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Top 10 Lists : The Top 10 Video Games You Can’t Insult Without Getting Insulted

It is true that in this world there are different ranks of games. Some games transcend these ranks and not always because they are good, but because people are afraid to say something bad about the game because they know that if they did they have a bunch of bad things said about them. Now I probably have people thinking that I am an insane lunatic who is asking for trouble for putting in a top ten list. Well, I actually know what I am doing, and I am not under the influence. I just think it is a topic that should be addressed by at least some one. Before I begin I want to mention what I am about to say is in a neutral stand point and I personally do not have any thing against any of the games on this list. Another thing I like feedback from people about my work, but please no calling me nasty name over the internet it has been done a thousand times before. With that stated let me finally begin.

#10: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

Number ten can only be the game that makes people scream with horror to its violence yet people still love this game and it was the absolute choice for number ten when we tried to say that this game was a violent piece of trash we were almost instantly beaten down with a trash can. Lets be honest this game has may things that make it cool, but personally I do not see it good enough to last a life time especially considering the release of Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360 and the PS3. San Andres was a good game in terms of do whatever, but the story behind it was next to nothing so people only played it to do whatever they wanted to do from stealing cars, robbing people, and picking up street hookers. No wonder they mark it as a violent game. With that said we will expect the trash cans and head to our number nine.

#9: Guitar Hero (PS2)

This is the most unexpected success in the industry of video game. A video game that simulates playing the guitar, not a bad idea except for the fact is it is a bad idea. Playing the guitar there is nothing to it; just learn by playing Guitar Hero. In truth this game make playing the guitar not so interesting any more this can become the fall of all new music due to people are to interested in playing older music on a video game that only simulates the band. Well, why not instead of simulating the guitar why not play the actual guitar, and the response to that is that playing the guitar is to hard, well it isn’t all you have to do is practice kind of like that thing you do with Guitar Hero. Another thing I should mention is the speed the things on screen move at is not constant which means almost any one I know suffers from eye strain after only thirty minute of play when usually it take about twelve hours is one does not get tired or if the person is using game fuel.

#8: Halo 3 (X360)

I mentioned game fuel in the number nine spot which brings us to the number eight spot, which is what game fuel was made for, Halo 3. Let me get a few things out in the open about Halo 3 one you can not insult it without being insulted because people will automatically think that the only reason you are insulting it is because you keep getting killed off on it or in their words “pwnd”. Well I am only here to point out the facts about this one. Fact number one this game was a major let down people spent forever waiting for it and thinking, “Oh it is going to be so great,” when it actually got released and played for the first time people found new weapons and ideas yes, but they also found that everything else was recycled crap from Halo 1 and Halo 2. Some of the weapons that were great in the first or second were made bad in the third like the beam saber, it was great in the second as stealthy method of death, in the third it was bad do to the adding of it needing ammo. Halo 3 also overpowered weapons that were good for nothing in the first and second like the so called pink death became like a Fuel Rod in terms of ouch. Along with recycled ideas and bad weapon ideas Halo 3 has to tell the player what sound track that is playing during the game, during a heave crossfire most players don’t care what sound track is on because they are to occupied getting shot. Other then that Halo 3 is a good game, and with that on to the next.

#7: Mario Kart 64 (N64)

Mario Kart 64 I remember this I thought it was fun, but why is it here well simply because back on the N64 you could not say one thing bad about it. Today this game is considered a pioneer in racing games, but it is really a recycled idea on a different system with better graphics. This game was almost exactly like the first Mario Kart on the SNES so with that in mind this game was absolute proof that a newer system and better graphics dose not necessarily make a newer or better game. I suppose another think that I like to point out is that the title had that 64 at the end of it which was a bad idea from the moment get go, but that is another problem. The defense for this is “You are a nerd to insult this game about ten or so years later,” which seems to be true so on to number six.

#6: Pokemon Red (GB)

This is the most unexpected game to make this list because lots of people dislike people who like this game yet even with that being true this game has yet to have some one come out and say that this game is a for babies without getting insulted himself or herself. If I were to say that Pokemon is a piece of crap rpg that is better left to drunken dogs who brain is the size of a penny I would be called a dirty cheap trash talking son of bass or the other word. This game is hard to insult and hard to like so I guess Pokemon is the ultimate game that is considered a guilty pleasure. So if this game is number six what is number five well here it comes.

#5: World of Warcraft (PC)

This is the number five spot and I really believe that this game is hard to insult without getting insulted yourself. This game is so ridiculous because you pay twenty bucks for it and then you have to pay fifteen dollars a month for upkeep what a cash pirate. I have also heard that some people have played this game so much that they have created an illness due to it called WoWsyndrome which is just a case a video game addiction. Even with all that being in consideration you still can not call this game a piece of garbage due to their are way to may people who will take offence to what you say about The World of Warcraft. I find that very depressing that some people would throw their life away to play a video game. When dose it stop? Well, the minute you insult The World of Warcraft people will stop to pay attention to what you have said, and they most likely try to get you for your opinion. I remember when some one tried to get me to get this game he did not like it when I said I would be wasting fifteen dollars of my paycheck. So when some one says that they do not want to pay for it just believe them.

