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Posted 6/19/08 , edited 6/19/08
Name:Ayumi Yamashita
I couldn't think wat I looked like so I went to Photobucket and found 2 pictures and thought I'd look good in one of these!

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27 / F / in niruko's heart...
Posted 6/30/08 , edited 6/30/08
age: 16
appearence: eyes hottie hehehe (sharingan)
abilities: strong chakra had immurtel (heddan) anduchiha (sasuke) abilities and sharingan ofcours
weackness: powerfull kick any one ass being hokage and midical ninja olmost likely tsunade
clothes:most like sakura but the skert black
personality: cool, loving , popelar ,and fight for her friends and the weak ppl
clan: uchiha clan 2 marry sasuke
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26 / F / In my room
Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08
Name: Kasume, girl
Age: 17
Appearence: Average height, long black hair, light brown eyes, nice body, wears her mothers necklace always
Weaknesses: Itachi, doesn't do well if boys like her
Abilities: Able 2 manipulate nature 2 her will
Personality: Bubbly, sweet, innocent, don't get her pissed up or you'll regret it!!!, blushes when sees Itachi, & loves 2 fight
Rank: used 2 be Konoho's Anbu, works for Orochimaru now
Clothes: white messed up dress, two katana's, wears no shoes
Village: Hidden Leaf Village
Friends:" Kabuto", The 4th Hokage, and Jiraiya

Follows Orochimaru 2 find his weakness.
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21 / F / somewhere wishing...
Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
age: 14
appearence: light brown hair, brown eyes, average body appearence (not too fat or too thin)
height: about 160cm
abbillities: mastering sharingan, has a blue dragon, narural chakra is fire n carries a giant fan (like temari's).
weakness: gets angry when is fooled by others n cries when hated or remembering her family
rank:chonin ninja
clothes: wears a black sleeveles shirt inside n a 3/4 sleeves jacket (not zipped) out side and a blue skirt or black 3/4 pants.. oftenly wears the pants when training. has a net wrapped around both her knees (if wears skirt) n wraped around her leg from the end of her pants n till her ninja shoes (if wears pants). wears her ninja band around her neck.
personality: caring, kind, soft spoken, strong spirit/willed, never gives up, friendly, smart.

friends: all the girls in konoha, shikamaru n his group, kiba n his group, all her teachers.
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27 / F / England
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
Age: 17
Appearance: Tall (5ft 9), light brown hair that's always in a bun using needles, side fringe, one blue eye, one green, strong. Fire-like black tattoo on left shoulder.
Abilities: chakra is fire and water based, uses dragon techniques mostly, has an eye technique (not sure what exactly), is awesome using 2 long swords!
Weaknesses: Genjutsu and against and wind techniques.
Clothes: White kimono style tied top, short balck skirt (w/ shorts underneath), long black jacket with a silver dragon on it. Carries two swords across back.
Rank: Is said to be Chuunin, but is actually ANBU rank (which is a secret from all the chuunin and genin).
Pensonality: Friendly but untrustworthy of people at first, fights for her dreams, doesn't give up, caring, quiet at first but noiser when knows people.
Relationship: Father was the king and kage of the Land of Ice (made up), Mother was a high ranking ninja there, older brother and a twin sister. Twin sister killed all the inhabitants of theland of ice including mother father and brother, but failed to kill her twin. Is now trying to kill her.
Friends: all the konoha chuunin (minus sasuke, not a friend but respects him), Kakashi, Yamato, Guy etc
Posted 2/6/10 , edited 2/6/10
age: 18
village: Hidden Leaf
appearence: 5'10", slender, snow white hair, misty grey eyes
abilities: wields a katana and element is fire
weaknesses: loner, water
clothes: wears black wrap around chest with a black guys komono and black boots
pesonality: gentle, quiet, soft spoken, serious fighter though
relationship: parents of unknown origin, orphan
friends: none yet, no enemies in the Leaf Village though
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