group implements
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/15/08
Daily Wall Activeness - 20 Points
Daily Forum Activeness - 20 Points
Uploaded Group Photos - 5 Points Each
Friend Invites (Post at this forum if u did and tell us the number of the users u invited... Note that we can see some improvements if u did)- 3 Points Each
Event Participation - 75 Points
Event Winner - 200 Points
Top Ten Active Members - 90 Points

one with most points will be the next sun god representative.

going to put forum games in the group
forum games....................
[GAME] The Last One Who Post Wins!
[GAME] What Would You Do To The Person Above You............
[GAME] What are you going to do if......
[GAME] Spamming

also contest
best knight avatar.
knight battles (using pics)
order of the sun god knights mascot.
best sun knight weapon. ( with pics)

best knight.
best rank
best weapon.
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