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Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/17/08
~16 years ago~
~The sound of a baby crying~

Johnny Kitagawa who happened to be passing by in one of his usual unique adventures heard it and was curious,so he searched for the sound,and then there the baby was safely cuddled next to a female tiger that was almost dying,surrounded by Iris flowers.

Johnny: Oh my.A baby? It's a girl.It looks like you have done your job,if I may,shall I take care of her for you?

The female tiger just stared at him looking as though in relief that the baby would be in safe hands.Johnny carried her and looked at her lovingly.

Johnny: I think i'll name you Iris since you were surrounded by them.You're going to grow up into a beautiful girl.

~Iris just stared at him and smiled,her smile was most charming.~

~16 years passed~

Crew member: Alright that's a wrap.Thank you for your hard work!
People: Thank you.
Director: Okay everyone listen up we have a very important guest today.
Sakura: Important? Oooh,I hope he's rich. (in a bitchy way)
Girl's voice: Sorry I'm late.
Yukari: Hey new girl! How dare you come in this late? I have things to do and there is a very important guest today.
Girl: I'm quite sorry. *bows*

~The director who happens to be passing by saw what happened.~

Director: Aaaah!!!!
Sakura: What? What's wrong?
Director: Iris-sama!!! *looking terrified*
Sakura: Iris-sama? Who the hell is that?
Girl: Hahahaha...isa shiburi des.Ogata-kun...*bows*
Sakura: EH?!?!?! *faints*
Iris: You have such interesting cast members. ^________^
Director: I'm sorry...*doing the dogeza*...Iris-sama...forgive me.
Iris: It's alright.I have a message from papa to the je boys,please bring them foward.
Director: Yes my lady.

~The director then announced for the je boys~

Hideaki: Ah.Iris-chan.What are you doing here?
Iris: I'm here because papa has something for you,each of you are to go back to Johnny Headquarters.
Toma: Eh? We have to go back? In the middle of shooting.
Iris: Hai,gomene for asking this when you all are working but it's papa's orders.

~Hideaki and Toma agreed on going back.~

Iris: That was easy.Hahaha...Ogata-kun!
Director: Hai?
Iris: I'll be leaving now,it was nice seeing you again.Ja na.
Director: Iris-sama...T_______T

~Iris left the studio,and went back to headquarters.She then overheard a little boy crying and went over to see what's wrong.~

Iris: What's wrong? Are you lost? Are you looking for mama?
Boy: Waaaah!! Mama is sick and the doctor said if we do the operation she might be able to live but we don't have enough and mama said it's alright.
Iris: *pats his head*...You're a sweet boy,vakatta.Neesama will help you so don't cry okay?
Boy: Eh? *sniff*
Iris: Hora.A growing boy shouldn't be crying.

~Iris then starts singing.~

Haruka na hoshizora ni
Yume wa mada miemasu ka
Osanai ano hi yori
Azayaka desu ka?

Mune ni afurete
Tsunoru omoi
Nemuri wasurete
Jounetsu no iro

Tatoe tookute mo
Kitto tadoritsukeru
Tsuyoku shinjite'ta
Ano hi no watashi ga
Ima mo kokoro de nemutte-iru

Garasu no bara yori mo
Hakanakute moroi no ni
Yume miru koto wa naze
Sadame na no deshou

Futatsu no yume ga
Ai ni natte
Ai ni narenai koto no atte

Hito wa hitori da to
Wakariaitai no ni
Nante muzukashii
Kotoba wa muryoku de
Toki ni wa gin no naifu ni naru

~As soon as she stopped singing,the people who were passing by clapped and cheered for her.A lot of people gave her money.~

Iris: Arigato..*bows*

~After 10 minutes everyone left.

Iris: There you go.Here's your money.Is it enough? ^___________^
Boy: Sugoi neesama.There's a lot,so I think it will be enough.Arigato neesama.
Iris: You're welcome.May I meet your mama?
Boy: *nods*...Mama will be happy to see you.
Iris: Yosh.Ikimasho.

~Iris and the boy left to go to the hospital.Tatsuya Ueda,who happened to see what happened,followed her.~

Tatsuya: Iris?

