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Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/6/08
all i can say is that i enjoyed watching this.. even if it's incest.. i really like the story.. although we must admit that the whole thing that happened between the two of them is morally wrong.. but what can we do?they fell in love with each other and no matter how they try to forget about their feelings for each other, still there is the love which they truly feel.. at least, all of us know what's right and wrong.. the choice is always on the person per se.. man is rational in nature, but sometimes he/she chooses not to act like one..
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Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/7/08
hey. what's with all the fuss? it's just anime. so peace.!
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Posted 12/7/08 , edited 12/8/08

soul_sister wrote:

krazzzie wrote:

I Think this is Still Gross. I Love My Brothers and Sisters, but TABOO ing.... Man that is just Wrong. You Gatta B a Retard or something must B wrong with Your Brain if you love your Brother and Sister that Way... But then again if its your Step Brother/Sister (Not HALF) i guess i'll be okay, as long as its not blood realated.

Well the Fact, The Truth is... many Asian Culture back i mean way back, there's no law that you can't married your sibling. And many cases they do married their brother and sister (SAY WHAT! their is ASIAN type Hill Billy's??) ... Specially if you were a consider really High Class or King/Queen they will have their children married each other. So that other people can't take their Throne,Power,Richest, etc. or what they have away, it will stay in the family. (even nowadays this still happens but Rarely)

In Research, well i heard it somewhere i'm not sure.(correct me if i'm wrong) if the family remarries to each other for a certain generation, Their Blood will change and i'll become a different type of blood, which if something happens to you, and if you need a blood transfusion, you can't take any other type of blood besides your family's. I believe the scientist called that the WEAK BLOOD (well something similar)...
Soo pass your blood line around and make it stronger, go and stir the pot, mixed it up!

All of what you said is true. My mom is a nurse, and I'm studying to be one too. Actually it's called their blood type, and yes it is weaker, because, the antigenes aren't supposed to mix with their counterpart, it's like trying make a new species (which scientist do anyways), but when you do this, they have a lesser chance of living a normal life. It's the same in the wild, if you're not strong enough or you have a disability (aka. weak blood=easier to get sick) your genes will be less likely to be passed on and will die out. With all the mixing of royal famillies (WHICH ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!!) often there would be chemical imbalances in the childs brain, and you'd end up with a mental disability. There have even been recent articles (during the 90's) about first and second cousins who marry, and their children were born with mental disabilities. I'm not sure on this next part, but in theory if your genes were even more similar than cousins (aka brother & sister) wouldn't that create even more risk of a mental disability in the offspring? As in brothers and sister, all relatives in fact! should not reproduce. Besides, wouldn't that be kind of gross? It's almost as bad as a full-blown Oedipus complex (google it or wikipedia it if you don't know: it's a theory by Freud based on a greek play).

So true, they have simiLar genes, so relatives cant actually marry each other because their children will have disorders, mentally and physically.. But we cant blame them if they love each other right?.. besides, its anime.. chances of that happening in real life ish one over fifty.. and LOL on that Oedipus... i love that story.. killed his father and married his mother.. sheesh.. hahaha..
Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/21/09
Okay, assume love does conquer ALL; wait till when they have finally produced a baby with a plenty of disorders, then they would think otherwise.

They would realise besides they have ruined their own life, they have destroyed an innocent life of their child as well.

Some people living in ancient time did have intermarriage in between siblings, but that doesn't mean we have to follow them. Plus, there was a reason why their offspring die so easily.
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Posted 2/22/09 , edited 2/22/09
Does her husband know that they are half siblings and that she was raped on her wedding day?
Posted 2/23/09 , edited 2/23/09
...Even they are half sister and brother, they are still come from the same mother, right? So I don't see if that factor would make any differences in their relationship.

Plus, it is still very possible that Iku and Yori come from the same father. You never know which sperms fertilise which eggs unless you do a DNA test on them.
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