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26 / F / a world of dwinde...
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this is a really weird story i started writting last year but it's unfinished so it might be a while before i finish it...

Section One

Darkness…where did it come from? Why… why is it here! Where is everyone? Is this death? Am I dying! Am I dead! No! There is pain…horrible pain…if I’m dead then I must be in the underworld…why am I so scared? I’ve seen death before! I know what it means to die! So where did this fear come from? Why do I have it?... I must be alive... an angel is watching over me. “Where is my brother?”
The angel gave a gentle smile at the sound of my voice. “It’s good to see you’ve finally woken up, but I’m afraid I do not know what happened to your brother. Now that you have awoken; I must give you these pills to help you get better.” Then Angel picked up a glass of water and a couple of pills from the table next to her. She gently stuck the pills into my mouth and gave me some water to drink. She sat their quietly stroking my hand and I slipped back into the darkness, this time, not afraid.
Fear! What’s going on! Where is my brother! My family! What’s happened to them? Mom! MOM...breath…calm down…Mom’s dead; there is no point in calling for her. Nothing will hurt me while the angel is here. But why do I no longer feel her? Where is she? “I’m all alone and I’m afraid.” No one’s here with me and I don’t even know where I am. Angel, where have you gone? Please tell me you weren’t just a dream. I need you!
“Oh, you’re awake I see. How are you feeling? Do you need some water? Your throat must be so dry that you can’t even talk! I’ll get some right away! You just lay their and relax until I get back.” A tall blond woman dressed in the white uniform of a nurse said before leaving the room with gusto.
“I do not need any water to talk. I just don’t trust you for some reason. And my instincts have yet to be wrong; that is most likely why I’m here rather than another world. No, I do not like this place, but I’ll stay here for this is where I met Angel. This is where I will hopefully meet her again.”
“Here you go; drink up, you need your fluids. So now that you’ve had a drink will you tell me a little something about you?” I turn my head away from the nurse and go slowly back to the fearful darkness in hopes to find my angel there again.
“’What odd weather we are having’ they say as though wind never appears here. Anyway I am Csilla and you are?”
“Miri, huh? Are you one to hold grudges?”
“Miri means ‘sea of bitterness’; that I hope for your sake you are not. Do you mind if I call you Minna?”
“Minna? Why do you want to call me that Angel?”
“I do not like this name your parents gave you so I wish to name you; for in my eyes you have truly begun a new life. Besides I’m no ‘Angel’; please call me Csilla.”
“What does that mean?”
“My name means ‘protection’, but I will not tell you what your new name means. Minna, your brother and father died in the ‘accident’; I’m sorry, but you needed to know.” Csilla’s a tall, thin frame with oddly colored hair that reaches the middle of her back flowed as she moved to lean out my window.
Her eyes are indigo. How strange. I wonder where she came from. How did she get light red hair with black streaks anyway? With that hair and sun tanned skin, she must really stand out around here. So why do I keep thinking of her as an angel? She looks nothing like the ones I’ve been told about or even shown pictures of. ”Where did you come from…Csilla?”
Csilla turned away from the window to look at me. She then gave me a smile and went back to looking out the window. “You know everything everyone does in order to protect this world either makes no difference or is just making it worse. You have been here for a month now, but have only awakened for these past two days. I will visit you every day just as I have been doing for this last week. Look out this window into the world, watch it change before your eyes , and know that though you seem helpless, useless, you are doing more for this world than most people.”
“Angel…Csilla that makes no sense. I’m stuck here doing nothing! Why do you visit? Why am I so afraid; so mistrusting of this world when you’re not around? Why you of all people do I not see evil in; when you look and seem the most evil! What is it you do besides read to me and talk to me for a couple hours every day? Do you not have a family or have you gone through terror like I have and you’ve come to help me?”
Csilla did not answer at first, but opened the window as wide as it could go and smelled the fresh air. “Tell me Minna, have you ever smelled air like this before? You are so afraid of the world that you do not realize that the only way you can survive is to venture into it. What is out there, that you are so afraid of, Minna?” Csilla now turned to look at me with her indigo eyes shining into my pale blue ones.
I looked down not from fear, for I never felt fear in Csilla’s presence, but in shame. “How can you stand to look at me? My skin is as pale as milk, my eyes pale as though they are blind though they aren’t! My face,…with its three terrible scars on my left cheek and my plain black hair short and matted, made me look like a half dead beggar lady. I’m hideous! And that’s not even counting the fact that I can no longer move my legs or this scar on my right arm that I’ve had for as long as I can remember! What do you see in me worth spending time with?!”
“You are not hideous. Your spirit is just worn and so is your body. You are dwelling in your old life where you can no longer survive. You must start anew and see the world in new eyes. I see a potential in you that very few in your circumstances have. You have the spirit to go on, to adapt. Let me help you start anew, Minna.”
I look up startled at this. “Is that why you call me Minna instead of Miri? Not because you do not like the name or it’s meaning, but to help me get over my losses? My past?”
Csilla now smiles at me. “In a sense, yes.”
“I can’t do it. I can’t work because of my legs and no one will take me because of my arm or face. There is no hope for me so don’t waste your time. Be someone else’s angel.”
“You are foolish”, Csilla said with a sigh, “Do you not believe that you will ever be able to walk again? Well than that’s what we’ll start on first.”
“You can’t go out into the world if you believe you can’t. I’ll just have to force you to walk again. Your legs are not ruined; they’re just in a kind of coma. No matter what those idiots who call themselves doctors think, you will always have the chance to become something better than you’ve ever been so long as you truly want to. Now sleep and we’ll start tomorrow.”
“But I never agreed to do this with you!”