~To be continued~
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Posted 9/18/08 , edited 9/18/08
Yay, first one to read!
It was so cute <333333
I'm waiting for more ^__^
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Posted 9/18/08 , edited 9/18/08
Gyaaaaaaaaa ~~
i think i'm starting to like this fanfic !!
or maybe love it !!
heheheh .
can't wait for the next part !!
more please !!
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Posted 9/18/08 , edited 9/18/08
ooh new fanfic!
can't wait for the next part too!!
keep up the good work!
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Posted 9/18/08 , edited 9/19/08
~Tatsuya followed Iris and the boy to the hospital but made sure he wasn't seen by them.~

*In the hospital.*

Boy: Neesama,over here.

~Door slides open.~

Lady: Aki,is that you?
Aki: Mama,there's someone I want you to meet.
Aki's mom: Oh really? Who is it? Your friend?
Iris: Hajimemashite.My name is Iris.You have a wonderful son,I'm glad I met him.
Aki's mom: Iris? Such a beautiful name,it's the same name as JE's princess.She's such a sweet girl.
Iris: Really? Have you met her before? What's she like?
Aki's mom: I met her once,when she was quite young.She was really lonely,so I talked to her.At the time I was married and she asked me such a peculiar question.
Iris: Really? What was the question?
Aki's mom: She asked me -

*Flash back.*

Young Iris: Ne don't you think you should tell him?
Aki's mom: Him?
Young Iris: You're pregnant aren't you but it's not his child.
Aki's mom: ...
Young Iris: Are you gonna throw the baby away?
Aki's mom: ...
Young Iris: Are you gonna kill your own child?
Aki's mom: How is it that a child would know this?
Young Iris: Even if it's not his child,you would still keep it right? If he really loves you,he'll keep it for sure,because he loves you,that's why you got married right? Because you love one and other.
Aki's mom: T____________T
Young Iris: Gambatte!!! ^_________^
Aki's mom: Arigato,you're right.I'm sure he would accept the baby and if he doesn't I'll still keep the baby. *pats Iris's head*'re a good girl.
Young man with gun: Iris-sama.There you are..*points the gun at her.*
Aki's mom: What are you doing to her?
Young man with gun: It's okay ma'am.Please stand back.
Aki's mom: Eh?!? Demo,pointing a gun at a child.
Young Iris: It's alright.Thank you.
Young man with gun: Please go back to your room Iris-sama.
Young Iris: Vakatta,ja ne obaachan.Arigato..^_______^

~End of flashback.~

Aki's mom: That was the last time I saw her,I hope next time I see her she would be smiling.I'm not sure as to why but she looked more like a prisoner rather than JE's princess.
Aki: How come mama never told me before?
Aki's mom: Gomene.
Iris: It was very nice meeting you ma'am.I'll be leaving now,please get better soon.
Aki: Neesama,arigato na!!
Iris: Hai,grow up into a good boy okay?
Aki's mom: Arigato.
Aki: Mata na neesama.

~Outside the room.~

Iris: *sobs.*..Ueda-san,how long do you plan on staying hidden?
Tatsuya: Ah,gomen.I didn't intend to follow you and it wasn't my intention to overhear what happened as well.
Iris: Hahahaha...I know..kairo ka?
Tatsuya: Sure.

~Tatsuya and Iris walked together with a silent atmosphere in the air.~

Tatsuya: Eto.Want to stop by the park?
Iris: Eh?
Tatsuya: Come on follow me...*grabs her hand.*
Iris: Eh? Chotto Tatsuya.

