Vampire Cerimoney
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
Hello~ Nice to Meet Everyone i am the Queen of Darkness. Today We will be holding the Vampire Cerimoney. I am very sorry that the Vmpire Cerimoney was started 2 days late.

1st, I'd like to intorduce the New Queen Tatch & The New King Yukima. They will be taking care of the Vampire Kingdom so treat them well.
2nd. The Vampire Princess AngelDevil03.

The New positions of The Prince/Princss Bodyguard go to GraffitiMechs & Chancellor SayaFan Welcome~!. There are other positions needed in teh Vampire Kindom so if you would like to Apply to them do as you please.

Please Treat Everyone with Respect~!

Let the Cerimoney Begin~! X )
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