Mods Only!!
Posted 9/14/08 , edited 9/14/08
Mods follow this rules:

1.Please do the requests in order. Whoever requested first should be done before others.
No choosing requests. Just do da request of member who request first.
2.Edit and write "pendin" on top of da request form.
Otherwise other mods will do the same request too.And after you've done the request edit and put "done"
instead of "pending".
3.Please volunteer for updating da profile please if ur not busy or can do it before da next month.
Because we want it ready exactly on 1st day of the month. Pm me if yoo volunteer and i'll tell you the theme.
4.Please make aviis for group. You dont need to ask e if you can.
But just try to make aviis matching the theme.
5.If you think you have an idea on improving the group then dont hesitate and tell me okay?
6.Please be active because there are loads of requests undone and make it pretty.
lol. We want them to request again.
7.You can upload pics. No need to hesitate.

i'll add some more later but this is it for now. lol mods have more rules then the members
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