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It was a cold winter night when she was born. The stars shone
brightly above the sleeping sky as snowflakes fell gently onto the
alabaster ground.
Richard Williams took the baby gently into his arms and grinned at
his wife. "That's a pretty lass we've got ourselves here Moiré! I can
tell that she's gonna grow up a looker like her mother here!"
Moiré Williams smiled weakly from her bed. She was a small woman,
with flaxen blonde hair and smiling green eyes. "Aye, but I certainly
wasn't thinking about that when I was bringing her about! Ye should see
the doctor's face when I started screamin' obscenities at him!"
Richard laughed heartily. "You've always been a feisty one Moiré!"
He handed back the baby into her mother's waiting arms.
Moiré peered at her daughter. A pair of sleepy green eyes looked
back at her calmly. She was quiet, as quiet as babies can possibly go and
accepted her being passed around like a parcel between the relatives just
now with quiet dignity. "Time to sleep now my little lassie," she crooned.
"My lovely Nina Williams…"

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Anna Williams was born three years later on a warm summer afternoon;
a fiery redhead whose lusty cries could be heard a mile away. Her name was
chosen long before her birth, as Richard and Moiré pored over baby books
before accepting Nina's offer of Anna because "It sounds like my own name."
The birth of a baby is normally a joyous occasion but it was not so for the
birth of Anna. Complications have arisen and Moiré was in a critical
condition. The doctor tried his best to save her but finally came out of
the operating room and grimly told Richard to spend his last moments with
"Momma?" Nina rushed to her mother's bedside. Richard walked into the room
slowly behind her, his shoulders hunched and his eyes full of pain as he
looked at his beloved wife.
Her frail body looked even smaller under all the blankets. Those bright
green eyes have sunken in and her hair was dark with sweat from the labour.
She smiled gently as she took Nina's hand. "My little lass," she said.
"Momma's going away soon."
"Aye I know Momma. You're gonna die aren't you?" Nina replied seriously.
She was a very serious child, even at the age of three. Her eyes filled
with tears as she clung onto her mother's hand. "I don't want you to go!
Da will be so sad…an…an so would I and Anna too! You haven't even seen
Anna properly yet!"
"You know I have to go lass. You have to take care of your Da now, little
Anna too. Take care of yourself too lass, you've always been such an old
soul in a young body. And always remember that I love you."
Nina tried to swallow back her tears as she nodded. Richard came over and
looked at that dear face for the last time. He held her in his arms and
then spoke to her gently, "How can I go on without ye here to guide me, to
love me and to knock me over the head whenever I do things wrong?"
Moiré smiled at him sadly. "What a life I have led with you. But I guess
my journey with you ends now luv. You'll have te make the rest on your
own. I know ye can go on. You've always been strong…" She started to cry.
"I'm scared Richard! So scared!"
Richard rocked her in his arms, his heart breaking, "Shhh, my darling.
I'm here, here till the end my love…"
And so he was, holding her till the end in his arms as she slipped
quietly away from him forever. The tears came flooding down suddenly, as
he howled his anguish and grief. Nina had never seen her father; her tall,
strong, handsome father cry before and her heart went out to him. She
silently went over to him and hugged him tight. Together, in the
clinical, uncaring hospital room, they cried for their loss.

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Nina ran down the stairs and stood in front of the tv. "Well, how do I
look?" she demanded.
Two pairs of eyes blinked at her. "Hey, get outta the way! I'm gonna miss
the climax!" Anna complained.
"You're gonna miss more if you don't tell me how I look!"
Anna looked at Nina critically. "Hmm…take off that silly cardigan will
yah? It makes you look so unglamourous."
"But I'm wearing a sleeveless!"
"Uh like…duh. So show it off! That and your flesh – that's what
sleeveless things are for you know."
"Yeah and Da will probably never let me out of the house then."
"Fine, wear the cardigan until you get out of the house then take it off!"
Richard raised up his hand, "Er…I hate to tell you this ladies but I'm
present at the moment, listening to every single word you say…"
"Aww c'mon Da…you wouldn't be so cruel as to cage poor Nina in the house
tonight would ya?" Anna wheedled. " After all, it's THE event of her
life! The biggest party of the year! Where she can go socialise with
people her own age. After all, she works so hard at her studies, she
hardly ever goes out. She's a good girl an-"
Richard laughed. "What are you, your sister's agent or something?"
"Nah, just a concerned little sister who will receive her undying thanks
and idolisation after all I've done for her. Hey Nina, take that cardigan
off! It makes you look like such a prude!"
Nina took off her cardigan, grumbling, "I can't believe I'm taking fashion
advice from a thirteen-year-old!"
"Hey, trust me. I read a lot more fashion magazines than you do. You're
always stuck in those funny Shakespearean stories- oooo, that's a really
nice sleeveless."
It was a sheer semi-transparent spaghetti-strap blouse, made of the
softest material. Embroided all over it in silver threads was exquisite
ivy leaves, which gleamed softly in the light. It was worn together with
a short black skirt of a simple cut. Nina's ensemble was topped off with
a delicate silver chain, which Richard had given to her last Christmas.
At the age of fifteen, Richard's prediction of Nina's looks was fast coming
to truth. Petite, with a fine-boned, delicate face, framed by hair so pale
a gold that it was almost silver, Nina was a living image of her dead
Richard gazed at his daughter and sighed, "I swear lassie, you're growing
up even as I look at you. Soon you'll be a woman grown and you'll get
married, leaving your poor Da all alone; with this little monster here
who'll scare all potential suitors off with her sharp tongue and fiery
Nina giggled girlishly as Anna grumbled indignantly over the jibe.
Walking up to the door, her green cat-like eyes twinkling, she said,
"Well, don't worry Da, perhaps she'll be able to charm one with her wit
and we can get her married off before the poor fool knows what's he got
himself into!" With that she quickly ducked and slipped out of house
just as a pillow landed at where her head was a moment ago.

