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Create your own naruto character....

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24 / F / Fightin against t...
Posted 1/10/08 , edited 1/10/08
Gender: Female
Name: Ashura (Last) ,Suzuyu (First)
Age: 13/14 Bday: April 25.
Appearance: Normal Height, Long Brown-ish hair but always keeps it in a high ponytail, Emerald-Green eyes. Thin.
Clothes: Green shirt and black shirt on top. Short skirt and on her right leg, around her thigh theres a bandage strap. Theres a small pocket thing tied around the bandage and thats where all her kunais, scroll etc. are located. Normal ninja shoes but they're black.
Personality: Laid-back. Very friendly, and around the person she trusts the most she's energetic and hyper. Fun to be around with. Caring, Over-protective and never gives up.
Childhood: Very rough. She was the Daughter of the Ashura clan. Before they were highly respected but after some accident they got cursed and the first daughter born will contain a Demon. This Demon was called Ashun. It looked jus like the person it was in but pitch-dark eyes, and has chains all over it. The unlucky daughter was Suzuyu. Because of this demon her whole family hated her except her mom and dad. Suzyu couldn't step in the main house and had to sleep in a small cottage. If she even looked at anyone from the main house she will get beaten. She couldn't go to Ninja school since they feared she might destroy the village. every once in a while her mom and dad visited her and gave her food and talked to her. Unfortunately, on her 3rd birthday orochimaru killed her whole family and made it look like he saved Suzuyu from the killer of her family. Suzuyu believed so and went to live with orochimaru. Orochimaru only wanted her body. So on her 13th birthday suzuyu learned the truth and escaped. She was almost killed by Orochimaru but luckily stumbled upon Konoha.
Abilities: Before completely using her demon she goes thru these phases:
If her eyes turn light light green(almost white): This means that her speed and strength increases by tons depending on how angry she is.
If her eyes turn pitch black: This means that she can hypnotize someone(mostly like a genjutsu) and make them do watever she wants occasionally.
If her eyes turn Blood red: this means that she turned into her demon and its impossible to stop. she kills everything and everyone thats in her way, and has no common sense.
Other than that shes really good with taijutsu , very good chakra control and pretty much good with the rest. Without the Demon shes as strong as sasuke only a bit stronger. And in her demon form or phases shes stonger than Orochimaru.
Best Friend: Hinata, Kiba and Akamaru, Naruto, and Shikamaru.
i guess thats it =D
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29 / M / in a place, in a...
Posted 1/12/08 , edited 1/12/08
i dont feel like writing to much so i wont say =3
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28 / M / town vill of scis...
Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/19/08
apperrance:like sasuke with his wings
from fire village
weakness:metal, water
attaks:fire skulls when he sommonds on fire skulls to attak u and they r heat or a move when he sarounds u wit fire and stays like that until u burn and there is a way to not gey hit by it!
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31 / M / ninja mode
Posted 2/5/08 , edited 2/5/08
I'm Naruto uzimaki, and I'm going to be hokage...Believe It!!
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26 / F / Good bye NY
Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
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27 / F / EARTH! DUH!! ^_^
Posted 2/18/08 , edited 2/18/08
ok age: 16 (basically shipuuden)
appearance: long straight blonde hair with 6 purple streaks on each side(i got mine like that 2day) strong and looks exactly like this except 4 the hair and headband is tied around the right upper leg

from the village hidden in the leaves
weaknesses: earth and ummmm idk
strength: best ninja at contoling water ever! so good i can control the water in som1s blood and control thier movements and im a sanin (became sanin at age 10)
Posted 2/21/08 , edited 2/22/08
i wood like to see more of kibas sister in the serius. im prety sure he has at least one sis
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26 / M / In You're Pants,...
Posted 3/11/08 , edited 3/12/08
ok mine has jet black hair. I am able to use sharingan , resengan, and chidori. I am a jonin and like in the leaf. I have been on many missions and have learned over 1000jutsus. I am friends with all the ppl and am very skilled. I also live in the sand tooo for when i travel. i also can use some sand techniques like sand avalanche and sand shield. I am from the uchiha clan but not sasukes or itachis brother mor like a cuz. well thjat is it
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26 / M / In You're Pants,...
Posted 3/11/08 , edited 3/12/08
oh and the name would be takamaru uchiha Xd
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23 / M / Skipping on clouds.
Posted 3/18/08 , edited 3/19/08
I'm too lazy to type this all up again, so I'll just copy my old Ninja appearance from an Role Play I did a while ago.

Character name: Hikaru Kiyuu
Gender: Male
Side: Good Guys! :]
Village: Konoha
Age: 13
Weapons: Basic ninja weapons (Eg: Kunai, Shuriken, Senbons, etc.) Likes swords, mainly light weighted swords like the katana
Bio: Due to lost of his parents,(who were killed by an opposing clan) Hikaru is set off to help the world become a better place. Even though he is on his mission, he gets caught by being rich and being powerful many times. he worked under a smith for 1 year who gave him a katana for his 10th birthday. He usually carries his katana on his back in memory of his mentor. Prefers Shadow type Jutsu's. Is an Ex-Anbu.