“You didn’t out loud, but you did in what’s left of your hurt heart.” With that Csilla walked over to me and began to stroke my hand. Miri immediately started to drift asleep knowing that she will always be safe as long as Csilla was with me.
“Come on, sit up! How do you think you’re going to get better without a little pain first? Now let’s start with getting you some food while I brush and clean your hair? You’d be surprised how different you’ll look after just a little hair brushing.” Said Csilla; showing more spunk than I’ve ever seen from her before.
“Ouch! That hurts! Don’t pull so hard!” I said as tears came to my eyes.
“It’s not my fault that your hair is in such bad shape.” Csilla said with a laugh.
“It’s not funny! That really hurts!” Was what I managed to say, between bites of toast heavily loaded with a rich array of fruit.
“Relax; I’m not going to kill you by combing your hair. When you’re done eating, start massaging your legs.”
“What’s the point of that?” I mumbled looking at her.
“Stop turning your head or I’ll just shave you bald! Besides rubbing your legs will help with the circulation and you’re going to need good circulation if you’re going to move your legs for the first time in a month.”
Twenty minuets later…
“Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean I barely have feeling in my legs and you want me to try to walk?” I couldn’t help but be nervous and somewhat skeptical about the idea of being able to walk so soon after getting the smallest bit of feeling and movement back into my legs.
“It’s not like I’m expecting you to do anything more than stand for a few seconds. Be warned though this’ll probably hurt.” With that Csilla grabbed Miri by the arms and pulled her off the bed and onto her feet.
“Waaaaa! This hurts!!! Let Go! Let go!”
“You’ll just fall over and crack your head open if I do. You need to get used to standing with me helping you before you can try all by yourself. Come on deal with the pain for another five minuets before I let you sit down again…Okay now you can sit.”
“Ow…now my legs are really sore.” I complained while I rubbed my throbbing legs.
“You can still feel them now can’t you? That’ll be all for your legs today, but tomorrow I’m going to make you stand for at least twenty minuets. Now let’s see what your brain can do?”
“How do you do it?” I asked as I laid there on my bed completely exhausted. I watched Csilla quietly pace up and down my hospital room like a cat waiting impatiently for a mouse to pop out of its hole. Her hair reminds me of a tiger and so does her long, thin pacing form.
“Do what Minna?” She asked looking again out the window as though she were waiting for someone or something to suddenly appear outside. She’d been doing this constantly since the second day they met. I still hadn’t gathered the courage and energy to ask Csilla why she kept doing that.
“How do you learn so fast and so well? I mean you’re only about two years older than me and yet you’re smarter than anyone my family’s ever known. You must have learned algebra back when you were seven or something because their is no way you could have mastered all kinds of math known to man kind in the past two years. How do you know so much about history or science? You really must have been taking eighth grade classes when you were seven.”
“I’m well known for my ability to learn fast, but there is by far much more I should know and not all of it is things that people will teach you.”
“Why is that?” I sat up, my attention caught.
“Well everyone wants people to believe in the same things that they do and not to question them. It’s, in a sense, natural. People hide things in order to gain trust, power, and fortune. I bet there are people out their besides myself who know that the world is beginning to drastically change. This change is becoming hard to hide so the government makes excuses to keep people under their control, or the scientists the government has employed are lying in order to get money and keep their jobs. This world needs help that almost no one is providing.” Csilla was yet again looking out the open window; I was slowly getting used to it being open though I still didn’t like it.
“So how do we stop this ‘change’?”
Csilla now looks at the tired expression on my face and smiled. The scars on the left side of my face had mostly healed and my hair was now long and smooth. I am now considered quite beautiful though there are no mirrors in this hospital so I don’t know what I look like. My skin was still the color of milk but now it looked fair instead of ghostly like it had only and week and a half ago. I can now stand on my own for a half hour and I know that tomorrow I would begin to take my first steps with the help of Csilla. “What makes you think we should stop the change?” Csilla said.
“Well what else would we…you mean we want this change to happen? What ever it might be?"
Csilla nodded, ”We need to stop those who think they can control us and our world when there is nothing they can do but sit and watch the changes occur and adapt just like everyone will have to eventually. See us humans aren’t so found of change when it’s not something we created. We don’t like not being in control of our environment. We are proud and foolish creatures. Earth has its ways to rebalance life and to cause evolutions among its inhabitants.”
“So is something awful going to happen?”
“You need to sleep now. You’re practically asleep right now. Anything I tell you you’ll either forget or just get confused. Good night.” Csilla began stroking my hand just as she always did and I began to fall asleep.
Once Miri was asleep Csilla went back over to the window. “I know you’re their Daral.”
“I’m not surprised you do. So is this the girl Dax told us about?” Spoke a tall, thin boy about sixteen years old. He slipped out of the shadows of the trees just outside of Miri’s window. “So how old is she?” Daral asked as he sat casually on Miri’s window sill.
“She’s fifteen.” Answered Csilla showing no change of expression as she looked at the younger boy dressed in black and navy.
“Well, Dax would say I’m one lucky fellow than. Having you a year older than me and whatever her name is a year younger…you’ve been waiting for one of us to show up for a long time, huh?”
“I’m surprised Dax sent you and not Aradia.”
“Ouch, I didn’t know you disliked me! Dax had something else for Aradia to do.” He said with a sly smile.
Csilla looked over her shoulder at Miri before answering. “Where did he send her?”
“To Desuda.”
“What’s in Desuda that’s more important than Minna?”
“Is that her name?” Daral said as he leaned back against the frame.
“Yes! Now answer the question!” Csilla whispered fiercely. She was so frantic to know that she was even clutching the front of Daral’s shirt in her hands.
