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laotiongirl wrote:

Your fanfic is REALLY GOOD.
Can I be a character btw? =33

~hai! pick one of the HSJ membersexcept the taken already...
or maybe someone from the other JE bands??
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Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/17/08
Its really nice!!
i love it!!
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27 / F / JE box | YG hotel...
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kyaaa! i love it!!!
more pls!!!
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Chapter 4: The Round of Companionship(Friends)

group of mysterious girls: We are THE FRIENDS of the girls you are fighting with! and if you want to fight them, you have to go through us first!
Suzuka: ~minna! what are all of you doing here?!
Tomoyo: Suzu-nneeechhaannn! I missed ~chu! *runs towards Suzuka then hugs her*
Eru: *turns to Risako* OI! Hey you clown-face, don't ever hurt our precious friends or you'll surely regret it!
Risako: hhmmppf! I don't care who the hell all of you are!!! so if all of you are Shin's friends, then all of you are my enemies!!! *walks away along with her group of girls*
Nishiko: HAH! serves that clown-faced girl right! *smugs*
Yumei: okay, since this is all over, I'm gonna go and read my book again... *opens her book*
Ryokou: ~mou! Yuu-chan, stop reading already!
Eru: yeah... ever since we've landed here in our school, you never stopped reading that stupid book!
Yumei: Hey! For your information, this is not a stupid book and it's not like the mangas you read everyday...
whole school: *dumbfounded!*
Imai: ehehe... ~minna, there's nothing to worry about anymore! all of you, please go back to your works...
whole school: *goes back to their own work*
Shin, Suzuka & Imai: *phew* that was close...
Ryokou: ~kyaa! I missed the three of ~chu! *goes and hugs the three of them!*
Imai: *hugs Ryokou back* ~ne, I missed ~chu too! XD!
Nishiko: okay, okay... why don't we all go to the cafeteria and talk!
all of the girls: ~hai!
Yamada: OI! how about the play?! all of you can't just pop in and pop out 'ya know...
Tomoyo: oh, where's Ati-chan??
Eru: ~sou da na... ~ne, let's search for her!
Yumei: i guess it can't be helped...
Yamada: Ati~chan??
Ryokou: ~hai.. her full name is Ati Takahashi. by any chance, do you know her?!
Yamada: *blushes* uhhmm... ~h..haa..hai!
Nishiko: oh! ~minna! look at him! he's blushing!
all of the girls: KAWAII~NE!!!
Ati: ~minna! ~tadaima...
Suzuka: oh! Ati-chan! where did you go anyway??
Ati: I have submitted the important papers to the principal's office...
Shin: important papers?? for what??
Ati,Tomoyo,Nishiko,Yumei,Ryokou & Eru: FOR OUR TRANSFER HERE!!!
Shin, Suzuka & Imai: EH?! HONTO~NI DESU KA?!
Ati,Tomoyo,Nishiko,Yumei,Ryokou & Eru: ~HAI!

>> when it was break time, the girls chatted away, reminiscing the times they helped and protected each other. and now, their group of friends are back together! this went on till dismissal, forgetting everything around them, then talking about new stuffs about them...

Eru: anou~sa, Suzu-chan, how's your brother?? *asks shyly*
Suzuka: watashi no nii-chan?? he's just fine, though lately he's teasing me a lot to Daiki!
Nishiko: oh?! so it's Dai-chan huh?! kawaii~! then you'd have a child that looks like a penguin! XD!
Yumei, Tomoyo, Ryokou, Ati, Imai, Eru: ~kyaa! KAWAII!
Suzuka: ~mou! yamete... *blushes*
Eru: you're blushing... haha!
Suzuka: It's just hot today... eherm... well, I just happen to know that you and nii-chan have a date today!
Eru: EHH?! how did you know about that?!
Yumei, Tomoyo, Ryokou, Ati, Imai: sugoii~! Eru-chan's in-love! XD!
Suzuka: I just overheard nii-chan's conversation with you last night, about 1 in the morning!
Ryokou: ~ne, Eru, you sure want Yabu to stay late at night huh?!
Eru: NO I don't! *blushes!*
Tomoyo: Eru-chan, you're so obvious! haha!
Ati: don't worry, we'll root for you! right, Suzu-chan?!
Suzuka: ~hai! and if ever nii-chan does something ecchi, just call me and I'll punch him! X3!
Eru: ~h..hai...
Yumei: ~ne, Tomo-chan, I've been seeing you stare at Ryutaro lately! hhmmm...
Tomoyo: huh?! it's nothing! *blushes*
Nishiko: oh! you're blushing too~!
Ati, Yumei, Ryokou, Eru, Imai, Suzuka: ~KAWAII! young LOVE! XD!
Tomoyo: *silent, blushing more than ever!* I was just thinking.. uhmm... that, he became more handsome... that's all...
Imai: hehe... our Tomo-chan is in-Love!
all: haha! yeah!