Konoha Hurricane
Primary lotus

Substitution Jutsu- Switches places with something else thats nearby
Kage Redean - His shadow clones itself and fires a baragge of punches and kicks at it's opponent
Kage Partner - Shadow helps in physical combat but cannot do anything in Genjutsu and Ninjutsu
Katana Finale - High speed slashing with the katana, Up to 500 hits at once
Kage Bunshin No Jutsu - Creates clones that are real
Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summons a falcon which has abilties of it's own

Kage Betrayal - Opponent's shadow gips owner's throat and slow suffecates them
Slow reaction - Opponent sees katana slashing them in one place but is actually hitting somewhere else
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26 / F / honolulu,hawaii
Posted 3/20/08 , edited 3/20/08
name:Tamaru Uchiha
Appearance:pretty much every appearance(real appearance is black hair and blue eyes)
strengths:i'm a mage...and i can do some jutsu's b/c of uchiha clan blood
abilities:sharingan,...(i am too tired)
weaknesses:my brothers.
clothes:anything.(depends on day)i carry a staff with me....(idk why?...maybe b/c i'm a mage)
rank:ANBU blackops(part time),actor.(i change my appearances so no one knows what the real me looks like.)
personality:always smiling,never indoors,partially evil,sometimes(hardly)playing shogi,and
hungry 24/7
relationship:brothers;sasuke and itachi uchiha,family's dead(like i really care!)relative in the akatsuki(madara)

friends:pretty much everyone in konoha(especially chouji:I CAN EAT MORE THAN HIM!AND I STILL WEIGH LESS THAN HIM!!!)
i look like this:

to tell you the truth,I'm one of orochimaru's apprentice but he let me go after about 5 years of training b/c he said I was too happy
and peppy.He left me in the waterfall village where i was taught how to be a mage and some jutsu's including H2O.
After 4years of training with them and dwelling with them,I was chosen to be a ANBU b/c the waterfall village ppl told konoha about me so I traveled to konohagakure and became a black op at the age 14 and I was a mage to konoha helping with alchemy or injuries
and then I finally seeked to find orochimaru to get him to let go of sasuke but when I came,sasuke was gone and orochimaru was dead(yes!)so I am on a journey with Shikamaru and Chouji to find Sasuke.(rumor has it that he's with that bitch,karin)
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26 / F / honolulu,hawaii
Posted 3/20/08 , edited 3/20/08

Sharingan1333 wrote:

oh and the name would be takamaru uchiha Xd

OMG!!!!my name is tamaru uchiha!what a coincidence!!
no seriously,look at my page...ive had that name for lyk ever.
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28 / F / In my house.........
Posted 3/20/08 , edited 3/21/08
Name: Chika Himoto
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Village: Hidden village of the Sand
Appearence: Blue hair that reaches to the knee, blood red eyes, has 4 piercing on both ears, and a lip piercing.
Abilities: Good chakra, can control sand and fire, medical jutsu, creation rebirth, and summoning technique,
Weakness: Betrayal and the curse seal.
Clothes: look down.
Rank: S-class
Relationship: Parents kill by Orochimaru and like a sister to the akatsuki.
Personality: Rash, impulsive, very much haunted by my past affiliation with Orochimaru, stubborn, and quiet.
Friends: Akatsuki
Enemies:Orochimaru and Kabuto
Bio: Was raise by Orochimaru until the age of 15. Left when found out Orochimaru was the one who kill my parents. I was nearing dead when I travel to Sand and was found by Chiyo when found unconscious in the forest. Become Chiyo student in learning medical jutsu. Over the year I became close with Sasori and he became a older brother I never had.(Lets just say Sakura and Chiyo never killed Sasori.) Sasori and me was the same, we both lost our parents and we never had friends. Chiyo decided to teach us the puppet play. Sasori and me learned so fast the we could even make the puppet of our decreased parents.Soon we realized that nothing last forever in this life, mortal body will take everything away when death comes. Then we decided to leave the village when I was 17 and he was 25.

Look like this when is a S-class ninja and the headband is covering the eyes cause eyes show emotion.(Don't have to wear the cloak.)

Look like this when is a regular ninja

Look like this when is a regular person

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23 / F / United States- Pe...
Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/15/08
Hmmm...which oc 2 use???
Okay I think I'll use Sacoia Nage

Name: Sacoia Nage/Uchiha
Age: 12 (fifteen in shippuden)
Blood type: AB
Birthday: March 22
Appearance: Long brown hair (worn as a ponytail, tied with a ribbon)
Nattive Village: Konoha
Outfit: fake Anbu armor, navy blue capri pants
Weapon: katanai, kunai, posinous paper bombs
Abblilities: Earth style: Shape shifting jutsu, Wind style: Barrage of the Earth
Weaknesses: speed, cloaking
personality: Happy-go-lucky, optimistic girl

She used to be friends with Sasuke Uchiha and the rest of the Uchiha clan. When they were killed of, she vowed to get just as strong as their killer, Itachi was so that someone on the Uchiha's side could still live with more power than itachi. She is currently paired up with Sasuke
Her rank is genin. She impersonates and anbu and has failed the chunin exams three times.
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