“Dax sent her there to investigate some weird guy who thinks he can stop the world’s change with some ‘weather machine’.”
“Is he actually a threat to us?”
“Apparently he can make it rain and turn rain into snow. So I guess he’s sort of a threat. Anyway she’s been sent to destroy the machine and capture him.”
“Do you think she’ll find our ways evil?”
”Who?...You mean Minna?” Daral asked me with a slight side tilt of his head. He waited patiently until Csilla nodded and let go of his shirt. “If she truly understands why we’re doing this then she wouldn’t, but that’ll all have to do with how you deal with her.”
“And how am I supposed to deal with her?” Csilla asked with a look of downcast and insercurity.
“You’ll figure something out like you always have. Besides I’ll be watching over you guys every day. I’ll only approach her if its life or death, or you give me permission of course.”
“I guess I’m lucky Dax sent the only not perverted guy besides himself here.” Csilla said with a sigh.
“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means you’re not a sicko so I can trust you to watch over Minna while I get some food and sleep.” Csilla turned around and walked towards the door.
“You mean you want me to watch her sleep?”
“Yes, I do. And if she wakes up, gently stroke her hand and stay in the shadows. She’ll probably be too tired to notice the difference.” Then Csilla left the room.
“So, you’re already getting bad dreams. Your definitely one of us now, Minna.” And so Daral sat watching her toss and turn occasionally placing a hand on her to calm her down.
Was someone here? It wasn’t Csilla, but yet I’m not afraid of whoever it was. I’m strangely calm for not having Csilla around. Where is she anyways? She must have gone home, but now I’m alone. Unless…”Is someone their?” I asked looking around the dark room. Then something by the window caught my eye. There on the window sill sat a young man. He suddenly stood up on it and looked as though he was about to jump. “Who are you? Wait, don’t leave me!” Much to my surprise I jumped out of bed and actually managed to run the five long steps to the window before collapsing. I saw a man; I know it! But who was he? But why was he watching me through the window? I couldn’t help but let out a moan at the wooden floor beneath me.
“Don’t moan Minna.”
I jumped in surprise at the sound of the young man’s voice. “Who?” I said as I tilted my head up to see the young man squatting on the sill looking down at me.
“Let’s just say I’m your guardian of the night. Csilla watches over you and helps you during the day while I watch over you during the time Csilla is gone.”
“There’s someone watching me all the time?” I asked the young man who had not moved from his position on the window sill in front of me.
“Yep. I’ll always help you as long as it’s dark. That’ll pretty much be all the time soon enough though.” He said quietly.
“What? You mean this darkness isn’t temporary? Will it become night forever?” I couldn’t help but blink up at him in amazement.
“Soon, night and day will have to be told apart by the time on a watch not by the location of the sun.”
“Not by the position of the sun or the moon?”
“No definitely not.”
“What’s going on?” I asked pulling myself into a sitting position.
“You’ll learn later, but now you need to sleep for you need learn all you can during what little daylight is left.” Suddenly he flips in the air over my head and lands on the other side of me.
“Wha?” I said as I turned around.
“Come on we need to get you back to bed. By the way, besides your landing, you ran fairly well.”
I blushed deeply as he pulled me to my feet and than picked me up in his arms. “You’re definitely one of Csilla’s friends.” I mumbled.
“Oh? What makes you think that?” He asked not even glancing down at me.
“You two are the only people who call me Minna. Miri is my real name, but Minna is Csilla’s ‘new name’ for me.”
“Interesting. Maybe it just has to do with the fact that we’re your only guardians or the only ones who care for you.”
“How old are you? And how did you end up being my guardian?” I asked as I looked up into his young face.
“I’m sixteen and I was assigned to you.”
“Was Csilla assigned to me too?” I asked as the young man put me gently down on the bed.
“No, she found you and so now she’s supposed to take care of you until you’ve learned and recovered what you need to. After that…” he shrugged.
“So, what’s your name? Oh! Where’d you come from? And how did you get here?” I asked eagerly. Then he smiled, but was disappointed when he never answered.
“Good night, Minna.”
Why do I feel like I’ve forgotten something important? Like a person I should know, but I can’t remember anything about them. I remember waking up and falling to the floor. I remember someone helped me to bed, but not what they looked like, or their name. Who was it? Not a nurse or doctor. Definitely not Csilla. But who?
“Morning Minna. I’ve brought your breakfast. After that we’ll try walking you up and down the hallway…is something wrong?” Said Csilla as she laid the tray of food on my lap.
“I feel like I’m forgetting something or someone.”
“I’m sure it’ll come back to you, but right now, eat! Then we’ll get to work.”
It’s been a week and I still can’t remember what I forgot. At least I’m learning whatever Csilla throws at me. Now I can walk down the hall without anyone’s help or the wall. But who was that person?!
“All right time to work. Now up. Let’s go; one step at a time. Tell me if you need a hand, if not then I’ll just follow behind you like always.”

“How is she doing?”
“Quite well, but you know this is a long enough journey to make and I’ll need to be going soon in order to get back in time.”
“Yes, I know Csilla. You’ve spent a hard eight months on Minna’s recovery and lessons; just hold out for a couple more months and then you and Daral will bring her to meet the rest of us and begin actual training.”
“Then we shall see you in a couple months.” Csilla declared from her kneeling position on the dark floor.
“You have always been our most successful finder and teacher even though you are only seventeen. Several well taught and valuable members have been made under your careful eye. Well done Csilla.”
“Thank you Dax. Until next time.” With that Csilla bowed her head to the seated, male figure in front of her and then stood, turned around, and left in silence.
