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favorite real robot games

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Posted 10/16/09 , edited 10/16/09
Hmm... lets see...
a list of the games I played(mecha)
ZoE 2nd Runner
ZOE(in GBA I forgot the title...)
Xenosaga I - III (if its in the "real robot" genre)
SD Gundam G Generation Portable
Gundam Seed Rongu VS Zaft
Gundam VS Gundam
Super Robot A portable
Armored Core (most of the series in PS1 and PS2 )
and hmm... I forgot some cause some are back in the PS1 and PC which I've played long ago... some of the Super Robot games also but forgot the titles...
by the way I like all of them but maybe ZoE is the best one for me...

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Posted 3/19/10 , edited 3/19/10
Zone of the Enders
Super Robot Wars series
Armored Core series
Xenosaga II
Ghost in the Shell (you pilot a Fujikoma so it probably counts)
Custom Robo Arena

Ones that could be my favourites if I had them:
Another Century Episode
Zoids Battle Legends
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Posted 6/6/10 , edited 6/7/10
Gundam Battle Assault 2.If I still had it,I would still be playing it.
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Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/4/10
Mostly ACE and ZOE.
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