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The elder father frog chastises Jiraiya for not being able to use Sennin mode by himself. Jiraiya apologizes and Pain thinks over how each Sannin has their own unique abilities. The frogs ask where Pain is and Jiraiya explains his invisibility. The frogs also question why Jiraiya is fighting him and he explains that Pain is a former student. The frogs theorize he must be the "prophesized" one and Jiraiya explains how Pain didn't grow into the person he hoped. The frogs agree they should kill him and state the clueless old frog didn't know what he was talking about anyway. The elder mother extends a snake-like tongue which quickly wraps around and reveals their invisible foe. The father toad follows with another attack which finishes off the Chameleon. It poofs away leaving Pain behind. The frogs see Pain's Rinnegan and state they do match the prophecy. We flashback to a younger Jiraiya learning from Bunta that the old toad sage wants to see him. Jiraiya is surprised and goes before the gigantic old toad. The toad sage becomes confused as to Jiraiya’s identity and the elder father and mother sitting before him try to straighten him out. The sage explains how he prophesized that Jiraiya would one day become a huge pervert and skilled shinobi. However, he would also take on a pupil who could lead a revolution of peace or destruction. And it will be Jiraiya's choice which will determine which fate will befall the world. Jiraiya asks the sage if he's ever been wrong and he says no, as he prophesized of Jiraiya's coming to their mountain as a young boy in the past. In the present Jiraiya wonders if the time for his choice has finally come. Pain looks on and summons two figures with piercing wearing Akatsuki cloaks. The elder mother toad states that Pain will cause the destruction of the world, and Jiraiya agrees that it's his duty to stop him!
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