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*Read and understand the Forum Rules before making new forum threads.
This was put at the top of the list for a reason. The rules are here for you to read, so there is no excuse to feign ignorance when a warning is issued.

*Flamebaiting and Flaming are disallowed.
Do not insult others. Even if you strongly detest the content of a post or individual to whom you are replying to. (You may, however, make rude facial expressions and socially unacceptable hand gestures as you click "post reply.") Swearing is not entirely taboo, since it can be inoffensive when not directed at a person, and on the other hand, insulting others need not involve four letter words. They will be dealt in a case by case basis.

PMs are not moderated. However, do respect another's privacy and refrain from quoting Private Messages in a public forum. Consider bringing issues up to any moderators if you feel harassed by any individual though.

*Report all errors with the site to the mods
Any coding errors that you notice should be reported to a moderator. Failure to do so will not get you into any trouble but if you exploit a flaw with the site instead of telling a moderator about it

*Generally, be respectful in tone:
- Do not yell, i.e. type in all caps.
- Once is enough. Don't post the exact same message multiple times.
- Type what you want to say in an intelligible way - avoid l33t, shorthand, and related internet atrocities.
- Spamming smilies is unnecessary. Nobody needs to see 99 smilies in a post. One will suffice.
- Use a title that describes the content of your post. Don't use annoying caps, special characters, or titles that have sexual innuendo just to draw attention

*Forum standards are rated PG-13.
- Your avatar may not contain nude or offensive images.
- Do not post naughty links or graven images.
- Please try to keep sexual innuendo to a minimum. This forum does not disallow it, but occasionally, such things get out of hand, so please think about sharing them in private instead of posting them.

*Do not engage in unnatural thread bumping.
If you are concerned about a topic, post once. If it's good, people will respond, but if you are doing it simply to make a thread seem popular (esp if the thread is your own) then it's unnatural bump. Do it once, we spank your behind. Do it many times, you can't even get to sit down anymore.

*Offer content.
Remember that your post is supposed to be read by someone. Don't just post saying 'Yo', or things like that that others cannot contribute to. It's not a personal space for you to do whatever you want, but an interactive board. Threads made to simply ask a question and have it answered are not allowed. There are most likely larger threads which have already been made for you to do that in.

*CR is not a link portal.
Please use common sense with links. The following are disallowed: Links to sites (commercial OR personal) that have: 1. Pornographic, racist or illegal materials 2. Profit sites (any get rich quick sites). This is sites that earn the poster a profit/commission or sites that give points for incoming links 3. Any form of advertising with the exception of CrunchyRoll groups. Advertising of groups is allowed provided the thread topic and group topic are related. Please only post this link once and not repeatedly. You won't really get much of a warning. Beware.

**Thou Shall Accept the Moderators' and Administrator Decisions.
We reserve the right to edit any part of a post and other miscellaneous actions required to keep the forum in order.

*How NOT to post on this forum:

5 minutes after your initial post you reply to your own post writing something like "Why is nobody helping me? I'm sure you know the answer". Once somebody replies to your thread but doesn't give you exactly the answer you've been expecting you insult them.

Do not ask "what's best" because this question cannot be answered objectively. Each and everyone has their own view about what's best on a certain topic. The best is what works best for you!

*Do not Double-Post
When you make a post immediately after your last post, this is called Double Posting. If you post three times in a row, that's Triple posting. Post any more than that, it's Spamming. You can use the edit button found on the upper right-hand corner of your last post to add on any additional comments you'd like to add, instead of posting again.

*Don't ask for licensed Dramas

*Make the First Post clear and complete
If you're going to start a topic, back it up with any background information that should be known regarding the topic in question. Don't assume that everyone knows what you're talking about - provide external/internal links, synopses, and examples to clarify your topic so that everyone can understand and join freely.

*Initiate the discussion in the First Post
The importance of the first post can't be stressed enough. If you're going to start a discussion, make sure to participate in it by giving your opinions as well. It's basic forum courtesy to open a topic by sharing your own views regarding the topic at hand. Simply dropping a topic in front of everyone is very distasteful, and in many ways, can be considered rude. So don't go starting a topic with a short sentence that says: "discuss __(topic goes here)___ in this thread..." because that is a given already based on the title... do your job as thread starter and INITIATE the discussion.

*Label threads appropriately
When you're asked to fill in the field for Topic Title, be clear and concise. Don't write a lengthy sentence or use unnecessary phrases... just keep it simple and sweet. Under Topic Description, give a SHORT description of the nature of the topic. A single sentence is enough - keep more detailed topic descriptions for the FIRST POST of the thread.

*Always check for Existing Threads
Don't go starting a thread without having first checked the forums for existing threads. You can use the new Forum Search tool bar to find threads with matching keywords. If your topic is a duplicate, it will be locked.

*Don't become a point-whore
I will not hesitate to delete any empty or pointless replies and questions.

*Do not upload unsuitable group photos.
I will not hesitate to delete any photos that are too tiny, that are unrelated,unclear,unsuitable to Kdramas or any obscene or vulgar photos.

*Don't write essays
When you start a new topic,please make everything clear,short and simple.Do not write any essays-like long contents in any new threads you make especially the Synopsis .No one is really gonna read it.Furthermore this is not a school or college.Don't waste your time and also don't waste the mods time just to edit everything for you.

~Courtesy of KDramas Group~
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great rules respect it all ^_^
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