Posted 9/14/08 , edited 9/14/08
the game iz 2 finish the lyrics 2 the song, once itz finished u can start on a nw song. but mak sure u say the title first

letz start: "the freddy krueger theme song"

"1,2, freddy's comin 4 u"......

listen 2 it if u dont kno the song...

[but u cant finish the WHOLE song, only one line at a time]
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/15/08
3,4 u bettr lock the fuckn doorrrrrr!!!!!
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/16/08

"5,6 grab ur krucifix [sp]".....
Posted 1/10/09 , edited 1/10/09
7,8, u bettr stay up late
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