Hate…pain…blood! CSILLA! I bolted awake filled with terror; a thick cool and evil rock now resigned in my chest. I must find her! With that simple thought I jumped out of bed and didn’t even hesitate to leap out the window. Where are you! Csilla please be okay. Just hang on until I get there! I prayed silently as I ran through a forest of cherry blossoms, pushing myself to a point that all I could recognize in myself was this terrible rock this cool evil thing that ceased to leave me no matter how hard I ran. I quickly scaled a huge stone wall and jumped off the top without a second look. My legs possessed, I sprint down the main street and I practically fly down the complex of alleys. “CSILLA!” I scream in fury as somehow I put on another burst of speed and round a sharp corner into an alley that’s only light came from the moon herself. And there, lying in the middle of the alley, surrounded by a slowly increasing crimson pool, was Csilla. “NO!” I collapsed next to her and gently put her head in my lap. “No, this can’t be happening.” I whispered, gently stroking Csilla’s face and hair.
“Minna…please. Tell me you aren’t angry.” Csilla’s voice was no louder than a hoarse whisper as tears began their mournful dance down the side of her young and pale face.
“No, not at you.” Never at you, Csilla. Tears began their own sad dance upon my face.
“Good…now before I go…” Csilla reached a shaking hand up and stroked the scars on my face. My body was struck immobile as a horrible current frittenly like electricity ran through my body. My senses seemed to sharpen to everything that occurs around me in this amazingly cruel world. What is this Csilla? My hands clenched as I tried not to scream in pain as this current forced its way through all of me. As I was about to give in and cry out the current suddenly stopped; swallowed whole by the cold depths of the rock that has cesed to leave me since I had first awaken from my nightmare.
What is going on?
“Trust the night, for he shall always protect you and love you beyond all.” Csilla suddenly said to me. She then began to cough and blood like thick, red, syrup worked its way out of her throat. When she managed to talk again; I was holding her tightly in my arms trying desperately to come up with a way to help her, my previous pain forgotten. “remember…dougal…viggo…” She said in a weak whisper and then she fell limp in my now strong arms.
I began to tremble with fury at who ever did this cruel deed to my friend. I will avenge you Csilla. I will not rest until I have dealt with these Dougal and Viggo characters.
“Hey, looks like a pretty little girl has stumbled upon boss’s prize. Don’t you run away now. Boss wouldn’t be happy if you go tell people about this.”
“You…did…this?” A dark voice said through my mouth, my body shook with a fury and strength it had never known before.
“Yah, we did.” Said the smug man whose voice came from a few yards behind me he was smiling now and looked to be preparing himself to grab me, when…
“Then you shall pay!” my body jumped at the unsuspecting man behind me with surprising speed; strength increased by my fury and the electricity that now ran through my veins. Suddenly I was on him and digging a long, thin knife, deep into his chest. I could not let go or stop to think until the man was no longer moving, but by then two more men had come along.
“Aloysius! You bitch! You’ve breathed your last!” But it was too late I was off the ground and flying towards the man who had spoken before he had even unholstered his gun. I took a quick slash at his wrist before attacking the other man. I quickly knifed the one man down while the other backed away bleeding from the deep slash I had left behind on his forearm. He managed to pick up his gun slippery with blood and take a shot before he too joined the other men.
I stood their panting, staring at the three dead men around me. What have I done? How could I do such a thing? How did I learn to do such a thing? …what now? I looked down ashamed, noticing for the first time that the knife I was holding had a necklace wrapped around its hilt. Where did this…Csilla must have slipped it into my hand before she died. But why? She knew somehow this would happen, didn’t she?
“Need a hand…Miri?” I turned sharply around and held the knife up ready to kill.
“Who are you?” I growled threatingly.
“I’m the night of course.” Said a tall, thin, young man as he steps out of the shadows so that I can see him.
“Of course. ‘Trust the night, for he shall always help you and love you beyond all.’ Have I met you befor…you’re my guardian! You’re the person I’ve been trying to remember for the past seven months!” I said with wide eyes as I resumed a normal standing position and now held the knife by my side.
“Good. Let us leave before anyone else comes.” My guardian said as he turned to leave.
“You mean we’re just going to leave Csilla lying their!”
“We must. We need to get as far away from here as we can…Miri…” He said looking at me over his shoulder.
“No! Csilla was right. I am no longer Miri…I am Minna now. Miri died with her brother and father nine months ago. Take me in your wings, Guardian of the Night.” I boldly said without even a glance over my shoulder at my dead teacher; it was time to finally move on and like my family, Csilla was part of a worthless past and now the Guardian of the Night is my future. You may be my past now, but I will never completely forget you until these ‘Dougal and Viggo’ people are dead.
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butttt goood :)

OHH and thanxs for postin another stowy~^o^
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26 / F / a world of dwinde...
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...thanks but ur the only one who has read it...
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26 / F / a world of dwinde...
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This is kinda what i imagine Daral to look like...kinda

This pic reminds me of Miri

This one Csilla
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Tazzy-spaz-taz wrote:

...thanks but ur the only one who has read it...

no no no=D
maybe mooore ppl read it jus didnt cmnt -.-
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24 / M
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whoa i like it^^
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26 / F / a world of dwinde...
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thank you! You must have been bored and read all the stories huh?
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26 / F / a world of dwinde...
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Ok well since one of my buddies asked me's the next piece of the story.

Section Two
“Where are we?”
“It’s huge!”
“Yes, it is Minna. This city is different from the one you came from. Your city consisted of a huge hospital and housing that was divided by a wall from the slums surrounding it.”
“Why’s everything made of stone? Oh, and what’s your real name?” I asked as I looked at the man walking next to me.
