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FANFIC[MC]~~Living my Life

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Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/15/08
Chapter 2: Changing Colors, Fitting Hearts(My Life)

ding dong dong dong~! Recess Time!

Teacher: okay class, have your recess now...
students: Yatta!
Yuto: whoa, i'm so hungry!
Chinen: but you're never full!
Yamada: haha! that's so true!
Ryutaro: i think my brain's dead already...
Chinen: then you can't think if you're brain's dead then... haha!
Yuto: ~ne, Keito, did you understand what sensei said??
Keito: *still jotting down* ~hai, i think it's a bit easy if you listened very well... *closing his notebook, turning his head to them*
Yamada: as expected of Keito, always acing tests and very popular with girls!
Ryutaro: Keito-kun kakkoi~ I'm always amazed how you always speak in english...
HS7: yeah!
Chinen: demo, there's someone that's also good in english, and it's the new transfer student Shin..
Shin passing by, going to the cafeteria
Yamada & Chinen: sugoi~
Keito: she's really beautiful.. *blushes*

>>along the corridors, whispers are heard, making Shin nervous than ever! but still making her obstinate and cool character... which the girls and boys find cool and attractive

Shin: shucks, now where is Imai & Suzuka?! I thought they're gonna accompany me today so as to make me less nervous...

Shin: the two of you are gonna accompany me tomorrow okay?!
Imai & Suzuka: ~hai! of course we would... *grinning*
Shin: or I'm gonna beat the hell out the two of you!
Suzuka: don't worry Shin, we'll take care of 'ya! in a special way, that is... *whispering to Imai*
Imai: ~hai! *smiling evil~ish*

Shin: gosh... I really can't find them! *bumping to takaki*
Takaki: whoa!
Shin: itai~yo!*thinks to herself* OMG! i've bumped to someone! this is so uncool...
Takaki: gomen~ne, are you hurt??
Shin: *yeah, I'm okay..*<< said in english, making her obstinate character again
Takaki: *looking at Shin's face* Shin?! anata nano?!
Shin: *lookin' up to Takaki* huh?? oh! Taka-sempai! long time no see!
Takaki: it has really been a long time since you've moved abroad... let's talk somewhere no one can see us
Shin: sure!

>>at the gardens

Takaki: here, so, how are 'ya?! kimi wa utsukushi..
Shin: *blushes* you're still the same Taka-sempai!
Takaki: haha! of course... so you were the transfer student the whole school's talking about...
Shin: w..whole s..sch..ool?? *saying nervously*
Takaki: yep! oh, and all of HSJ studies here too!
Shin: OMG! i didn't know they also study in here!
Takaki: haha! you sure are so surprised...
Shin: of course I was surprised, I've been watching all of you on internet! oops..
Takaki: oops what?? haha! so you like someone in our group ~ne??
Shin: of course NOT! *denying so much*
Takaki: yeah right... there goes your obstinate character again..
Shin: actually, it's tiring me already I've been looking for Imai & Suzuka but they're nowhere to be found.. I want to relax already! Good thing I bumped to you, now I can relax...
Takaki: don't worry, you'd be alright!
Shin: *giggles* arigatou Taka-sempai!
Takaki: sure! just look for me and I'll give you advices..
Shin: *smiles sweetly* well, I'm gonna go now, I'm gonna search for those two now!
Takaki: your smile is really pretty...*smiles at Shin* well then, see you later! oh, and good luck at searching those two!
the two then separated ways...

>> at the cafeteria

Imai: Suzu-chan, is it okay to leave Shii-chan alone??
Suzuka: of course! though i know she'd be angry at us once she saw us...
Imai: that's what I'm worried for! i'm already imaging things she would do to us...
Suzuka: shimpai shinai de... Shin is not like that, she says horrible things, but doesn't actually do it...
Imai: i guess so...
Suzuka: so, let's go to class already! let's show up to Shin..
Imai: okay!

