Worst Acting in a Drama/Movie
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/16/08
Which drama or movie do you think has an actor/actress that just plain sucks in it?

I'm sure there are plenty more, but what I can recall from the top of my head is Ikuta Toma in Maou. The fangirls might throw a bitch fit at this, but it's true. His acting is so bad and exaggerated in this drama that I can hardly watch it. He's usually good in other dramas though.

PS- If this is a dupe, sorry. I searched and didn't find anything similar.
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Posted 7/27/09 , edited 7/27/09
Dead thread.
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Posted 7/28/09 , edited 7/28/09
Ahhhh zombie thread trying to get my brains!!!

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