~Tatsuya brought her to the park.~

*At the park.*

Iris: ...
Tatsuya: If you wanna cry you should cry,the girl she was talking about was you wasn't it?
Iris: Hai..i'm not sad more of i'm happy that she remembered me,and what made me even more happier is that she did not abandon the child.
Tatsuya: *chuckle.*'s just like you to think that way.
Iris: Hahaha...sodana.
Tatsuya: Ne..
Iris: Hmmm?
Tatsuya: Why did you call me Ueda-san?
Iris: Eh?
Tatsuya: Just now at the hospital,why did you call me Ueda-san? Usually you call me Tatsuya.Did something happen?
Iris: Hmm...I can't really hide anything from you can I? We've known each other for a long time,well..nothing bad happened but I feel better now.
Tatsuya: Well if you feel better then it's okay.Come on let's go home,it's suppose to be your turn to cook.
Iris: Eh?!?!?! Usoh!!! Isn't it suppose to be Junno's turn?
Tatsuya: Junno? If he cooks I won't eat,he's horrible at cooking.
Iris: Hidoi ne..hahahaha.
Tatsuya: Hahaha...

*At JE headquarters.*

Old man: It's been a pleasure working with you Johnny-san. Send my regards to that charming daugther of yours.
Johnny: Of course.
Old man: Have a nice day.
Johnny: Of course.

~Door opens then close.~

Johnny was thinking of something and a thought had occured to him.He reached for his phone.

*Telephone rings.*

Johnny: Yes,hello.Get me Toya.

~On the way back from the park,Iris and Tatsuya was walking and talking having a great time.~

Iris: Ne.Were you on your way back from boxing practice?
Tatsuya: Ma na.
Iris: You're lying.
Tatsuya: ...
Iris: You didn't go did you?
Tatsuya: No.
Iris: Oh well.I won't ask anymore.Race you back.
Tatsuya: Race? You know i'll win.
Iris: Nani? Yosh.You're on.If I win Tatsuya has to sing for me.^__________^
Tatsuya: Sure.

*Back at home.*

Iris: Hidoi...!!!! T____________T
Tatsuya: That's why I said I'd win.
Iris: Hai..T_________T
Tatsuya: *soft chuckle.*...Come one,i'll sing for you anyways.
Iris: Honto? Yaaay!!! ^________^..very well then,I'll just start cooking anyways.
Tatsuya: I'll help.
Iris: Arigato.

~The two of them cooked together,then the rest of KAT TUN came over to stay the night.No one knew of the outcome that will hit them.~

~End of chapter 1.~
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Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
gyaaaaaaaa ~~
heheheh .
more please ??
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Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
*Johnny Headquarters.*

~Johnny is a rather unique person,the only time he ever shows his face is when he happens to be in japan,most of the time he's either rock climbing,bungee jumping,scuba diving or something else that's rather extreme.A rare occasion has hit JE headquarters,Johnny happens to be in Japan for almost a week now.~

*BAM! The sound of the door opening.*

Johnny: Hello boys,what fun to see such interesting specimen of boys these days.

~The boys who came for the audition to get into JE were taken aback,they we're unprepared for such an event,since they were told by their instructor that Johnny's sister would be judging them.~

*Door opens and Iris came in.*

Johnny: Ah,Iris.My dear Iris,how nice of you to drop by,come and meet your new JE boys.
Iris: New? *she walks up to them.*..Are you new recruits?
Timid boy: Yes.You're Lady Iris aren't you?
Iris: ^____________^...Please do your best.
Timid boy: Yes ma'am.
Iris: ^___________^...I'll be going now.Good luck everyone.
Johnny: You're not staying?
Iris: No,I have to manage KAT TUN and V6's schedule.Bye.

*Door opens then close.*

Iris: Now let's see,today I have to book NHK studio for V6 then KAT TUN will be going to sendai for the holidays and come back here to finish filming cartoon KAT TUN.
Toma: Iris-chan. *while hugging from behind.*
Iris: Iku-chan.Ohayo gozaimas. ^__________^
Toma: Ohayo,ne,what are you doing? You were talking to yourself.
Iris: I was? Gomene,I was preparing KAT TUN and V6's schedule,then I'm off to the supermarket since Koki will be a little late so I have to cook dinner then if I make it on time I could start washing my clothes.
Toma: That's a lot of work,want any help?
Iris: Oh it's fine.Tomopi is coming over but you could join us if you want.
Toma: Hahahaha,wish I could,well,see you Iris-chan.
Iris: Hai,mata na...^____________^

~Toma and Iris went their seperate ways.Iris now left JE headquarters and was on her way to NHK studio.She then arrived at NHK studio.~

Iris: That was fast.Now let's see,Junpei-san should be on the 3rd floor.
Staff member (lady): Ah Iris-sama.It's a pleasure to see you,please come this way,Junpei-san is expecting you.
Iris: I'm quite disappointed.
Staff member: Milady?
Iris: Take me to him this instance.
Staff member: *shudder.*..yes milady.