>>at the 3A class

Chinen: Yuto! don't eat my gyoza!
Yuto: but it'sh sho goord! *eating while his mouth's full*
Yamada: you're such a glutton Yuto...
Keito: here Yuto, you can have mine
Yuto: arigatou~!
Ryutaro: are you finished already??
Keito: yep, i'm done! *thinks* i wonder where is the new student??
Chinen: ~ne, what'cha thinking of??
Keito: betsouni...
Yamada: I bet Keito's thinking of a girl!
Keito: Iie! *blushes*
Ryutaro: oh, Keito's blushing! kawaii~!
Keito: yamete! *blushes some more*
Chinen: kawaii~ne! i wonder who is the girl making you blush?!
Yuto: whoa... Keito's a man!
Yamada: of course he is... unlike you who always thinks about food! haha!
Yuto: ~ne Yama-cha, if you don't stop teasing me, I won't share the strawberries I have?!
Yamada: NNOOO! anything but not that! fine, I'll shut up...
Ryutaro: haha! that's how you blackmail yama-chan...
Shin entering the classroom, the whole class became quiet. watching Shin sitting at her chair. Shin just ignored it because she was so upset she can't find her bestfriends. but, she feels the stare of one guy. then, Imai & Suzuka entering.

Shin: *glares at them!*
Imai: Shii-chan! kimi ga koishii! *hugs Shin*
Suzuka: gomenasai Shii-chan! We want you to discover the school yourself*hugs Shin too*
Imai & Suzuka: of course! we're chiLdhood friends since then!
Imai & Suzuka: ~HAI!
Shin: *shocked in disbelief**thinks to herself* OMG! I'm in the same class as my beloved HSJ?! how could I have ignored their presence since the moment I entered this room?! I'm so blind!
Imai: *noticing Shin's shocked face* ~minna, this is the childhood friend we've been talking to all of you about!
Suzuka: since some of you didn't believe us, it's time for us to introduce our coolest friend! this is Shin, she plays the guitar and drums!
all: sugoi~ne!
Keito: *thinks* sugoi~, so she's the imagination I've created in my mind whenever they talk about her.. and now she's real! i don't have to imagine how she looks like!
Chinen: earth to Keito! *poking Keito's head* are you there??
Keito: *still dumbfounded, ignoring everything*
Chinen: *whispering to Keito* so you don't have to imagine their stories huh?!
Keito: huh?? nani desu ka??
Chinen: betsouni~!
English teacher: okay students! recess is over! clean up now!
students: hai~! *sitting at their own chairs*
Imai: Shii-chan! let's talk later ~ne?! *kissing Shin's cheeks*
Suzuka: ~hai! *whispering to Shin* gomen~ne, we'll talk later ~ne?! *pinching Shin's cheeks*
Shin: *whispering to them* the two of you are so dead meat later!
Imai & Suzuka: teehee!
English teacher: okay, i see we have a new student here.. please introduce yourself!
Shin: *stands up, making a cool atmosphere again* I'm Shin Shidohara, I came abroad... i studied in US, Korea and Philippines. I can say I'm quite fluent in english but i want to know more of it, please take care of me << said in english*bows down*
all: sugoi~!
Keito: *thinks* shucks, my chest's beating so fats! *his heart went ^doki doki!^ XD!*
English teacher: well, that's quite an introduction! I'm very glad that I have another fluent english-speaking student like Keito... *pointing at Keito*
Shin: *looking where the teacher points at, then thinks* ~kyaa! it's Keito!
English teacher: okay, please sit down now...
Shin: ~hai! *blushing, still thinking of Keito*
English teacher: today onwards, we're gonna have a stageplay!
all: YATTA! Sugoi~ne!
English teacher: I'm gonna assign roles now... and since we have an english girl now, I'll pair her to our very own english boy Keito
HS7: EH?! So fast?!
English teacher: ~hai, I made the list already! the stageplay will be Romeo and Juliet. here are the students who are gonna play the characters:
Romeo- Keito
Juliet- Shin
Paris- Yamada
Capulet- Takaki
Lady Capulet- Hikaru
Montague- Yabu
Lady Montague- Kei

English teacher: okay, ~minna, pair up!
all: wwwaaaa! so exciting!
Shin: *thinks* OMG! I'm paired with Keito! XD!
Keito: *thinks, then turns to Chinen*how would I approach her?! I'm nervous!
Chinen: wakarimasen, Keito. all I can do is cheer for you! GAMBATTE KEITO! *laughing out very hard! XD!*
English teacher: and oh, one more thing, Romeo and Juliet has a kissing scene! so I'm expecting the two of you to work hard! *grins*
Keito & Shin: *standing up* EH?! HONTO~NI?! OMG!!! *looks at each other*
all: GAMBATTE!!!

*wwweeee!* XD!


Keito: uhmm... anou~sa, is it really okay to you??
Shin[Juliet]: *thinks* OMG, my heart's beating so fast... *heart went ^doki doki^*
Imai: don't you dare hurt her or I'll kill 'ya!