>> while all of the girls are chatting away with their own love lives *ehem*, the HSJ boys are also staring and talking about them!XD!

Takaki: oi, don't 'cha all think that their group sure is pretty interesting?!
Yabu: ~hai! especially now that Eru is here... *blushes*
Kei: oh?! Yabu's blushing!
Hikaru: EH?! So you're in-love right?!
Yabu: HAI~! I already asked her out last night to come and date with me...
Daiki: you sure are brave-hearted to ask her out...
Yuto: TADAIMA~! *still with strawberry jam on his face*
Yuto: hehe! sure...
Yamada,Chinen,Ryutaro, Keito: BAKA! *slaps Yuto's head*
Yuto: ita itai itai! * touches his head*
Takaki: oh, where did all of 'ya go anyway??
Yamada: we went to the cafeteria! they served starwberry jam sandwiches today! *yum yum!*
Yuto: yeah! it's really delicious!
Ryutaro: yeah it was, but not until you ATE MINE!
Chinen: yeah! you ATE MINE TOO!
Keito: *sighs* Yuto's really a glutton... he also ATE MINE!
Yuto: ehehe... gomen~ne ~minna, I just can't help but eat all of 'em!
Yamada: buwahahaha! *evil laugh* mine was not eaten by Yuto the pig! buwahahahaha! *evil laugh*
Daiki: then, what's up with Yuto's hands with another strawberry jam sandwich??
Yamada: *looks at Yuto* EH?! THAT'S MY EXTRA!!! NNNOOOOO!!!
Yuto: *finishes it all up ^blurp^* hhmmm! OISHI~!
Yamada: NNOO!!! poor sandwich, never got into my mouth! and was eaten by Yuto the PIG!!! * strangling Yuto! XD!*
Yuto: ~mou, Yama-chan! Yamete! I'll buy you a strawberry jam tomorrow!
Yamada: *stops* fine... just don't eat it on the way here! *glares at yuto*
Yuto: ~hai!
Yabu: masaka~, Yuto is really lucky when it comes to food!
all: yeah... *stares at yuto*
Yuto: *grinning stupidly*
Daiki: ~ne, Yama-chan, that Ati girl is staring at you!
Yamada: *stares at her stupidly too! XD!*
Daiki: Yama-chan?? ~ne Yama-chan?? are you still there?!
Yamada: *dumbfounded, thinking, "I think this is LOVE at first sight!*
Chinen: majide, many people are lovestruck today!
Ryutaro: well, you're already in-love that's why you can say that!
Keito: yeah! *laughs at Chinen*
Kei: don't laugh at him, because you're like him too! haha!
all: haha! that's TRUE!
Keito: *blushes*
Takaki: ~ne let's go!
Yabu: where are we going??
Takaki: we'll talk them!
all: oh... that' a good idea!

>> little did HSJ know that the girls are already expecting them to come... XD!

