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Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/4/09

alyzza93 wrote:

smexcii_tiger_loves_you wrote:

hello and welcome to cutest gurlz on cr

B4 i start i shall say that this group os for guys too. guys can post in forums, vote for the cutest gurl on cr which is a comp in the first forum, guyz can also comment on gurls pictures.

This is smexcii_tiger_loves_you the creator of cutest gurlz on cr. The mods and I would be very greatful if u could all invite ur buddyz to our group. its very easy and will take u less than 5 minutes of ur time so please do so. i would be so greatful. Please tell us truthfully if u invited more than 50 of ur buddyz. If you have invited 50 or more of ur buddyz u will be put up in our record book.The mods will be checking who ur 50 buddyz are so we no u arent lying. Thank you for ur time and effort. also thank yuu for joining the group, it means alot. Please add as many people as you can.

Remeber we now have 3 competitions, cutest gurl of the month, best pose and what gurl would you pick...please vote comment on pics since we have alot of cute and hot gurlz anf post in forums...Guys there is now a forum where you can post your pics for the gurlz so we're looking forward to seeing them

P.S If you can make fanbars, here is your chance to show them off. Make one for our group to support us. If you win i will have the mods and i and as many of our members to put it on their profile...we will also put your name in the record book.


xoxox Smexcii xoxox

how can i join the cutest gurl of the month ???

All you have to do is have more than 1 pic in the photo album. we will pic you then
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Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/4/09
can i join the cutest gurl of the month?!
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