i'll leave my comment later cause... nevermind
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Nina reached the house and pressed the doorbell. She could hear loud
music being played and the buzz of people talking. The door opened and
Joan, her friend, opened the door. "Oh hi Nina! You look great! Come
on in, the party's just beginning."
She entered the house, feeling a little shy and self-conscious. Nina was
a shy, quiet girl who kept to herself and she did not feel too comfortable
in crowds either. The stereo was blasting away and the house was filled
with people whom she recognised dimly as her schoolmates. Nina looked
around almost desperately for more familiar faces and caught the admiring
glance of Jon, a sweet guy in her class who talked to her often and whom
she had a crush on. She smiled nervously at him and was starting towards
him when someone bumped into her.
"Ooops, sorry there babe…HEY! It's you Nina! Whoa, you look so…so d
ifferent!" It was Dave, one of the older guys at school. He was popular,
good-looking, loud and Nina absolutely abhorred him. He was too
egotistical and too cock-sure of himself for her liking. He was leering
at her right now and Nina was getting the feeling that he was about to
launch a speech about how good she looked and how good he looked, well,
probably mostly on how good he looked. She smiled insincerely and was
furiously trying to think of a way to get out of this mess when she saw
Brennan come towards them.
"Hi Nina! You know, I'm having a bit of trouble with our chemistry
assignment and I'm sorta wondering if you could help me a little bit."
Nina smiled at him gratefully. "Oh sure, I'll be glad to help. Excuse me
Dave, I'll catch you later!" She escaped thankfully with Brennan at her
side while Dave glowered at them.
She spent the rest of the evening talking to Brennan, learning more about
him. It seemed to her that he seemed quite interested in her and she
was greatly cheered by the thought.
Alas, time flew by and Brennan had to leave the party early. "I've got to
baby-sit my little brother; my parents are going out for this late-night
function. Wanna leave with me? I could send you home first."
"It's okay…I promised Joan that I'd help her with the cleaning up
They did dance a slow dance together before he left though. Nina was
thrilled to have him hold her tight as they swayed slowly to the music.
"You know Nina…"
"I was…sorta wondering if…well, if we could get together more often…if
you don't mind that is."
Nina laughed softly and answered, hoping that he wouldn't feel her wildly
beating heart, "Why, I'd love to Brennan…really."
"Really? I'll hold you to that Nina! Whoa, look at the time! I'd best
get going."
"Bye then, see you in school on Monday."