~The staff member took Iris up to the 3rd floor,the silence was scaring her.She heard of rumours that Iris is very strict and and is very scary when she's suddenly glaring at a person.~

Staff member: In here milady. *bows.*
Iris: Thank you.

*Opens door.*

Junpei: Iris-sama?!?! You're early. *scared face.*
Iris: Hello Junpei. ^_____________^
Junpei: Milady you're not suppose to be here till tomorrow.
Iris: Did I not make things clear?
Junpei: But milady,it's not that bad.
Iris: Do you wish to be fired? *black aura surrounding her.*
Junpei: Yes milady.I'll do what I can.
Iris: Good. ^____________^..gomene if I scared you but I did ask first.
Junpei: It's alright milady.
Iris: Good boy. *pats his head.*
Junpei: Good day milady.
Iris: Bye-bye. ^__________^

~Iris left the room and went down to the lobby,and she was swarmed by reporters everywhere.They somehow found out she was here.~

Red-Haired Lady: Lady Iris,is it true that you're getting married?
Iris: Eh? Getting married? Excuse me,please I need to go now.

~The reporters wouldn't let her go.~

Iris: TOYA!!!!

~Then a man with red hair came to her rescue,no one knew where he came from.~

Iris: Toya *sigh in relief.*
Toya: ...*carries her by the shoulder,and disappeared.*

~Out of reach of those reporters,Toya took Iris and fled through the rooftops.He then noticed he was reaching Aoki Gym.He then stopped there and went down.~

Iris: Toya?
Toya: ...
Familiar voice: Iris?
Iris: *turns around to see who called her.* Ah Kazuya.
Kazuya: What are you doing here? Eh? Toya?
Toya: ...
Iris: Well a lot of things happened,are you on your way home?
Kazuya: Hai,shall I walk you home? Jin would kill me if he found out his dear sister walked home alone.
Toya: Then I'll leave her in your care. *he said and disappeared.*
Iris: Toya?
Kazuya: That guy creeps me out sometimes.
Iris: Hahahaha.Gomene.
Kazuya: Let's go.
Iris: Ah,we have to go drop by the supermarket first.
Kazuya: Okay.

~Iris and Kazuya then walked to the nearest supermarket.Iris suddenly bumped into someone.~

Iris: Ah gomene-..*shock.*
Man: Well,well,well,if it isn't the little brat's dear friend Iris.
Iris: Ryo. *glare.*

~To be continued.~
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Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
Iris: Ryo. *glare.*
Ryo: Why must you glare at me everytime we meet?
Iris: ...*getting even angrier.*

*Kazuya steps in as soon as he realize Iris's mood.*

Kazuya: Come on Iris.Let's go home.Ryo we'll see you some other time.
Ryo: What ever,but I do wonder.
Kazuya: ?
Iris: ...
Ryo: How's your mother? *sudden change of expression.*
Iris: *looks up at him.*...How do-
Ryo: I'll see you some other time.Take care of her.
Kazuya: Of course.

~Kazuya then turned to see if Iris was alright,when he saw her sudden change of aura.~

Kazuya: Eto,Iris.Are you alright?
Iris: ...
Kazuya: Iris. *went nearer.*
Iris: I'M GONNA KILL HIM!!! *super saga.*
Kazuya: Woah,calm down.
Kazuya: Sigh...I'm guessing you're referring to Aino-san?
Iris: Who else would I be talking about? T________T...He's so mean!!!
Kazuya: Hahahaha..come on,let's just buy our grocery and go home.
Iris: Hai des...T______T..

