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Square, recently, has been so-so. While not releasing any aweful games, they certainly havn't made any great ones as of late. They're in a sort of slump, i think.

As an avid Square Enix fan and a person obsessed with my Psp as of late, i hope they will redeem themselves with the upcoming batch of releases. Namely : Kingdom Hearts Death By Sleep, Final Fantasy XIII Agito and Dissidia. Crisis Core was good. But didn't quite have the "ZOMGWTF" effect for me.
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No the Poll is off~ S-E is making horrible decisions and making really bad games and if they aren't making bad ones, they are messing up the flow of the gaming industry by ruining the games they have already made. I'm probably more of a Square-Enix fan- or should I say "follower" than anyone on CrunchyRoll. Their good-game spree ended after Final Fantasy started dying. (In my opinion was the next to newest expansion pack for 11 > until current S-E. This is not an opinion but a based fact I've calculated and determined how it is so. Those of you who have played 3-4 games (saying here the "new" games and thought they were good, well you have a lot to learn. GO back and play the original "Final Fantasy" for the NES, Romancing SaGa for the SNES, or Secret of Mana... all the original releases and then play what they have come up to say are the "newer" or "better" released of said games or what thay are making today... you will find out as much they are slacking off really bad, I think it would have to do with the Squaresoft-Enix and other underlying company-buyouts/conjoining.
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