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Posted 10/1/08 , edited 10/1/08

carmella102 wrote:

The one who is appointed as the Oasis of HSJ, the healing type: It's Keito's turn. From the members, we're looking forward to what kind of will exposure come out. Well, Keito. Are you ready?
("Are you ready?" is in English in the original text.)

One time, it looked like Keito worked on his muscles a lot. So I asked him, 「Have you been working out?」 and he said 「I have not.」 I want to get a little of those muscles too~ (laugh) (Yabu Kota)

Occasionally, he cracks "English jokes". I asked him to buy me something, and he got me the ones that come with cat goods for free. He knows I hate cats, so he does those sort of things. (laugh) (Yaotome Hikaru)

A person I don't know that well. He's pretty mysterious, so Hikaru and I said 「Let's do a behavior check!」 But we didn't notice anything, so now he's still as mysterious as before. (laugh) (Inoo Kei)

Keito often gets new items that no one else seems to have. One time, he had these portable block-shaped speakers. I thought they were cool, so I bought the same one. (laugh) (Arioka Daiki)

His natural character is funny. Like, it isn't clear when you really look at Keito. His reactions are especially the best. It may be because he lived in England for a long time, but he overreacts at anything. (Takaki Yuya)

I really see him as a carefree person. He doesn't get angry, he relaxes. It's cool that he's super good at billiards, but his pace is like, kind of like an old man's. (laugh) (Nakajima Yuto)

Simply put, he's a mystery! But I know him. Keito is a hard worker. During our breaks from our lessons, while everyone is drinking juice, he practices on his own.(Yamada Ryosuke)

Cute! Mischievous! Clumsy! Because he can easily trip anywhere. (laugh) You see! He just tripped from only moving a bit. (Chinen Yuri)

He's a person who often makes mistakes. For example, meeting places. He goes to the wrong places by himself. So he says 「I made a mistake and went to ___」 He's relaxed and funny. (Morimoto Ryutaro)

Keito's explanation
HSJ and I... N-, I don't know. (laugh) I can't express myself that well, but my not so few Japanese friends often take care of me and I'm comfortable when I'm with them. And Hikaru-kun, about what you said, that's not an English joke, that's a British joke. (laugh) I bought the ones that came with cat goods, thinking it was funny ♪

this is why i like Keito so much!!!

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Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/2/08
haha that was funny "it not a english joke it a British joke"
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Posted 7/13/09 , edited 7/14/09

-Music-Kisses- wrote:

Ooh er >< Umm... anyway... wah ! What's all this ?! English joke ? British joke ?! Do we have a weird sense of humour of somethin' ? o_O; I didnt know it was any different... >< Oooooh !!!

That's just what the Japanese think. I don't know either, but they also think that kissing between friends isn't weird to us. If I kissed my friends I'm sure it would be akward. It happens in manga all the time where the guy kisses the girl and says they do that in America! So it's probably just like that.
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