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Posted 9/16/08 , edited 10/19/08
Hallo, and good day to the participants of the avatar and banner contest!! [well, even if you aren't participating, hallo, and good day!]

I'm at the public library as I type this, and I have to go soon anyway... So... I'm not going to colour this. >-<;

These are the rules for the contest,so please read them.

oo1. Have fun!
oo2. Please don't say mean things about other's avi's/banners. [unless you are princess802 , or myself...] Constructive critisicm is encouraged! And, yes, there is a difference between the two. x)
oo3. Make the avi's abd banners yourself; don't give us things that others made.
oo4. Me, or princess802 can change these rules whenever we feel there should be another rule added.
oo5. The duration of the contest is from September 17, to September 24th. That's one week. I understand that you may need a while to make stuff fancy, and whatnot. USE THE TIME WISELY! Entries that are posted after the deadline will not be considered!

The judging by princess802 and myself is to be announced!

Important Dates for the Contest::

Sept. 17 - Contest starts.
Oct. 31 - Contest ends. No entries will be accepted after this date.

** Check this page for updates!! **

Thank you for reading all of this!

x-VampireKnightObsessionz-x [Lolli-chan]
And the moderators of the group!!
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