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Posted 4/3/07 , edited 5/26/20
Since this is a Forum Game Thread Sub Forum, pretend the thread is talking on crack.

When creating new Game Threads, bear in mind the following pointers:

- Repeated/Similar game formats/threads are not allowed.

As such, we do not have THAT many game threads yet, so at least do a search to see if your game thread clashes with an existing one. I know how it feels to have your own thread up there with your name and your text and everything, (like Tada! I was here)

However, it's not that useful to have games like 'The 7 lettered game!' 'The 8 lettered game!', 'The 9 lettered game!' and the same for 1-~. That way, every word that comes to your head goes to a different thread. Then why think?

- Game threads distinguish themselves with ** in front of the title.

This was an unspoken rule to distinguish themselves from the normal threads. Although there is no current use for it anymore now there is a proper Game Threads forum, do consider if somehow one fine day a moderator locks something wrong by accident, or someone creates a game thread in the general forum, happily thinking that he's the first to create such a thing (let's hope not), it'll be more convenient for members/mods to identify the lost game thread and move its ass back to Game Thread Forum. Understood?

Quiz threads should be labelled with a [Quiz] and Roleplays with [RP] at the front of the title. It keeps everything more organised and easier to find ~ s_j_b

Games that don't make sense will be locked.

Remember that Forum Games involve everyone. Not just a private joke among friends. If your thread discriminates anyone, it'll be closed. Mods will still read your threads.

Forum Rules Standards apply to GTForum as well.

Flaming/Flamebaits will get extinguished.

Chatting/Irrelevant Spam Is Not Allowed

Under no circumstances is there to be any chatting or spamming of these game threads. Just 'play' the game as it was intended to be played. Sure, there may be a few off topic moments which is ok as long as you don't make a habit of it and at least continue to play the game while you make the comment. Spam may be deleted without warning.

Do Not Troll the Forum Games section

The Forum Games section is not a place where you can just post as your please, I've noticed that people who troll the Game Threads often bring these threads off topic. So mix it up, go to other section and actually carry out a conversation.
It might seems obvious to most but when posting in a game thread, do not double (triple, quadruple, etc) post. You may only continue to post after at least 2-3 other people posted after you.

Though, in the 'Rate the ____ above you' threads. You may only rate a user once. So even when another person posts after you, you are not allowed to keep rating each other or comment on anyone else's ratings.

Read The First Post

Lots of people simply don't follow the guidelines of the threads. The first post usually tells you how the game works. Read the first post, then post in the thread after you understand what you're supposed to do and not do.

Read CR Forum Rules for more info.

(Rules Thread may be edited as time passes. Title will reflect any new updates.)

I wasn't this strict before and people kept attacking and spamming the forum rules, and now I'm pissed.

So now, as much as a single fullstop that appears after this post, I'll fucking warn, ban AND delete your goddamn account. You can stop thinking of making a wisecrack in this thread, because spam of rules didn't just happen once. Obviously it doesn't really pay to be that nice, because everytime someone spams, mods like Mauz/Basou have to clear every single post up, and that's not nice. Have a heart.

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