blood where is the blood... c'mon!
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Joan looked around the house and heaved a great big sigh. "Well, it's
all done now. A nice clean house for my parents to return to from their
trip! Thanks a bunch Nina!"
"No problem Joan. I'd better be getting home now, it's getting very late.
Damn! It's too late to catch the bus home now; I'll have to walk I guess."
"Do you want to stay over instead? You can call your father and tell him."
"Nah, it's okay. I don't live that far from you anyway…"
"Ok then, see ya in school Monday!"
Nina waved goodbye to Joan and started down the road, thinking about the
party. The rest of the party had been quite fun. She had danced together
with a whole group of girl friends and a lot of guys had also approached
her for a dance. She was quite shy about it all but her friends encouraged
her to take up their offers. "After all," as one friend said. "you're
too shy for your own good! Come on! Loosen up! Have fun!"
And had fun she did. People were suddenly interested in talking to her.
In school, she was usually dressed simply and suddenly at this party, she
looked so glamorous in her outfit and guys suddenly started noticing her.
It gave her a good feeling. Dave hung around her for the rest of the night
too, talking to her, mostly about himself. He was good at that. But he
had gone off with some friends before the party ended. Nina was glad that
he had left. He made her feel uneasy, the way he looked at her…
Nina's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by footsteps behind her. She
hadn't noticed it before, so lost in thoughts was she. She glanced back,
and saw a figure walking behind her. It was too dark to tell who it was.
Nina started walking a little bit faster and the footsteps behind her soon
faded away. She turned into a park leading towards her home, feeling glad
that she was reaching home soon. It was very late and no one was around,
but the footsteps behind her were enough to make her feel nervous.
Suddenly, from behind a bush, someone lunged at her, grabbing her by the
waist. She tried to scream but a hand quickly covered her mouth, muffling
any noise she made.
Nina had learned Aikido from her father ever since she was a child and she
knew how to break free from her captor's hold. It was so easy for her to
do so, after all, Richard has often praised her for her skill in Aikido,
saying that she was naturally gifted at it.
However, fear and panic has set in and it numbed her bones, her feet, her
arms – her entire body was frozen with fear. She couldn't break free!
She was too panicked, struggling with all her might. It was, of course,
no use. She was too small and her assailant too big and too strong.
"Shh! Shh!" He was trying to calm her down, but she kept on struggling
wildly, trying to break free. "Shhhh..."
Her assailant dragged her towards and into the tool shed where the park
gardeners kept their tools. He pinned her down towards the floor. She
whimpered and tried to get away, but he was just too heavy.
"Shhh, shhh…" She felt him lifting up her skirt and knew what was about
to happen. She silently prayed that she would faint but she did not.
Then it was all over, and all she could feel was pain.
He stood up and walked off. "Hmm, not bad."
Through a haze, she seemed to find the voice familiar. It's Dave…she
thought. It's got to be him…
She stayed where she was for a long time before finally staggering to her
feet. She felt the nausea wash over her and nearly fainted. She also
felt dirty, defiled and humiliated.
It seemed like a thousand years before she finally reached home.
Everybody was asleep when she stumbled into the house.
Everything seemed blurry, like it was all in a dream. Nina remembered
something about not bathing after being raped, but she could care less.
She needed the bath to wash off all the dirt, to wash off the feel of him...
Her father came in as she was sitting on the edge of her bed, drying her
hair with a towel mechanically.
Richard took in the sight of the torn clothes lying on the floor and asked
her quietly, "What happened?"
Nina's lip trembled and she collapsed into her father's arms, sobbing

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It was all over school the following Monday: Nina Williams has been raped
and she'd named Dave O'Brien as her attacker.
The police have been unable to find any evidence against Dave though.
Whatever proof was washed away by Nina's half-crazed bath right after the
rape. There had been no witnesses at the park. Besides, Dave had an
alibi – he said that he'd spent the night at a friend's place, which was
right across town. The friend had confirmed it. It became Nina's word
against his, and she had no proof save for the recognition of his voice.
"Heh, who'd wanna screw her? She's such a prude! A bookworm!" laughed
Dave. "Why would I want her? I can have anyone I want! Perhaps she's
jealous…" People started staying away from her. Many said that she
deserved it, others just felt uncomfortable with her. Brennan avoided her
completely; she was shattered. Only Joan and a small group of friends
stood by her. Joan even blamed herself for not insisting that she stay
"It's not your fault…" Nina protested weakly.
"Well, I should've tried! If only I did…"
A shy person by nature, Nina became even more withdrawn. She
deliberately stayed away from people and always walked another path if
she saw Dave or Brennan coming her way. Day and night, she agonised over
the raping. She knew she could have prevented it; her Da had taught her
Aikido since she was a child. But it was the fear, the mind-numbing fear
that prevented her from doing anything...*** Richard sat cross-legged
in the training room and mulled over his daughter's unfortunate…attack.
He couldn't think her of being raped. It has been a month since it
happened. He sighed unhappily. His little girl of sunshine and laughter
was gone and in her place is a ghost-like creature who ate little, spoke
little and looked like a druggie, with those big eye-bags. She hadn't
been sleeping well – always waking up in the middle of the night,
The creak of the door interrupted his thoughts. He
looked up; it was Nina. She looked thin and pale, but there was a spark
of determination in her eyes that he hadn't seen in a long time.
"Yes my lassie?" "I want you to teach me." "But I've been teaching
you two since the day your were born! But you two never took it seriously,
never practised enough- "
"I know well enough the movements. But I need you to teach my mind…"
"Your mind?"
"I was scared, nay, terrified when that…that animal attacked me.
I need you to teach me how to use what you've taught me, with my mind, how
to stay fearless, detached…cold even."
"You'll have to practise every day lass. I may be your father but
when it comes to this, I'll be the toughest task-master you'll ever have."
"So be it. Come, let's start. What'll today's
lesson be?"

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wasn't really the most enticing thing, eh?... sorry but hopefully.. you still enjoyed it... (i want blood)... lol... maybe i'll just watch SAW to supplement the blood, lacking in this fan fiction... oh well...

and last thing...

anna... she dissolved in the story... hehe...
its by lilykane of DA
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oioi, i havent read these, but i shall when im done tryin to get combos for all chars in my topic
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so far this storys good keep postin
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shoiuld keep it going is all i'm saying.....
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