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Posted 10/18/08 , edited 10/18/08
i'm sorry for my's chapter 3 part 1....enjoy...

*You see Iris chasing someone.*

Boy: Catch me if you can,princess.
Iris: ... *stopped suddenly*
Boy: *stopped.* ?

~You hear her heart beat,her eyes changed colour and her hair grew longer.~

Iris: Oh no,please not now. *falls down to her knees.*
Jin: IRIS!!!!!!!

~Back to what happened before,as Iris came to Johnny Headquarters for work.~

Sakura: Iris-sama, here's the schedule you've asked for,shall I cancel dinner with avril-san?
Iris: Avril-chan is here? Thank you,but I wished to have dinner with her and thank you,is this all for today? *examines her schedule.*
Sakura: Hai, oh and the president of an agency would like to see johnny-sama. Shall I bring him in or would you prefer Toya-sama to check on him?
Iris: Arigato Sakura.Well, I'll go see daddy now and can you bring me NewS and Kanjani8's schedule?
Sakura: Very well, milady.Have a good day. *bows.*

~Walking towards the elevator when Toya came out of nowhere and grabbed Iris like how superheroes grab girls to save them from gun shots.~

*You hear gun shots.*

Sakura: *sudden change of outfit.* Everyone, there's an emergency, please do not panic, Iris-sama, the barrier.
Toya: But-
Iris: Toya, it's ok. *gets up and starts to sing, then you see everyone surrounded by a glowing light.*
Toya: ...*gets up.* Sakura.
Sakura: Wakatta. Every fighter here, protect the innocent and most of all not a scratch on Iris-sama.

~You see lots of staff members changed appearance, and they had weapons like swords, naginata and others as well based on their personality.~

Toya: Come out and show yourself.

~You see a boy came out, and it was Hio.~

Sakura: Kodomo? Toya-sama!
Toya: I see, he's the boy who threatened Iris-sama, so you're Hio of the infamous Yakuza family, what do you want?
Hio: Hmph...*smirk.* I already told you I'll take this place by force if you don't come with me, I'm sure you don't want that do you princess?
Iris: ...
Hio: Takeda get her.

~Some boy named Takeda went to get her, but Toya moved like lightning and blocked him.~

Takeda: ...Hayaii ne?
Toya: You will not touch her.
Iris: @#$%
Toya: ...
Takeda: Huh?

~Iris got to her feet, and her hair grew long and her eye colour changed.~

Iris: @#$%...
Hio: What?
Iris: Get out.
Hio: Hmph. Make me.
Iris: Very well then, if you do not leave I have no choice.
Toya: This is bad. *got up and disappeared somewhere.*
Sakura: Toya-sama?

~The other fighters were protecting the innocent.~

Sakura: Listen up all of you, bring the innocent and take them away, those glowing lights makes them lighter so you can carry all of them easily, hurry.
The fighters: Yokai. Sakura-sama.

~The glasses were cracking and all the plants started to wilt, the ground was shaking and Hio's hencmen froze.~

Hio: What's happening?
Iris: @#$%
Hio: What?
Iris: @#$% *louder this time.*

~Then you see KAT TUN came in with Toya.~

Tatsuya: IRIS!!!
Iris: GET OUT!!!!!!!! *then she let out a really powerful power, but it was only like a little of her power.*

~Toya blocked her power and protected Hio.~

Toya: Run.
Hio: *nods.*
Iris: Get out of my way.
Toya: Ueda-sama.
Tatsuya: Iris *gentle tone.*
Iris: *tears came out unexpectedly.* Ta-

~Then her eyes and hair returned to normal, and she fainted.Tatsuya caught hold of her and carried her in his arms.The rest of KAT TUN made sure there were no injured people.~

Toya: I'll leave her to you. *then disappears.*
Tatsuya: Ah, matte To-
Yuichi: Ueda, let's go to her place.
Tatsuya: Yeah.

~KAT TUN then left JE headquarters and went back to Iris's apartment.Tatsuya then laid her gently on the bed.~

Jin: That brat is really gonna get it, but this is the first time she's come out like this, and she just used a little.
Kazuya: Jin
Jin: I know. We promised not to do anything, but we can't afford to make her use "it" anymore.

~To be continued.~
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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
this is how iris looks like in this chapter when her hair and eyes changed colour and stuff...