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Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/15/08
I'm happy that you made a fic for Keito!!
I'm luvin' it!! xDD
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Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/15/08

hsj9392 wrote:

I'm happy that you made a fic for Keito!!
I'm luvin' it!! xDD

it kinda saddens me that most fanfics just lays Keito aside...
that's why I'm makin' one for him!
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Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/15/08
waah!new fic!...
if der are new characters available for ur fic....can i be on it?!!

btw, i love ur story!
its soo nice...can't wait for the next part!...
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Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/16/08

shieLdembLem wrote:

pafoua wrote:

shieLdembLem wrote:

pafoua wrote:

OMG!!OMG!!OMG!! the first part is so good!!
i want chinen princess hugged too!
can i be Imai Rihiko? she likes chinen hehhe

Sure! i'LL put a notice to that....

arigatou!!! shie-chanchan
can i call u that?

sure... XD!

YaY!!! anywayz thnx shie-chanchan
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/16/08
o.O new fic....i like it...can i be a in there too?? since no one has picked Suzuka Kota can i be her?? nice nice it!!
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Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/16/08
omg shie-chanchan
there's a kissing scene omg!!
so great!!
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Posted 9/16/08 , edited 9/16/08
Waah ~~
Greaat fanfic ..
Love it ..
Can i be Suzuka Kota ?? Onegaii ??
Well,that's okaay if i can't ^^ (:
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Posted 9/16/08 , edited 9/16/08
gomen~ne... demo, hsj9392 got Suzuka Kota first...

kedo, ~minna, I'm gonna make some more characters!
probably, 5 more! XD!
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Posted 9/16/08 , edited 9/16/08
Chapter 3: Romeo of My Life(Heart)

kkrriingg kkrriinngg kkrriinng! It's Shin's keitai...

Shin: *still sleepy*uuhhh... moshi moshi??
Imai: Shii-chan! it's 6:30 already! wake up will 'ya...
Shin: *looks at the clock* USO~?! I've gotta go now! *hanged up on Imai*
Imai: Shii~?! Shii~?! tsk, she hanged up on me... *closes her keitai*

>> it has been a week since Shin's transfer, a lot of things happened, such as her and Keito being a loveteam. As she hurries going to school, she bumped into someone! and it's Keito then, someone, rather, a group, saw it! it's Yamada, Yuto, Chinen, Ryutaro, Suzuka and Imai!

Shin: itai itai itai~!
Keito: gomenasai! daijobu desu ka??
Shin: uuhhh... *looks up to Keito, shocked* uhmm... ~hai! daijobu~!
Keito: *blushes* Shin?! gomen~ne for bumping into you so early in the morning...
Shin:*shy* Iie... it's really okay...
Keito: are you hurt??
Shin: *goes back to her obstinate character* nope, I'm not hurt.anyway, thanks for the worry!
Keito: yokatta~ne... so why are running anyway??
Shin: I was kinda in a hurry because I thought I'm gonna be late...
Keito: same goes with me too! hehe! uhhmm... do you want to walk to school with me?? *shy&blushes*
Shin: *blushes! XD!* uhhmm... sure, why not?! *thinking, "Yatta! I'm so lucky! XD!"*

>> while walking in the streets, many people are talking about them, but they do not mind for they enjoy each other's company. little did they know that a group was watching them, furious of seeing them both.

girl 1: don't worry Risako-sama, they are just walking together going to school, it's no big deal
girl 2: ~hai... you're prettier than that transfer student, Risako-sama!
Risako: hhmmppf! that girl is making me puke! just seeing her in the morning leaves me annoyed!
girl 3: oh no! don't worry about her Risako-sama, you would just get ugly if she would just worry you...
girl 4: that's right! Keito-sama is just playing her, he will eventually go back to you Risako-sama!
Risako: ofcourse! Keito-sama will always return to me! buwahahahaha!*evil laugh*
all 4 girls: buwahahahahahaha! *more evil laugh!*

going back to Keito and Shin! XD!

