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Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/15/08
I don't really know what the response will be. But for me, I really love Roleplays. For those who don't know what a roleplay is, it is storyline where you take the part of 1 character from Shugo Chara and Role play as that. It is best to have the same personality as the character. Anyone interested? We need the basic characters and try and be active cause it would be weird if someone posts.

Amu: miki, can you design an outfit for me for my date tomorrow with tadase?

then miki doesn't respond for like 3 days the whole RP would come to a halt because of miki's absence. Of course if this really happen, ran or suu can take over saying something like

Ran: Miki has gone for a walk. I think she said she is going for a change of scenery. Let me help you chose Amu chan! *cheers with her pompom*

Suu: That's right desu~

The examples I gave are rather simple it is best to have actions too. like in the *waves*. Yup, try and add in the distinctive actions or phrases of the character such as 'desu~' for suu and props like pompom for ran. Also if you are changing the scene plase type in where you are too like.

(at the park near some mall)

Amu walks around the park. In her best outfit chosen by Ran, she was really nervous. She tried to put on a cute face like Amulet Heart because tadase told her that he loved amulet heart.

Anyone willing to have a go? Before you start remember to write the character you are roleplaying as. Please try not to the take more than 1 role.

Basic roles (for startlers)
Amu --
Ran --
Miki --
Suu -- me
Tadase ---
Kiseki --

Yup for now we need at least these characters to start. As we go on you can just tell me what characters you want to be and I'll add the list. So... anyone wanna have a go?

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