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Jiraiya ponders how even Sennin mode may not be enough at his opponent's current level. The toads suggest retreat and the Sennin quickly escape to the pipes. They then ponder their next move and discuss how the Rinnegan allows all three men to share the same vision. This then allows them to cover all their blind spots without the need for chakra or hand seals. They then determine they will need to split up their foes. The father toad suggests their powerful musical Genjutsu but the mother refuses, offering she's embarrassed to sing. Unfortunately, they state it also gives away the singer’s location immediately. Jiraiya tells the toads to flee if things get dangerous but they decline, saying the world is at stake. Jiraiya then offers that he may have a plan. The toads begin their song and the Pains rush down the hallway towards them. Suddenly another Jiraiya emerges from behind to emit a huge fireball attack. The fat Pain moves to absorb it and is engulfed in flames. The damaged eyes Pain and the original rush on. Jiraiya launches a fireball at them and they jump up to avoid it. The blind Pain lands on the ceiling but is sucked into a summoned swamp. The original Pain falls towards Jiraiya and the Sannin gloats that it's one on one yet again...
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