Keito: uhmm... anou~sa, is it really okay to you??
Shin: what's okay with me??
Keito: uhmm.. you know, the two of us playing as Romeo and Juliet *shy*
Shin: oh! *blushes*uhhmmm... well, what do you think of it??
Keito: I think it's pretty cool being paired with you... *blushes&winks*
Shin: *blushes like a red apple!, goes back to her obstinate character* me too, I think it's pretty cool being paired with you too...
Keito: *smiles sweetly* where do you live anyway??
Shin: *shocked, truly hides something* uhhmm... can't tell! gomen~ne... *nervous*
Keito: oh... gomen~ne for intruding in your private life
Shin: Iie... daijobu~ *phew* so, you think you're late too huh??
Keito: yeah... it kinda happens to me all the time, it's because once I stare at the skies, I can stare at it for hours..
Shin: haha! you sure are an ignorant but innocent boy! *laughs some more but cool *
Keito: haha! yeah, that's probably right... *smiles, then turns to Shin* ~ne, do you know, you're the first girl to ever say that to me...
Shin: huh?? well, I just say what I feel *shy*
Keito: most girls know I'm like that but they do not say it to me..
Shin: nande??
Keito: because they are afraid that I will not notice them again, I'm not that kind of person you know... *turns his head down*
Shin: then those girls are really shallow! so cheer up would 'ya....
Keito: *turns his head to Shin* arigatou~ *smiles sweetly again! XD*
Shin: *bushes! XD!* sure! *thinking, "OMG! my day's complete already with those sweet smiles!*

>> at the school

student: ~minna! BIG NEWS! BIG NEWS!
all: nani desu ka??
student: Keito-san and Shin-san are walking together!
all: EH?! HONTO~NI?!
Yuto: ~mou, rumor spreads so fast...
Chinen: yeah... and to think it all started with shin bumping into Keito!
Ryutaro: I think they would really make a good couple, ~ne?!
Yamada: yeah! surely Keito knows how to pick a girl
Imai: hhmmppf! I think Keito does not deserve our Shii-chan! * snobbish*
Yuto: why'd 'ya say so?!
Ryutaro: Keito is such a nice guy! why shrug him off??
Imai: hhmmppf! Shii-chan is only MINE~! *goes back to her chair*
Yamada: Suzu-chan, what's wrong with her??
Suzuka: she's just pissed off that Shin hanged up on her...
Yamada, Yuto, Ryutaro&Chinen: oohhh...
Suzuka: it's been 7 years since we saw Shin that's why we want to bond with her as much as possible
Chinen: Imai-chan sure is such a loving girl...*blushes*
Yuto: oh! Chii's blushing!
Yamada&Ryutaro: KAWAII~NE!
Chinen: ~mou! yamete!
Suzuka: ~ne, Imai-chan is making you blush?!
Yuto,Yamada&Ryutaro: KAWAII~NE!
Chinen: YAMETE!
Yuto,Yamada,Ryutaro&Suzuka: ~hai, ~hai... *still giggling*

then came Shin and Keito, walking together! XD! all are staring at them
Keito&Shin: huh *wondering, looks at each other, turns at the class* Ohayo gouzaimasu ~minna!
whole class: ~kyaa! ANO COUPLE ii!
Keito&Shin: *blushes, goes to their own chairs and sat down*
Imai: *stands up, looked at Keito*hhmmppf, I don't think you deserve Shii-chan!
Keito: *stands up too, looked at Imai, then putting his hands at his pockets* i think I deserve her, tell me why I shouldn't...
Imai: *glares at Keito*
Keito: *calmly glares at Imai too*
whole class: *silent, especially Shin *
English teacher: *enters the tensed-up class* uhhmm... okay class, let's start now
whole class: ~hai... *Keito&Imai sitting down too*
English teacher: ehehe... so, let's discuss our stageplay now! I'm gonna assign Kota Suzuka as overhead designer of the costumes, Rihiko Imai & Chinen Yuuri for the script memorization for the roleplayers then Nakajima Yuto & Morimoto Ryutaro for the props to be used in the play. We don't have to worry about the stage desgin and mechanics since I've already assigned 4A to 4D class for that matter... Now ~minna, GAMBARI MASHITA!

>> at the gym, all students are busy with all of their works for the stageplay...