Takaki: konnichiwa~! boku wa Takaki Yuya~des... hajimemashite onegaishimasu!
Ryokou: oh, so you're the one that Shin talks about!
Keito: *frowns* just Takaki??
Tomoyo: ~ne, you like Shii-chan do 'ya?!
Girls: EH?! HONTO~NI?! SUGOI~!
Imai: hhmmppf, even though you shielded Shii-chan awhile ago, I'm still not convinced...
Yumei: hhmmm... I think he's the type to crack Shin open... right Nishiko?!
Nishiko: yep! kedo, that clown-faced girl awhile back there might be a hindrance...
Yuto: don't worry about Risako, she's just frustrated that she's not the "IT" girl anymore...
Eru: she sure is pretty annoying...
Yabu: don't worry about her too much... *looks at Eru*
Eru: *OMG! I'm gonna melt!*
Suzuka: ~ne, nii-chan! I'm gonna make dinner just for me tonight okay??
Yabu: huh?? nande??
Suzuka: you and Eru-chan has a date right?!
Hikaru: ~ne, where's Shin anyway??
Daiki: yeah, she's supposed to be in here too right??
Ryutaro: maybe YOU kidnapped her?! *looks at Keito*
all: *looks at Keito too*
Keito: ~mou, why should I kidnap her?!
Chinen: because you LIKE her! * moves closer*
Keito: I wouldn't do that you know!
Hikaru: are you sure?!
Imai: hhmmppf! if I ever found out you did, I'm gonna strangle 'ya!
Ati: Imai-chan, stop teasing him already...
Imai: hhmmppf! okay fine... if you say so Ati-chan....
Ati: *pats on Imai's head* good girl...
Yamada: *thinking, "she must be an angel!* X3!
Takaki: oi, where's Shin?!
Ryokou: we really don't know!
Yumei: last time I checked, she was with us in the cafeteria, then poof! we didn't notice she's alread gone...
Kei: I think I have a bad feeling about this...
Yuto: yeah! me too... I think I ate too much...
HSJ: BAKA~!!! *slaps Yuto's head again!*
Daiki: we're not worried about you dummy! we're worried about Shin... shheeesshhh...
Tomoyo: ~mou, I have a bad feeling there's gonna be trouble...
Suzuka: uh-huh... me too.. * nervous*
Yabu: ~minna, let's look for Shin! now split up!
all: ROGER!

>> in search for Shin, somewhere far away, in an old shack, someone's cursing them... and someone pretty familiar to us, was there, unconscious and in pain...

Risako: they are gonna pay!
girl 1: Risako-sama, you have outdone yourself this time!
girl 2: surely you won this time!
Risako: ofcourse I do!
girl 3: demo, Risako-sama, isn't it pretty low for us to do this??
Risako: URUSAI!!! We did this for Keito-sama!
girl 4: don't you ever interfere with Risako-sama's plan...
girl 3: h...hhaaii...
Risako: *evil smile* tsk! now Shin, how can you fight me now?! all tied up and unconsious!
Shin: h-huh?? where am I?? why am I tied up?! what's with this handkerchief on my mouth?! it smells.. huh... uh... *unconscious again*
Risako: buwahahahaha! not yet Shin, I'm still not done with you...
all of them: BUWAHAHAHA! *evil laughs*

*ohnoes... what will Risako do to Shin?! find out on Chapter 5!

Keito: Shin! *runs toward Shin* daijobu~desu ka?!
Imai: I guess I'm really wrong about you... gomen~nasai... * bows her head*
Ryokou: *smiles, "~kyaa! it's him! I'm not dreaming!"*
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
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nene~~ shie-chan =[ i thought you said i could be in your fanfic? and be with yuto?? ...
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Posted 9/20/08 , edited 9/20/08

Yamada_Yuuki83 wrote:

nene~~ shie-chan =[ i thought you said i could be in your fanfic? and be with yuto?? ...

gomen~ne, demo, I saw that geh-san asked for him first before you had ... I didn't see it coming!
demo, I still have one slot left for the group of 10 girls in here... I already have 9 and I'm missing one..
wanna be that 1??
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
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shieLdembLem wrote:

Yamada_Yuuki83 wrote:

nene~~ shie-chan =[ i thought you said i could be in your fanfic? and be with yuto?? ...

gomen~ne, demo, I saw that geh-san asked for him first before you had ... I didn't see it coming!
demo, I still have one slot left for the group of 10 girls in here... I already have 9 and I'm missing one..
wanna be that 1??

okei :] arigato
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Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/22/08
I'm done accepting the 10 girLs already~! XD!
hope all of ~chu would support this 1st fanfic I have...
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Chapter 5: War of Hearts and Minds( Repent)

>> searching for a friend, all of them split up to search for Shin.. Keito was alone running, hoping he would find he somehow, holds dear most to his heart..