~Iris and Kazuya then bought ingredients for hot pot,then Iris bought some plates because Johnny used her plates as a way of entertaining himself.Iris lives in with her father Johnny only when she's needed in Johnny Headquarters which is practically almost everyday.When V6, a unit under her made their first debut,they bought her an apartment near the ocean in gratitude for supporting them but she turned them down.Now she lives by herself that's quite near Johnny's headquarters.~

*Back at Iris's apartment.*

Kazuya: ...
Iris: ...

*They we're quite speechless when a sudden weird old man was right in front of them and he the weirdest thing about this old man was that he was making himself comfortable and is sleeping quite soundly on the floor.*

Iris: Dare?
Kazuya: Should we throw him out?
Iris: Yes I think we should.

~The old man as though he heard every word they said jolted up and sat up straight and he looked quite scary it's funny.~

Iris: Ano...
Kazuya: What a weird old man.
Old man: OJOU!! *like a yakuza.*
Iris: Ojou?
Kazuya: Ojou?
Old man: Please spare this old man.I have come with a request.
Iris: Request?
Kazuya: Spit it out old man!
Iris: Kazuya,go make tea for our weird guest who's actually an intruder.
Old man: OJOU!!! T__________T

~Kazuya agreed to make tea because he believes that the old man is perfectly harmless,useless more like.~

Iris: Mister,you should introduce yourself first,and tell me how you know me or the fact that you're even calling me ojou.
Old man: Ojou,I am the 60th generation of our Satomi clan and it has been decided that my son will take over but he says he wants to try an get in your talent agency.I don't think it's good for him,although I'm supporting his dream to become an idol,but because of our family background you might not even look at him.

~After Satomi's explanation,Kazuya came in with some tea.~

Kazuya: Here's some tea,for our guest and yourself Iris.
Iris: Thank you,Kazuya.Please have some tea,Satomi-san.
Satomi: OJOU!!! T_________T
Iris: What's wrong? What happened?
Satomi: I'm not worthy of being called by name by OJOU!!! Please punish me,tell me I'm your slave.

*Kazuya got up and protected her.*

Iris: Please calm down.
Satomi: OJOU!!!

~Just then,they heard the door opening.~

Familiar voice: Iris-chan, tadai ma.
Iris: Niichan! *she got up and went to her niichan and hugged him.*
Kazuya: Ah,Jin okai ri.
Jin: Yo..*then he saw Satomi.*
Satomi: *nervous.*
Jin: ...
Satomi: GOMENASAI!!!!!! *bowing really low.*
Jin: Dare?
Iris: A guest who needs help,and I'm quite bored so I thought I'd help.
Jin: Iris-chan,you know you'll get into trouble.
Iris: Are you against it dear brother?
Jin: Look we'll discuss this later,first get that old man out of my chair!

*Kazuya dragged Satomi and took him outside and left Iris and Jin alone.Jin and Iris aren't really related by blood but he has been taking care of her since he first joined.*

Kazuya: Yosh,take this cab and go home first.
Satomi: I'll come back tomorrow then.I bid you farewell.
Kazuya: See ya.

~Meantime back upstairs,Jin and Iris we're discussing their little issue.~

Jin: You really love to get into trouble don't you?
Iris: Niichan onegai. *puppy face.*
Jin: You know I can't resist that face,fine you win.
Iris: Thank you niichan. *kisses him on the cheek.*

~To be continued.~
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Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
Wow that was fast
I loved it!
Iris sure is lucky ne ~xD
I'm waiting for more great job ^^
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Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
this is supposedly how iris looks like but then again it's up to your imagination....

note: this is not my drawing...found it's pretty tho...

this is when she was a little bit younger...she can change the way she looks quite easily...
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
kyaaa new fic...and i didn't even know about it...demo it's really good!! so great!!
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Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
this is the place or the forest where Johnny papa found Iris


but without the Iris flowers...

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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
o.O...those are really pretty! makes this story more interesting!!
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Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
thanks mai-lee....and now here is what she would look like now...

but without the wings...*unless she's Tatsuya's fairy? hahaha...kidding..*


actually they're both her...but i'll explain why later on in the story...^_________^,,,gomene...
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Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
oh...coolness!! it's very pretty!! like it!!
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