“My name is Daral and let me just say there are a lot of fires now that the world is going dark.” It had already been a week since Csilla's death and already much has changed. Daral now could roam twenty-one of the twenty-four hours of the day. The world was getting darker and with it Daral’s powers seemed to grow.
I wonder why Daral can’t go out in daylight. It’s great that he can really be outside most of the day now. Though it’s depressing for most people that it no longer gets any lighter then that of when a storm is coming. My appearance has already changed. My hair is still black but now it contained indigo highlights and my body no longer looked frail in the loose light purple shirt and black jeans I wore. My eyes were no longer pale but a light blue and I’m growing out my hair. My skin was still the color of milk but seemed to be naturally darkening without the help of the sun; while the scares on my left cheek had turned a faint purple in color. Around my neck I wore the necklace Csilla had wrapped around the hilt of the dagger which now hangs visibly at my waist. Next to me walks Daral who is a full head taller than me with his black hair hanging, unevenly down to the bottom of his ears. He wore a casual navy, button down shirt and a pair of black jeans like me. His skin was slightly tanned, but I can’t be sure whether he was born with it or acquired it some other way. Nothing had changed about his appearance over the past week, but he was taking time to get used to having someone to travel with and to talk to.
“So, where are we going?”
“We’re going to meet our leader.”
“Leader? Was he the one who sent you to me?”
“Yes, but he’s not the leader of all of the ‘resistance’. He’s only in charge of our type.” Daral said without even glancing at me. He didn’t do much of that unlike most men his age. It doesn’t bother me because I don’t find myself worthy of being looked at, but it does bother me when he would forget or even ignore me.
“Our type? So how many ‘types’ are there exactly?”
“Well…I’ve yet to meet someone of all the types, but I’d say there are about thirteen.”
“Thirteen! Wow, how big are we?” I asked getting excited.
“Minna, our group is the smallest; counting you there is technically just us. You and me. Our leader is in charge of our group and the group that’s closes to us.”
“So…what are we called?”
“We don’t exactly have a name. I mean…not an official name. I’ve always been referred to as the ‘Sufa’, so I guess you’re a Sufa too. The group closest to us is the Alvaro. They’re guardians.”
“So what makes us different from them?” I asked as I followed Daral down another alleyway.
“Well…in theory, we’re more like hunters rather than protectors. It’s really quite hard to actually know the difference since I’m the only one they’ve found, but now we have you too. See Csilla was a Keme. She watched over you and taught you the basics of our group as a whole; now I have to teach you our ‘trade’. We…I’m, not really normal. I think our abnormal ness is what makes us a Sufa instead of an Alvaro or a Sumner. We’re like a cross-breed of them. The Sumners have individual power to control and summon energies. Electricity for example or fire. They manipulate that energy to normally protect something or someone in battle. They’re many of them and sometimes other people get to them before one of us and they get misdirected. What I mean by misdirected is that someone uses them for there own gain or forces them to do awful things. Though there is every now and then one who enjoys ‘playing the bad guy’ and goes against us.”
“This thing is much more complex than I expected. Did you know I was a Sufa when you were sent to me?”
“No, Csilla thought I was a guardian; she never knew about the existence of Sufas.”
“You make it sound like Sufas…”
“Like Sufas are something from a story, a myth. Yeah, I got the title because I was just like these Sufas described in some guy’s prophecy or something. I’ve never actually herd what this prophecy is supposed to say, but apparently we have something to do with it.”
“So what is ‘our trade’?”
“We…fight. I’ll explain more later, but now’s time to meet the ducereus. Leader.”
They now stood in front of a black metal door that Daral knocked on. “Aperire nox est adesse enim ianitorem!” Daral yelled at the door.
“What the…” Daral smiled and for the first time I realized that he too had highlights in his hair, but his were navy.
“You used to talk in your sleep so when I got bored I would answer in Latin to see how you would react.” Daral said with a shrug.
“You must have really been bored watching me sleep every night. So what’s Latin?” I said trying not to show my feeling of having been violated.
“It’s a dead language that I know; all of my ‘codes’ are in it.”
“Weird” I whispered.
“Hey, Daral. You and the girl get in quick.” Said a young man who had opened the door. “So who’s the girl?” He asked after he closed the door and locked it behind them.
“Minna this is Alvar; don’t let him get alone with you. If he manages to then just show him what you showed those men last week.” Daral said ignoring Alvar’s objections to the way he was being referred to. I just nodded in reply having understood the message with no need of further explanation.
“I don’t believe it! Did you actually bring a woman for personal reasons?” Said the man who was obviously surprised by the idea.
“See what I mean Minna? No, she’s not here for my ‘pleasure’ you pervert; she’s one of us.”
“One of us! Really?” Alvar said with wide eyes.
“Do I ever joke to you? No, so why would I start now? Let’s go Minna; we don’t want to be distracted by the likes of him.”
“What? Hey!” But Daral and I had already turned the corner.
“Is he really a…”
“Yah. There aren't too many women around here. Not too many Alvaro are female; maybe one out of seven or so. Very slime chances for a guy to get a girl either inside or outside of the Alvaro.”
“Wow and now one of the few females the Keme had is dead.”
“Hey! I thought you were supposed to be one of us.” Said a tall, thin young man with blond hair. He had come from one of the connecting passages to the main one I had been following Daral down.
“Minna this is Agu. Agu, Minna. She’s actually like me; Agu’s my best friend.” Daral said showing no change in expression even at the sight of his ‘best friend’.
“About time someone found another Sufa, and Daral seems to have gotten lucky ‘cause it happens to be female.” He said charmingly with a wink at me telling me he likes to tease Daral about these things.
“Thanks Agu, you’re definitely a feline.”
“Feline?” I asked confused.
“My name means leopard; seems like you’ve got to go so later.” He left down another connecting hall with a wave.
