Post Reply Chapter 379: "Jiraiya's Choice!!"
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Jiraiya jumps and kicks Pain in the chest, knocking him away. The toads continue their song. Suddenly Pain awakes to find he and his two partners in a paralyzing cube. Jiraiya offers that he never lets down his guard no matter whom he fights, and states that Nagato lost his way. He explains how Nagato should have used his strength to overcome the pain. Jiraiya remembers the old sage toad’s words and then offers his goodbye to Nagato. A short time passes and Jiraiya finishes impaling the third Pain body. The toads cough and state the singing wore them out. Jiraiya tells them to rest, as he finally made his foretold choice. Suddenly Pain is behind Jiraiya, offering that he thought his sensei taught him never to let down his guard?... In an instant Jiraiya is knocked through the walls out to the lake. Jiraiya stands, revealing his left arm has been totally torn away. The toads yell in confusion and Jiraiya offers that the three faces are different from the previous ones. The toads wonder if the new opponents were summoned before their Genjutsu started. From the damage hole emerges the three new pierced Rinnegan opponents... and the three other impaled Pains, together identified as Pain Rikudou. The toads try to grasp what it means. Jiraiya states one of the new summons must have a resurrection jutsu to revive the three he just killed. The mother toad wonders whether he is even human. The originally revealed Pain offers that "Pain" is a term for all six of them. Jiraiya asks why they all possess the Rinnegan and suddenly comes to a realization...

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