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finn koupe shuzette or finn is one of the characters of the anime series special A and is the prince of his country. he is suppose to be hikari's fiancee because she fell in love with her at first sight when they first met at an omiai at london due to takishima's grandfather's order.

but it seems that finn is actually a girl and not a man, it's because in their country, it should be ruled by a male but if the country's heir is a girl, she is to be raised as a man.

and the first person who discovered her secret is ryuu, until she starts to fall in love with him. and ryuu is also starting to feel the same way.

finn enrolled at hakusenkan and spent time with ryuu and the others. the SA knew that finn's ideal person matches the description of her mother and hikari told her that it's so wonderful to look up to her mother like that and that they can still be friends.

since hikari is her bride-to-be and is gonna be finn's country's queen, finn's father does not want hikari to go back to japan, but he then agreed when finn's mother became pregnant and the baby will be a boy.

finn continued studying at hakusenkan gakuen with everyone with her real gender revealed and her unborn brother the heir to their country.

for me, finn has an interesting story of all the characters in special A though she wil not be appearing in the anime, it's still cool at least the author introduced her in the manga and her incredible life! even thought that made takishima troubled so much.

i kept wandering what will happen to ryuu if all of the SA already have their special someone with them, gud thing that answered my question!

hope the SA will all be happy now!! and hope that hikari will be more aware of her feelings hehe..
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SimplyBill wrote:

Made me remember Jubei from Gintama.

me too...
but its yagyuu kyuubei

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~Outdated thread.
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Dead thread.

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