“I like him… he’s not a pervert is he?” I asked uncertainly.
“No, he’s not. Let’s go.” Daral said a little coldly much to my confusion.
Now I stand nervously next to Daral as we wait in front of a huge stone door. On the door is a symbol that resembles that of a cote-of-arms. It has a long bow and long sword crossing over the blade of a jeweled dagger. I’ll have to ask Daral about that symbol later. I wonder whether all of the thirteen groups have one, maybe we don’t because we’re such a small group that we’re not actually one at all. I hope Dax isn’t mean; why would he even want to see us, did we do something wrong? Does he know where others like us are? Maybe we really are the only ones. Suddenly the heavy stone door opens and a rough voice tells me to enter. Daral entered into the dark stone room, it’s only light came from fire basins placed around the perimeter of the room. I entered cautiously, following almost directly behind Daral. I still don’t trust many people; Daral and now Agu were the only ones I truly trust. These are interesting people; if they fear fire to set there homes aflame then why light the hall of there leader’s with the deadly light of the night? Do they possess one of these Sumners whose power it is to control flame? If so then where are they and why do they hide?
“Dax, I have come and I have brought the young women you had sent Csilla and me to look after.” Daral said with a bow. Seeing his bow, I too gave one.
Does Daral fear this man, or does he bow only to avoid conflict? The man who sat at the fire lit desk looked to be ten or so years older than Daral. He is a man of his prime with a warrior’s body to match. He has short brown hair and hazel eyes that probably don’t miss a thing of what goes on amongst his men. He looks strict, very strict. Will he scold me for bowing like a man or are Sufas above that because he’s only a temporary leader for us?
“What is the name of the girl?” He asked stiffly as though it was difficult not to just order Daral for the answer.
“My name is Minna. I know you see me so at least give me the courtesy of acknowledgment.” I snapped at the man called Dax much to my own surprise; so I straightened up and planted myself even with Daral. Daral shows no signs of offence or surprise at my outburst while Dax seems a little shocked. Actually, much to my amazement, Daral looked pleased that I had taken a stand for myself, even against Dax.
“So, you’re not another rubber spined women when it comes to holding your own against men or superiors…good! I suspected you to be a Sufa and I do believe that between your stand and Daral’s company, that makes you one.”
“Why would Daral abandon me if I’m not a Sufa?” I asked surprised by Dax’s remark about Daral.
“He’s the dark, he accompanies no one but those who shine and please him. He is the essence of night while you are its warrior. Csilla named you ‘strong willed warrior’, but we need to find your true name, your true nature.”
“True name?” I whispered in wonderment.
“Yes, all are born with a name given to them by their parents and a name given to them by the world. Very few people know their real name, but the few who do have amazing power and even more amazing potential.” Dax gave Daral an odd look as he said this. “Now, to the point; the two of you are now partners and are two of the twenty-six members of the resistance being sent to the council. Daral you know where the council is, so be there by one week’s time. You may stay for a couple days to rest then you must leave with the other two. Know this; very few people can travel as quickly as you Sufas can. We really need to find out what your real group name is; it’s not right to call you by the name the enemy gave you…now go.” Dax ordered.
“So Daral, you seemed a bit fierce. Why’s that?”
“Do I have to tell you everything Agu?” Daral said without emotion. They were standing in Daral’s dark room alone.
“I just thought there might be something I could help you with. We are friends even though we haven’t seen each other for what? Almost eight and a half months?” Agu sighed. “She’s your partner isn’t she?”
“Yes, we are to work together.” Agu just smiled in response to Daral’s admittance. “Why are you smiling?” He asked suspiciously.
“’cause I think, whether you can help it or not, you’re becoming territorial with her. I can tell you don’t like leaving her alone or having her around other men.”
“I don’t want her to get lost nor have those guys take advantage of her ignorance. Besides we’re leaving in a couple of days.” He answered still emotionless.
“Course not.” Agu said, now lounging in Daral’s chair. “Too many guys around here are sick minded when they become bored; she’s too pretty to become victim of that sort of thing. Besides she’s way too valuable and could cause some serious damage to the ignorant guy.”
“Don’t joke about that sort of thing Agu.” Daral said as he sat on his bed to look out the one window he had. He had always liked having a window to enter or exit from, in case he needed to.
“Just admit the fact you like her. I’m not saying you have to tell anyone but me about it.” He defended with when Daral glared at him. “We both know it whether you say it or not; you’ve got feelings for Minna and I didn’t even have to see you with her more than once to know that. Now let’s get some food before I die of starvation.”
“You’re almost always hungry.” Daral said getting up and following Agu out the door; his face showing nothing, even so, Agu knew he’d hit a bulls eye.
I once thought the hospital I woke up in was chaos, but this is chaos on a whole new level.
“Hello new girl, how are you doing? Lost already?” I turned around and saw Alvar standing their smiling. “Already managed to lose Daral huh? Well if you got…”
“I-I asked if I could look around some while he talked to Agu, who wanted to see him alone. I’m waiting for him here so I-I’m fine.” I said nervously looking away. I really hope someone will help me get away from this guy; he creeps me out! What will I do when he finds out that I lied to him about meeting Daral and Agu here? I wish he’d leave me alone.
“Here how about I help you get some food while you wait.” Alvar said smoothly as he put his hand on my arm.
“How about you leave her alone and we’ll help her get her food in this mess.” Said a fairly average looking man as he planted himself between Minna and Alvar. “I’m sure Daral wouldn’t be pleased to find out you were bothering her again, now would he?”
“I...uh...I” Alvar said suddenly nervous about the situation.
“Thanks, Lani. So, Alvar, do I really need to do anything or will you just leave?” Daral’s voice said deeply.