Keito: *talking to himself* where are you Shin?! you're really worrying us.. especially me.. I don't know why but you're someone that I'm all thinking of ever since you've stepped into my life.. i just hope nothing bad has happened to you already, and if it has already happened, then I swear! I will not forgive myself for not protecting you...
*distant noises..*
Keito: huh?? what?? where is that coming from??
*evil laughs heard from a distance..*
Keito: I'd better go and check that out...

>>from where those distant noises and evil laughs come from, Risako will leave Shin amidst the dusty old shack they were at... not knowing, Keito has already found them...

Risako: I'm gonna go and clean myself up for now... henchmen! watch over this girl! *pointing at the unconscious Shin*
henchmen: ~HAI!
Risako: come on girls... let's leave this stinky place already!
girls: ~HAI Risako-sama!
Shin: uh...huh... ugh... *trying to be conscious*
henchman 1: oi, what are we gonna do with this girl anyway??
henchman 2: just guard her..
henchman 3: I wonder what this girl did for Risako-sama to be angry at her
henchman 1: nnaahhh... Risako-sama is just jealous at this girl
henchman 2: come to think of it, this is prettier than her... Risako-sama must have had enough of her
henchman 3: what will we do to her if Risako-sama gets back??
henchman 2: just leave her alone.. let's go outside and just play cards!
henchman 1&3: sure!
henchmen: *went outside*
Keito: good! now I can untie Shin already!
Shin: *saw Keito few meters away from her* uh... Keito??.. uugghhh... stupid handkerchief...
Keito: Shin! *runs toward Shin* daijobu~desu ka?!
Shin: ugh.. the smell still lingers on me...
Keito: shinpai shinai de... daijobu, boku ga mamoru kara (don't worry... it's okay, I'll protect you) *touching Shin's face, looking straight into her eyes*
Shin: *touched* I'm so weak... *in near tears*
Keito: hush... don't talk now, they might hear us.. *releasing Shin from the ropes*
Shin: how did you found out I was here?
Keito: all of us noticed you weren't with us... then we worried something might have happened to you
Shin: I guess all of you were right.. ouch! * touches her ankle*
Keito: it's sprained! don't move, I'll carry you.. *carries Shin at his back*
Shin: itai~... *thinking, "my ankle hurts so much! demo, it's bearable because Keito is here with me..."*
Keito: are you comfortable??
Shin: h..hai~...

>> as they snitch out of the old shack back to the road, something unexpected is gonna happen...
car speeding fast: *BEEP BEEP!*
Keito & Shin: *looking at the speeding car*
car approaching already: *BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!*
Keito: *throws Shin at the sidewalk*
Shin: NNNOOOOO!!!!
Keito: *glancing at Shin once more before being hit*

BOOM!!! it's too late for Shin to speak... the car had hit Keito already, leaving poor Shin speechless and in tears running through her face... seeing Keito bathing in his own blood, she ran quickly to hug him... seeing this, the owner of the car, Hongo Kanata, told his driver to immediately send them to the nearest hospital

>> in the hospital, at the front door of the emergency room...

Kanata: HONTO~NI GOMENASAI! my driver was in a hurry because I'm already late for my shooting that's why the car went so fast... GOMENASAI~!
Shin: Iie, it's not your fault... in the first place, if I weren't kidnapped by Risako, we wouldn't be here... *blaming herself*
Kanata: kidnapped?! we should go to the police to report it! ikou~!
Shin: NO!!! I will not leave Keito's side! if it weren't for him, I would be dead already...
Kanata: demo, you're hurt too, I can see your ankle's sprained *pointing at Shin's ankle*
Shin: daijobu~ all I need is to hear that Keito would be alright... *looking at the emergency room's door*
Kanata: fine... then why don't you call his family and all of your friends
Shin: *taking her keitai out* Suzuka... *sobs*
on the other line, Suzuka's phone
Suzuka: Shin!!! doko ni iru no?! matte, nande naiteru no?? doushita no?! (where are you?! wait, why are you crying?? what happened?!)
Shin: ~mou, just come here first at the hospital... then I'll tell all of it.. *crying hysterically already*
Suzuka: ~Hai! *closes her keitai, turning to their friends* ~minna! this is an emergency! Shin's at the hospital!
all: EH?!?!
Imai: ~minna, ikou!
back to Shin...
Shin: *dials her ojisan's secretary* hey, tell ojichan I'm at the hospital and also, call Okamoto Kenichi to come here... it's very important*closes her keitai*
Kanata: you sure know how to pull yourself up...
Shin: ofcourse, it's because I need to be strong to face them *serious mode*
just as when Shin's ojisan heard from his secretary that his beloved niece is at the hospital, he hurriedly finished their board meeting of directors at Los Angeles to come home in Japan... but before that, he sent Koizumi Yuchiko, Shin's closest cousin, to watch over and study in the same school as Shin...