#4: Resident Evil 4 (GC)

I always thought that this game was fun and a great experience, but I hate how so many people who have to make sure the only thing you can do about Resident Evil 4 is like it. I will agree with people when they say that is can be difficult and very fun, but I find it almost impossible of some one to complete the game in only a matter of hours, in which most people I know seem to be able to do it in considering I had it of years and I still have not completed the game much came close. It seems to me that the people who played this or say they played it are looking for to feel cool about themselves and feel like the in crowd and not admit that they are stuck at a part of the game and in to much shame to ask for help. These people who protect this game are also the same people who lack the guts to play the first Resident Evil because they know that the first game of the series will cause them to crap their pants because of the physiological affects of the game play, dark graphics, and music on the human mind at night. I will admit that Resident Evil 4 has better graphics and better controls then the other games of the series, but it is less terrifying then the other games in the series. My biggest personal problem with this game is I can not insult it with out some one wanting to hit me with a shovel or shot me with a shotgun because at the moment I have cut this game down some one who was trying to act cool was left looking like an idiot for about thirty seconds, and wondering what to do because if that person did not try to insult me for my opinion that person try colors would be left in the open, try it some time.

#3: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (WII)

It occurs to me that I can not make a list about games you can not insult without getting insulted without putting a Zelda game in it, and Twilight Princess is the obvious candidate for this list. Why Twilight Princess? Well, simply because of it success was so grand that to even think of insulting it one would have to be out of his or her mind. Twilight Princess is also more like a recap of all the other Zelda games up to this point. So other than recycling things from The Ocarina of Time and a bunch of other Zelda games the game does try to implement new ideas to the game, but the new moments are only forgotten when players realize the heavy amount of recycled content. As for insulting the game if you tried you run the risk of getting clobbered, and if that was not enough after playing this game you would not be able to stop your self from blurting out every part in the game that you hated like when your own ally is such a back shot with a bow and hit you instead of the bad guy. So on it is time for me to start sweating and biting my finger nails as I approach the number one spot which is after what is next.

#2: Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII (PS2)

Yes Dirge of Cerberus is the number two game that you can not insult without getting insulted. Simply because this game is a major seller only due to its license and cast of characters. If not for that this game be just an ordinary mediocre third person shooter game that hardly anyone would pick up and play so the only reason is that it is rated under the category of “fair” is do to the words Final Fantasy VII in the title and it taking place in the world of Final Fantasy VII other than that it is a mistake. This game only gives three different weapons, which for a shooter is bad news. Now if some one was to try to insult it a lot of people would get really upset I tried it and I almost died for just stating that this game probably has the greatest story line for a third person shooter, but lacked at all other things that a third person shooter should have. As a result of what I said, however, I made a bunch of Final Fantasy VII fans that never played Dirge of Cerberus very mad at me for stating the fact that even with the greatness of Final Fantasy VII a bad spin off is still very possible. So if with that said, what game can a person not insult without getting insulted out do a Final Fantasy VII spin off? Well, our number one spot.

#1: Final Fantasy VII (PS)

The number one spot on this list gets to be Final Fantasy VII. Yes, I know I am asking for ridicule and hate with this one, but hey it is try you can not insult Final Fantasy VII without getting insulted. I remember in my other top ten lists when Final Fantasy VII show up I would say “What can I possible say about it that has not all ready been said.” Well, now I am going to say things about it that has yet to be said, and first before any one starts to hate my guts just remember it has been about ten years since its original release so let’s just cut to the chase. First this game is the reason why I made this list because I kept hearing people talk about Final Fantasy VII’s greatness and when I released the Top Ten Most Chronologically Confusing I pointed that the series its self was confusing in terms of story line and what sequel went where in this case I am aiming at only one game in the series. When people talk about Final Fantasy VII they don’t say anything bad about it and some still say that it is the greatest game ever, but personally it is an old game the graphics look like crap, especially considering the how old the game is and what newer graphics look like so the graphics are outdated, it surprises me that some people will still say that the graphics are better than any other game out their even today’s computer graphics. The game did have one heck of a story, but in all honesty was it good enough for spin offs or attempted explanations of the story? I find it also hard to say that their were many parts of this game that I hated and I can not say that without a bunch of people getting really really mad about the way I feel. In attempts to defend this game they shut up every one who wants to say something bad about it. No one dose say anything bad about it in fear of being insulted and made like the lowest life form on this planet. So in short yes Final Fantasy VII was a great game, but if no one can say anything bad about it then why play it?

That Concludes the Top 10 Video Games You Can’t Insult Without Getting Insulted I hope you all were not too surprised with the number one spot or any of the other spots. I just believe if some one wants to go around insulting a game that is his or her right, and no one should be allowed to change it. I also think that insults on video games actually help more than hurt they give feedback on a topic so that programmers and design teams know what to change and what not to change, that’s just me. Anyway I hope the majority of you liked this list, and please do not take any offence to what I said in this list; because I really have nothing against any of the games I just thought what I said was something that should have been said years ago. If you wish to send me feedback you know where to send it.

List by Arcreium

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