“I...uh...I’ll just leave.” Alvar left in a sudden and nervous hurry as soon as those words left his mouth.
“At least he’ll be out of here in a month.” Said Agu in a low voice to no one In particular.
“What about being out of here in a month?” I asked Agu from where Daral and I stood several feet away with Lani.
“Dax’ll tell you all about it in a week or so. Now, are we in this mess of a cafeteria for nothing? Let’s get some food!” I practically had to run to keep up with Agu who seemed very enthusiastic about food.
“Sorry about him, when he gets hungry he tends to become simple-minded. ‘Course you do have to fight a bit in order to get to the food though.” Daral said looking embarrassed about Agu.
“With many guys I’m not surprised that there would be competition for food.”
“Really?” Daral asked surprised.
“I had a brother.” I answered simply.
“That makes sense.” Now neither of us had anything left to say so instead we waited in awkward silence to receive food from the cook.
I wonder why Daral has so much difficulty talking openly about things. He’s nice, but he rarely expresses himself through words. He has bad people skills, but so do I when it comes to talking to those I don’t know or trust. Maybe Agu could tell me something about him. I looked over and saw Agu making jokes with the man next to him while Daral just stood their emotionless. They’re opposites. I thought ‘opposites attract’ meant males and females not opposite personalities. They’re going to be an interesting pair of friends.
“Hey it’s a new girl! Welcome to the ranks young miss; would you like some stew?”
I jumped at the sound of the cook’s voice and stood there just looking at him in shock until Daral gave me a nudge. “Uh, y-yes please, thank you.” I then followed Daral with my food to a table in the far corner. They must sit here because it’s dark; I wonder if sitting in the dark is actually better for me? Or Daral?
“Are you alright? The cook got you while you were thinking, huh?” Daral asked quietly.
“Mmhmm” I said still numbed by thought and surprise. “You’re being nice, Daral.” I suddenly blurted.
Daral just sat there and blinked at me, “Did Lani accidentally save the wrong Minna? Because you look like her but you definitely don’t act like her.”
I smiled and giggled at Daral’s question. “Of course I’m Minna, are you sure you’re Daral? You actually made a joke!”
“I did? ...What did you mean when you said I was being nice? You don’t think I’m mean, do you?” Daral asked with a look of complete sincerity.
“You’re normally not nice or mean to me. You just recognize that I’m present, but you don’t really do anything.” I sadly admitted as I began to eat. Agu was still busy with his food so he hadn’t even noticed the conversation.
Daral just sat there thinking; he hadn’t even touched his food. “So what do you want me to do?” He asked quietly.
I hesitated before answering, “Treat me the way you would a friend. You and Agu are the closest things I have to friends, so I don’t want to lose you guys.” I was surprised to see that Daral actually smiled at what I said. It wasn’t a mean smile or the smile someone gives you when they look down upon you; it was a kind, friendly smile. It’s small, but it’s definitely a start. He’s just shy and uncertain on how he’s supposed to act around people. This’ll be fun. “You might want to eat your food before Agu starts on it.” Daral’s smile broadened at my account.
“Sufas don’t need food; we get our energy from other things. Food just tastes good and gives us another or back-up way to get energy. So, have you actually been hungry since you woke-up in that hospital?”
I sat thinking about what he said, absently starring into my stew. “No, as far as I can remember I’ve never been hungry all my life.”
“Is that because you’ve never had a lack of food or because you’re a Sufa?”
“It’s because I’m a Sufa. My father was a blacksmith in a small town so everyone there had a lack of food during some point of every year. As you already know, I had a brother who also made it more difficult to get enough food.” I countered, but then started as I noticed Lani sitting next to Agu for the first time. “When did you get here?”
“Oh, I’ve been here for a while, but I didn’t want to bother your conversation with Daral. Agu’s done eating now, in case you haven’t noticed.” Lani said pointing to Agu next to him. “And apparently neither of you noticed those facts.”
“I think we should leave this mess now.” Agu suggested with obvious show of awkwardness.
I looked at Daral and saw he was just as confused as I am. He shrugged and we followed Agu and Lani out of the cafeteria.
“Wow, it really is a mess in here.” Daral said as he nudged me and pointed towards the tell-tale signs of past chaos. I just giggled in response.
“So, Lani what do you think? Should we have them dress like a Sumner, Viggo, or maybe like a Penegrine?” Agu asked as Daral and I as we sat staring at the display of clothes some women had brought into my temporary bedroom while we had been eating breakfast.
Wow, it feels like their talking to me in a completely different language. You would think they would catch on to my being clueless a little faster than they do. Miri laughed. This is definitely proof that they’re not used to women even if I’ve been hanging out with them almost every moment of the three days I’ve been here in Adair. Well it’ll be nice to get some fresh air and be back on the road soon.
“What’s a Viggo or a Penegrine?” I asked the three young men before Lani had the opportunity to answer Agu’s question.
“Well Viggo is our term for a normal warrior of the rebellion, while a Penegrine is a special type of messenger that works for the rebellion. Anyway, what do you think?” Agu answered. He now looked at Lani once again waiting for his answer.
Men, you think they would pay attention to a lady, but they don’t. Just like asking for directions they just make things harder by over complicating things.
“They would attract less attention if they wore Viggo clothes but then people of the rebellion would mistaken them for normal soldiers traveling with us which may be bad because they may be taken away from us and they would have to let themselves be ordered around which is not a good idea in Daral case.
Yes, that would be bad.
“Though if we make them pose as Penegrine then it would be weird if they were traveling together not to mention with us. So I think the best option would be to have them dress as Sumners who would then make sense that they’re traveling with us and it would be the closest thing to the truth of what they are.” Lani said logically.