>>all of them are puzzled why is Shin at the hospital... Keito is already safe from danger and was moved to an exclusive room requested by Hongo Kanata... then all of the girls and HSJ rushed in the room, only to see it's not Shin lying in the bed, but Keito

Tomoyo: *goes and hugs Shin* Shii-chan! we were so worried!
Yumei: *looks at the bed* why is Keito hurt?!
Takaki: *turns to the unconscious Keito lying at the bed*KEITO?! *turning to Shin*DOUSHITA~NO SHIN?!
Chinen: *in near tears* who did this to you Keito?! *touching Keito's hands*
Nishiko: Shii-chan, tell us what happened!
Shin: *holding her tears back* ~hai

then Shin told the whole story, being kidnapped, sneaking out, then being hit by the car...

Ryokou: that bastard Risako! I will surely not forgive her of what she did!!! *punching the wall*:fury:
Ati: Ryokou, don't hurt yourself... *grabbing Ryokou's fist*
Yabu: this is going too far!
Kei: I never thought that a girl would do something like this... it's so unreasonable!
Yuto: *looks at everybody* ~minna, let's just hope that Keito would heal...
Ryutaro: yeah...*looks at Yuto* matte, is that you Yuto?!
Yamada: whoa! Yuto said something seriously sensible! *shocked*
Yuto: ~mou! I have a heart for all of my friends 'ya know!
Yumei: I guess everybody has a weak spot for their friends...
Kei: yeah... especially the ones that you dearly love most... *looks at Yumei*
Yumei: *blushes! thinking, OMG! he looked at me!*
Eru: *looks at Imai* Imai-chan, nani kangaeteru no?? (what are you thinking about??)
Imai: *looks at Keito seriously*
Shin: Imai-chan... *looks at Imai blankly*
Daiki: *whispering to Suzuka* what will Imai do at Keito??
Suzuka: *whispering to Daiki* something must've gotten into her senses... sshhh...
Daiki: ~hai ~hai... *shutting his mouth*
Imai: *walking towards Keito* you sacrificed yourself for Shii-chan...
Chinen: Imai-chan, he's still unconscious...
Nishiko: hey, don't push yourself Imai... no one wanted this...
Imai: *looking at Keito*
Hikaru: *remembering what Imai said to Keito last time* I think you're thinking of what you said to him last time...
Yamada: *remembering it too* sou~ka...
Shin: ~mou, it's all over already... let's forget about that...
Imai: I guess I'm really wrong about you... gomen~nasai... * bows her head*
Chinen: Imai-chan... *looking at her daintily*
Yuto: Chii... you're so in-love with her ~ne?! *poking Chinen*
Ryutaro: *slapping Yuto's head* BAKA! this is not the time to joke around!
Yuto: ehehe...*scratches his head* gomen~ne...
Keito: uh-uh... *touching his head* where am I??
all: KEITO!!!
Keito: huh?? why are we all here?? *trying to get up but still dizzy*
Shin: don't stress yourself out... *helping Keito sit up*
Hikaru: masaka~, I know you're a hero and all, but think of yourself too... *hitting Keito's left arm*
Keito: itai~! *touching his pained left arm*
Yabu,Kei,Takaki &Daiki: *slapping Hikaru's head* BAKAYAROU~!
Hikaru: ITAI~ ITAI~ ITAI~!
Ryutaro: now their's two Baka tandem, and it's Yuto and Hika-chan...
all of the girls: *nods their head* yep!
Yamada: ~ne Keito, you sure are heroic! it's plus points for girls to us who save them...
Ati: demo, you didn't save anyone... *looking at Yamada innocently*
Yamada: *embarrassed* ehehe... I guess so... *thinking, "OMG! if it weren't for those innocent eyes, I would have melted already*
Eru: ~minna, do you all want to eat something?? I'm gonna go and buy some for all of us...
Yabu: ~ne, I'm gonna go with 'ya... it's heavy to carry all of that...
Suzuka: niichan, your moves are so old already! I know you're just gonna make a move on Eru-chan...
Eru&Yabu: *blushes*
all: KAWAII~!
Yumei: ~ne Yabu, you're too obvious...
Kei: haha! you're so right!
Yumei: *blushes too*
Eru: ~ne, we're going now... *touches the doorknob*
Kanata: *opens the door, looks at everybody's shocked face* oh... gomen~ne ~minna, I must be at the wrong room...
Shin: *pops out of nowhere* Iie, you just came at the right time!
Kanata: oh Shin, gomenasai for intruding, I just want to see if your boyfriend's already awake...
all except Keito: *shocked* SHIN'S BOYFRIEND?!
Kanata: isn't the boy we hit is her boyfriend??
Tomoyo: Shii-chan! why didn't you tell us Keito's your boyfriend?!
Nishiko: I thought all of us won't have any secrets??
Shin: CHIGAU~YO! he's just mistaken! *waving her hands crisscrossing her face*
Ryokou: *staring at Kanata, dumbfounded!*
Daiki: oi... *waving his hands at Ryokou's face* ~ne Suzu-chan, I think your friend's paralyzed...
Suzuka: *looks at Ryokou* so she is paralyzed huh?? *waving her hands at Ryokou's face too*
Daiki: so what do 'ya think?!
Suzuka: she's in-love... *pointing at Kanata*
Daiki: oh! so she is!
Ryokou: *smiles, "~kyaa! it's him! I'm not dreaming!"*
Kanata: gomen~ne for not introducing myself first... ore wa Hongo Kanata~des, hajimemashite onegaishimasu! *bows down*
Yamada: on behalf of the group, nice to meet you too! *bows down*
Kanata: Honto~ni gomenasai for hitting your friend... my driver was just in hurry for my shooting...
Takaki: Iie, daijobu~ we know that since we hurry for our shooting sometimes too..
Kanata: domo arigatou for understanding...
Ryokou: *~kyaa! he's so polite! KAKKOI! XD!*
Ati: hello?? earth to Ryokou?? *sighs* she only sees Kanata now...
Yumei: ~ne, watch what will I do *screams* look! it's raining chocolates! *points outside the window*
Ryokou&Kanata: DOKO?! *looks outside too!*
Hikaru: haha! nice one!
Yumei: haha! your faces were priceless! haha!
Ryokou&Kanata: *looks at each other, blushing!*
???: *knocks at the door*
Shin: huh?? anata dare??
???: may I come in?
all: *looks at each other*
Shin: fine... please come in...
???: domo arigatou... *opens the door*

