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Please. Rate it from 1-5. Caution, it may be scary, so don't read it at night...

._______ Once upon a time, there was a rabbit named Fososho. He was very powerful, and he protected his rabbit village from the dirty hippos. But one dark, stormy, disastrous, and confusing day, his best friend, Opopoki was found dead by the riverbank. He had been mugged, and his carrots had been stolen. Fososho mourned for the death of his friend, and decided to figure out who caused it. So, Fososho left his village for a while to consult with an elder who lived in a nearby town to discuss who could have caused his friend’s premature death. The elder he was seeking was very good at guessing, and he had won the National Lottery more than 5 times. He brought with him only 18 carrots, and 1 stick of celery. That would only be able to buy him 4 lbs of meat for him to eat when he was hungry. Fososho always wondered why everyone didn’t eat carrots and celery sticks. To him, carrots were very fragrant and were mouthwatering, but he did not dare to eat it, for he only earned 3 carrots from herding his cows every day. And those 3 carrots could buy a pound of yummy red meat.
._______ As he was walking along the dark forest road to the elder’s home, he was stopped by three big raccoons who glared at him. He felt uneasy under their glare but kept his calm, and continued to walk. All of a sudden, one of the raccoons pulled out an AK-47 from under his tail, and fired 2 rapid bursts at Fososho. Fososho dodged behind a rock, and pulled out his own Desert Eagle from beneath his ear. It was an unfair fight, but Fososho thought he could win.
._______ Fososho quickly pulled out a large syringe from under his tail, and jabbed it into his thigh, he felt the rush of what his people called Crazy Funk Master flowing through his veins. By then, all three of the raccoons had their AK-47’s pulled out, and they were running around like hooligans. Then, the master raccoon shot a very accurate shot that shattered Fososho’s gun. Fososho cursed, and he knew he could not win anymore. Then, from the shadows of the forest, an old rabbit came into view. He threw three bricks at the raccoons and the bricks penetrated through their heads. He was known as The Master Of The Bricks. His favorite song was “Brick House”. And legends say that he was the one who build the Great Wall of Gandhi. But, to Fososho, he was the elder that he was seeking. So, Fososho thanked the elder for saving, and told him he needed advice. Before he could react, there was a loud crack, and The Master Of The Bricks fell to the ground dead. He knew there was only one animal in the forest that could have caught the Master of the Bricks by surprise . It was Alice, the proboscis monkey (LOL look that up on google images. XD). He was a master tracker, and his large nose was able to sniff drugs up in less than a second! To-Be-Continued….
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