Takaki: ~mou, this is really hard!
Yabu: ~hai... I mean, how can I choose over Curry rice and Oden?!
Kei: *hits yabu on the head* BAKA! Takaki-kun meant about the mechanics...
Takaki: uhhmm... I meant about the flowers going along with laces... ehehe
Kei: *sighs*
Hikaru: ~ne, Kei-chan looks pretty with a ribbon *places a ribbon on Kei's head*
Takaki,Yabu&Hikaru: KAWAII~!!
Kei:~mou, yamete... I look so girlish!
Hikaru: ~hai ~hai... *looks at Daiki* ~ne, dai-chan, what'cha lookin' at?? *looks where Daiki looks at*
Daiki: *stares, daydreams*
Kei,Takaki&Yabu: *looks too where Daiki looks at*
Hikaru,Kei,Takaki&Yabu: oh! you're looking at Suzuka!
Daiki: *snaps out, looks at them* huh?? nani??
Hikaru,Kei,Takaki&Yabu: KAWAII~NE!
Daiki: *blushes* nai~yo! I'm not looking at her *blushes some more!*
Hikaru: yeah right... *grins*
Kei: it's so obvious you kinda like her... right Takaki-kun?? Takaki??
Takaki:~ne, look at Yama-chan *pointing at Yamada*
Kei,Yabu,Daiki&Hikaru: *looks at Yamada*
HSB: oh! Yamada's blushing!
Hikaru: EH?! so my apprentice has his heart caught by a girl...
Takaki: he bumped into that girl and I think when he saw her, he was, dumbfounded...
Daiki: haha! looks like I'm not the only one dumbfounded in here!
Kei: oh, but you were caught in the act looking at Suzuka! haha!
Yabu: hhmmm... I wonder who is that girl with Yama-chan??
Takaki,Kei,Hikaru&Daiki: *puts their faces closer besides Yabu's face* uh-huh... who is she??

while the HSB are chatting away, let's go to Yamada and this mysterious girl... XD!

Yamada: *shy* uhhmm... gomen~ne for bumping into you... honto~ni gomen!
Ati: Iie... daijobu~ne!
Yamada: kimi wa kizutsu keta?? (did I hurt you??)
Ati: nope... demo, I need to rearrange the papers according to their pages...
Yamada: oh! I'll help you with that! *thinking, "OMG she's really kawaii... I've never seen someone like her*
Ati: arigatou~ *slouches down and arranges the paper*
Yamada: *slouches down too* uhmm... anou~sa, onamae wa??
Ati: watashi wa Ati~des... yoroshiku! *smiles sweetly*
Yamada: *stares at her, thinking, "what a cute name! oh! such a sweet smile!*
Ati: ~ne, nani miteru no?? (what are you staring at??)
Yamada: *snaps out* oh! betsouni~... *blushes! XD!*
Ati: *giggles* oh okay... *smiles sweetly again!*

>>while everyone's so busy with their own agendas *ehem!* it's now time, what everyone's waiting for, it's the

rehearsals, of Romeo and Juliet! XD!and what's tensing up the crowd, is that it's Act 1 Scene 5, the forbidden KISS

If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.

Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,
Which mannerly devotion shows in this;
For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.

Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?
Aye, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.
O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do;
They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.

Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake.
Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take.
Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged.

*putting his hands on Shin's waist, moving his face closer to Shin's face! XD!*
*thinks* OMG, my heart's beating so fast... *heart went ^doki doki^*
Keito: *ready to surrender his first kiss to Shin! XD!*
Risako: YAMETE!!!
whole school: HUH?!
Risako: STOP THIS CRAZINESS!!! *runs to the stage, ready to slap Shin!*
Keito: DON'T!!! *hugging Shin, burying Shin's face onto his chest*
Shin: *shocked, closing her eyes and smelling Keito's perfume scent! XD!*
Imai: don't you dare hurt her or I'll kill 'ya!
Risako: DON'T YOU DARE INTERFERE! *gonna slap Imai first*
group of mysterious girls: YAMETE!*shielding Imai* Don't you lay a hand on our friends!!!
Risako: Who the hell are all of you?! * really angry! *

*~kyaa! XD! I've changed some of it from the original chapter 3*hehe*

Yamada: *dumbfounded, thinking, "I think this is LOVE at first sight!*
Takaki: konnichiwa~! boku wa Yuya~des... hajimemashite onegaishimasu!
Risako: they are gonna pay!
Posted 9/16/08 , edited 9/16/08
i love it!!
more please!!
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F / United states. yay.
Posted 9/16/08 , edited 9/16/08
Your fanfic is REALLY GOOD.
Can I be a character btw? =33
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Posted 9/16/08 , edited 9/17/08
omg!! Risako ruined their kiss
very great!!

omg chii blushed!!
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F / behind you;
Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/17/08
Gyaaaaaaaaaa ~~
more more please ??
onegaaaaaaaaaaii !! ~~ ^^!! (:
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26 / F / Wherever I wanna be
Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/17/08
whee~~ lol
luvin this fanfic :D
can't wait until next part!!
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