*gomen~ne ~minna if it took so long! I had to do so many schoolwork and on top of that, I was pretty lazy...
Q: who is this man?? what would happen?? find out on the next chapter!

Keito: otto~san, I'm fine now... *smiles sweetly*
Shin: here, say "ah"... *feeds Keito~XD!!!*
Koizumi: ohayo gozaimasu ~minna, watashi wa Yuchiko Koizumi~des... yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
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Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/26/08
this is too sweet!!
I'm getting diabetes!! LoL
Go KEITO!! you're a hero!! xDD
and Kanata seems so nice here!! kyaaaaa!!
really cute story~!!
More please?! ^-^
Fanfic Lover
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/27/08
kyaaaa sugoi!! i really love it! keito...awwww...gomene ne!! hehe it's good ur all better!! hehe demo i love's so kawaii and sweet!! hhe mroe onegaishimasu!!
Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/27/08
IT IS SOOO GOOD!! i love it!
and please don't u-know!
Fanfic Lover
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F / behind you;
Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/27/08
gyaa ~~
gomeen shiee-chaan
hehe .
gomenasai .
good chapt
nyce chapt .
gyaa kanata ~~
more please
space .
hehehe gomeenn for wasting the space in ur fanfic
chan ~~ (: =P
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/27/08
kya can i be partner of daiki? hehehehe
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/27/08
gomen~ne but daiki's taken already...
I only have hikaru's slot open... poor hika~chan!
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