That was by far the most I’ve seen Lani say and he looks like a quiet person to me…though Daral doesn’t look like he would be quiet and antisocial so maybe I’m wrong about Lani. But why can’t they just keep things simple instead of over complicating things by using these weird names? “So what exactly is a Sumner?”
Daral smiled at me when I asked this, he looked as though there was some secret about what I said that he understood that not even I could find. His smile was kind though and it helped me forget the heavy cold lump in my chest that has constantly been there since the day Csilla had died. I rarely thought about Csilla even though it has only been a few hours over ten days since I lost her. The memory of Csilla was no longer painful, just a reminder of the past that created the present. I need to worry about now and the future and find out what I need to do to find out what I really am.
“…they summon the elements and or beasts that they are bound to; this means that a Sumner can’t decide what element and or creature they will have the ability to control these things seemed to be chosen by fate. Most Sumners are discovered by the age of thirteen because by then their powers have grown strong enough that the element or creature they can summon can finally have a physical form.
“Most Sumners have complete control over their abilities but they tend to develop more of a partnership with their creature over a master-beast relationship. Partnerships tend to be favored because though the creatures or elements don’t receive a physical body until the Sumner is about thirteen years old the child grows up with the creature or element inside their body and mind constantly interacting and learning with each other. They kind of become one mind with two bodies that function perfectly understand now Miri? ...Miri, are you okay?”
Agu had stopped talking and was now staring at me, in fact everyone was now staring at me, even the maid who I have no idea when or why she was there. In fact for the first time I notice a pair of huge Capri-water colored eyes. Something about Lani’s blue eyes seemed to look down into me as though they where looking at my soul and not me; it was as though he could see the huge lump that refuses to disappear inside of me, like no matter how hard I try he’ll never let anything escape. It’s really creepy to be looked at like that.
“Um…sorry I was just thinking. Don’t mind me.” I said awkwardly. I shifted my position so that I could sit more comfortably on my desk. The change in the position broke Lani’s eye contact with me. I was free. Breathing in deep, I let out a shaky sigh and looked out my window.
Daral was sitting cross-legged on my window sill which no longer bothered me like it used to. I smiled. Why can’t I ever forget that morning when I woke up and freaked out when I saw Daral for the first time sitting on a window sill? Though it was amusing when I screamed and he actually fell out of the window. It was hard to restrain myself from laughing at him right now.
Agu saw my smile. “So why don’t you try on the clothes to make sure they fit you Miri. Tell the maid over there if there’s something wrong with them.” He looked around the room at Daral and Lani.
Why does Agu look uncomfortable? Did I do something?
“Any way…we’ll just meet you in Daral’s room since you kind of need to be left alone and we also need to get ready.”
Oh, that makes sense. No wonder he looked uncomfortable.
Daral gracefully got off the window sill and walked to the door without looking the slightest bit uncomfortable. Though he did look out of place, but maybe that was because he seemed very inhuman compared to Agu and Lani. The other two followed closely behind Daral and closed the door after them.
I looked down once again at the clothes that had been placed on my bed. Well at least now I know why a maid’s in my room. I sighed. It was a good thing it was fairly obvious what type of clothes belonged to what type of profession. I slowly slid off the desk and walked the couple of steps to my bed and picked up the light cotton outfit.
I guess light green is the color all Sumners wear because I don’t think I’ve seen anyone around here wearing this color. Maybe it’s another guy thing? The shirt is light green while the traveling pants where brown. With the shirt and pants was another shirt, off-white in color, which is worn under the green shirt. I found a pair of sturdy arm guards next to the clothes along with a pair of boots that where my size. Everything fit perfectly and is comfortable even if it looked a little odd for me to see myself in this different uniform.
Well I guess there’s nothing I can do about it since Daral and I are trying to look like ‘normal’ members of the rebellion. I wonder why were called a rebellion when we’re openly seen around the country; it’s not like we’re a conspiracy. I grabbed my old clothes and stuffed them into the little space that had been left for them in my pack. Swinging my pack over my shoulder I opened the door, took one last glance at my ‘room’ and left closing the door behind me. I knew I was meant to travel so I felt no grief about leaving Adair. In fact I felt glad, excited that I was finally leaving and moving on to new things.
I knocked quietly on Daral’s door. It was still very early in the morning and no one but the night watch and those of us leaving were awake. Daral still heard my knock and opened the door a second after I had let my hand drop down to my side. “Hi” Was all he said as he let me into his room.
Daral’s room was very plain but that made sense because of how much he seemed to travel made it so he didn’t spend much time in any one place of the country. I heard him quietly close the door behind me. When I looked at him I noticed that he was wearing the same uniform as I was. There were only two differences between our uniforms. One, he had two dark green strips on his right sleeve while I only had one. Two, he was holding his green shirt instead of wearing it which made me feel bad because that means I interrupted him as he was getting dressed.
“Sorry about disturbing you while you were getting dressed.” I quietly said.
Another knock came from the door. I went and got it while Daral pulled his shirt over his head.
“Oh, hi Miri, you get dressed a lot faster than I expected you to.” Agu said as he entered the room followed by Lani who just smiled.
“I’m assuming you all are ready to go?” Daral was standing next to me at the door with his pack over his shoulder.
“Yep.” Lani answered simply.
It’s a good thing we had had breakfast before we got changed. I thought with a smile. All four of us left the room quietly and walked through the maze of hallways to the front of the fort.
We left quietly not saying ‘goodbye’ to anyone. We just walked out the door and didn’t look back. And we never would ever see Adair again. None of us.
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Lol im working on a part three but i haven't read my story in months so its not going too fast if u catch my drift.

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