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Posted 9/14/08 , edited 9/14/08
Ok heres how to play you can name 1 or all of his sekirei and in your own opinion think what will happen if he actually slept with that sekirei, and if your going to name certain sekirei please state it as 10 years later *cough* *cough*

Anyways consider how the sekirei will change, personality, power, love.............possible pregnancy..........

I'll start then

Musubi: She will have enough punch power to knock down buildings, plus get smarter most likely.

Tsukiumi: Will have the power to summon tidal waves or blizzards, plus can make her own ice armor. Might possibly have a bigger temper if she gets pregnant....

Homura: Will be able to summon an inferno and be able to summon a fire armor...might also try to kill Minato for trying this

Matsu: Overkill on smarts with ability to use telekinesis, plus being Matsu will try other techniques on him.....*cough**Cough* experimentation from Matsu poor Minato.................

Kazehana: Being able to summon whirlwinds and hurricanes, make a armor composed of wind twirling around her offering protection and damage with debris

Ku-chan: hes going to die as every sekirei, ashikabi, and people in a 200 mile radius will try and succeed in killing him.......
Ku-chan(if it was 10 years later): be able to summon tentacle like vines for whipping, make moving objects out of combined plants and use them for offensive attacks

Miya: if he doesn't die or get killed in the process, she can slice cities in a matter of seconds, dice infantry and tanks like nothing, and still can cook better than anyone Minato will ever meet.

ok then everyone your turn!!!
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