiet and shy
Elements: fire
Strenghts: contorling fire
Weakness: has a hard time controling her need for blood and bite ppl when she dosnt want too
History Was born with a human mom and a vampire dad and took after her dad. Her mom died when she was 10 and her dad disapeared wen she was 13 and now she spend her life looking for him.
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 10/19/08
Name : Cross
Age : N/A
Race : Titan
Homeland : N/A
Weapon(s) : My elemental body.
Personality : Aggressive, happy go lucky, friendly & loving.
Elements : Fire, water, void/space, air/wind, earth, metal, electricity.
Strengths : God like senses & attributes, close combat & elemental attacks.
Weakness : Little sister.
Pic :

History : Son of Ouranos & Gaia. Born after Cronus overthrew his father, unknown to the anyone. 1st of the last 2 offspring of Ouranos & Gaia. The other is his little sister. Has seen civilizations built & destroyed, rulers come & gone, and history made.
Night Watcher
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24 / F
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/16/08
Name:Terra Luna
Race: 1/2 Shape-shifter (ookami)/ 1/2 Lycan
Homeland: Doesn't like to talk about it tht much........
Wepends: 2 double edged sowrds, & dagger.
Personality: she is strong w/ alot of curage,bravery,loyalty, & honor
Elements: Spiritual
Strenghts: Alot.
Weakness: Talkin' about her past...........

History:Chosen by the oracle at age 4, she waz trained 2 b an elite killer 4 her king(which waz her father), she waz the top-ranking killer in her class ( as predicted by the oracle), for months she waz on a special mission tht took her away from the kingdom. When she returned she found out tht the king was murderd by his own wife & son, Then when she wouldn't pledge her loyalty 2 the new "king"(her brother) she was senteced to die, she was able to escape by luring the guard next 2 her prison door then grabbed his shirt & stabbed him, she grabbed the keys and let herself out & killed any one who got in her way between death & freedom. she protects her friends w/ her life. Even though she is young she won't heistitat or think twice abuot killin' anyone who does wrong 2 the innocent & refuses to hunt the inocent to satify her blood lust.

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32 / F / Where ever there'...
Posted 9/18/08 , edited 9/19/08
Name Kuromi
Race:Half goddess, half vampire
Wepends: Swords of Reflacting lights, zythe and mirrors of reflacting lights.
Personality I'm a brave strong minded individual, I'm kind, sweet and honest, love to make friends. I always reach my goals and never backdown from any chalange. I hate traidors and back stabbers. Don't get on my bad side, or don't make me go angry because things can turn ugly real soon, have a bad temper when provocked by others. I fight for what is justice and fair, don't tolerate injusticies. Asides from that, I'm a cool sheerfull person, who loves to smile and have fun!
Elements: Light, darkness, wind, lightning and water.
Strenghts: Master of swords, telephaty and spirits, also transformations and invisivility + many more, which for the time being should remaind hiden.
Weakness: This one, for my own safety should remaind hiden as well.
Pic (can't upload one at the moment.)

Night Watcher
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26 / F / With my babies......
Posted 9/20/08 , edited 9/20/08
Name: Adrianna
Age: ? (top secret)
Race: elf-warrior
Homeland: unknown
Weapons: bow and arrows
Personality: Kind of a snob and thinks she's better than everyone, but works hard and protects those close to her
Elements: earth and fire
Strengths: Master Archer
Weakness: quick to judge, water

History: Adrianna grew up in a society, where different meant evil, so she ran away at teh age of 17. She has always been the middle child, but has been the "strongest" (by her standards). She never got along with her little sister, but they eventually went separate ways.

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25 / F / hmmm
Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/26/08
Name: Minky
Age: 15
Race: Neko
Homeland: barren wastelands
Wepends: (no more then 3 wepends) : Chinese throwing stars, throwing daggers, double handed broad sword.
Personality: fiesty and up for almost anything, kind and caring to those whe likes, and those who she doesnt are usually dead within a year. known to hold grudges...
Elements: (if any) air/wind
Strenghts: hand to hand combat, perfect shot, *has help from the wind*
Weakness: if anyone pulls her tail

History: Outcast from her society at 4, Minky learned survival skills the hard way. Living on her own in the barren wastelands with the constant attacks tought her to be tough.
Night Watcher
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25 / F / UK
Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
Name: Doria-Gloria
Age: 234
Race: Vampire (Human)
Homeland: Paradise City
Weapons: Morning Star (Ball on a chain with spikes), Spears
Personality: Confident, but sees the world in a very black and white, good vs. evil manner. Highly strung, used to giving orders rather than receiving them. Doesn't understand concepts such as "tact" or "jokes"
Elements: While she was human, light. Now she has none. Still tries to call up light sometimes from habit.
Strengths: Very accurate with the morning star,
Weakness: Bad spelling, doesn't like being made fun of and she is claustrophobic.
Pic: sans wings.
History: Raised to be a paladin, and to kill nasty evil things Doria-Gloria had an unfortunate run-in with a vampire and was never the same again. After working out what had happened, she tried to do the honourable thing and kill herself. It was a bad time to discover that vampires aren't affected by the poison she tried to drink. In the end Doria-Gloria just ran away. For the last fifty years she's been travelling around killing nasties and trying to avoid any contact with people.
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25 / M / Omnipotent
Posted 9/28/08 , edited 10/6/08
Name: Torath Morkan
Age: N/A
Homeland: Caladora
Weapons: Hand Magic and Dragon Scythe
Personality: Aquarius/Capricorn-like
Strengths: Dragon Swordsmanship and Elemental Manipulation
Weakness: Loss of Friend, Family, etc.
History: Torath Morkan is an average wizard. He has charming blue hair with matching eyes. He always wears a grey-ish blue suit under a dark blue robe with silver lining. Since his parents died when he was still a boy, he knows the ways of a survivor. As a weapon, Torath usually uses Hand Magic but if unable to for any reason he is also very skilled with his Dragon Scythe which feels immensely light only for him. Although his true age is unknown, Torath can change his form into any form using the water particles around him. His physical body is half dark and half light so he can travel into both realms without being seen as an outcast. Also meaning that he can be very generous and caring but dangerous and violent at the same time.
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