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The Sennin are confused about the appearance of two more Rinnegan users and the mother frog complains about the fight encroaching on dinner time. Jiraiya yells that it's time for full Sennin mode but the frogs strike back at him for yelling in their ears. The mother and father toads then get into a shouting match over dinner when suddenly one of the Rinnegan users charges. Jiraiya kicks him back which damages the Pain's eyes. He then follows up with a combo hot oil attack. The bigger Rinnegan user jumps in front of Pain and deflects the attack. The Sennin retreat up a wall and Jiraiya states they'll try close combat. He crouches and his body takes on an even more frog-like appearance. They charge at the big Rinnegan user with a huge Rasengan. The Rinnegan user takes the brunt of the attack and absorbs it into nothingness in his body. The father toad throw a smoke bomb and the Sennin move to strike, however their opponent blocks the attack with no trouble. Jiraiya launches from the smoke and lands behind Pain. He sends a barrage of hair needles but Pain summons a panda shield for defense. Jiraiya offers that their opponents are reacting to attacks from their blindsides with the perfect counter. The Sennin work out the truth of the matter, somehow all three men have the same eyes and see the same target from multiple points of view...
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