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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
this is sakura...

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Posted 10/22/08 , edited 10/22/08
i apologize to all my friends but i cannot send you any comments because of internet problems...if you wish to talk to me please do so in's my add...

[email protected]

ps: i'm really very sorry and chapter 3 part 2 will be out soon....
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Posted 10/22/08 , edited 10/22/08
this is kinda like an ending song for's like a cross between anime/drama....i think...

I need you to hold me,
Hold me tight and don't let go,
Where ever you may go,
Take me with you always.

Please don't leave me,
Please wait for me,
The sound of my heart beating,
It seems to be getting slower.

Can't you hear me calling you?
Among the others who call you,
Do you hear my voice?
I'm calling you with all my heart.

The sound of my heart breaking,
The silence that filled the air,
The thought of losing you forever,
Brought me to tears.

I felt cold,
I fell into darkness,
That's when I realized,
That my heart loss it's purpose.

i'm not sure if it's good or not...but the beginning you see iris wearing black....and she's walking under the rain....she passed many je boys who were laughing and was happy...then you see her with a girl in white at the other side of the mirror...then you see a mother and child...then you come back to when she was walking in the rain...and she passed tatsuya and said goodbye...

ps: gomen if it's bad...
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 10/22/08 , edited 10/23/08
waaa it's not's good! hhee
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Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/23/08
here's chapter 3 part 2....enjoy...

~You see Tatsuya and Kazuya cooking, Koki washing dishes, Jin moping the floor, Junno doing the laundry and Yuichi dusting the place.~

Jin: Na, why is it everytime a chapter starts they see us cleaning? Why am I always cleaning? I wanna cook.
Tatsuya and Kazuya: Object!
Jin: Eh? *sounds like when he played Miroku from Yukan Club.*
Tatsuya: Eh ja nai, and go mop somewhere else.

~Jin went to the living room to mop.Junno was still doing the laundry, they were all weraing aprons.~

*Up in Iris's room.*

Iris: *wakes up.* ...

~She then got up and went down, but as soon as she tried walking her legs felt odd and she fell.So she crawled out of her room but her entire body was stinging, so she only had one option.~

Iris: T-T-Tatsu-...*has trouble breathing.* TATSUYA!!!

~KAT TUN heard her plea, and they ran to her, to find her on the floor.~

Jin: IRIS!!
Iris: *as soon as he touches her.* ITAI!!!
KAT TUN: ...
Familiar voice: This is what happens if she doesn't know how to control "it" well, she needs to control it, but how?
Yuichi: Toya? How did you get in here?
Toya: ...
Yuichi: At least answer me. T________T
Toya: Even I can't touch her, but she needs someone to comfort her cause she can't take it, it's too strong for her.Ueda-sama, if you please try touching her.
Tatsuya: ...
Jin: Nande Tatsuya? *pouting.*
Toya: You know why don't you, Ueda-sama?
Tatsuya: That was a long time ago, but maybe it's possible, my chances are fifty-fifty.
Toya: Hai.

~Iris realized their plan and tried to get up and she touched Toya, his skin was burning.~

Toya: ...
Iris: @#$& *scary angry look.*
Jin: Iris?
Toya: I'm sorry. *he got burnt badly.*
Iris: @#$%&#$%&#
Toya: But mila-
Iris: @$#%#$%@& *louder.*
Toya: Hai. Ueda-sama, *kneels.* I'm sorry.
Tatsuya: It's fine.

~Iris stood up but was a little wobbly, all KAT TUN could do was stare since they could not even touch her.~

Iris: Where does he live?
Jin: ...
Junno: You're not planning to go to his house are you?
Iris: Where?
Koki: Iris, let's think awhile.
Iris: *starts coughing.**collapse.*

~Koki catches her.~

Koki: Well, she finally snapped out of it, but when she's using it, it's like a completly different person.
Toya: Hai, that's how we are, and I'm growing tired of it. I'll leave her in your care. ~sudden disappearance.~
Yuichi: How does he always do that?
The rest: Saa...*tilts their head one side.*

~Koki lays her gently on the bed and they all went down, then Iris's longtime friend from JE came from the window.~

Girl: IRIS-CHAN~!!!!
Koki: Ora, can't you come in normally? Like a NORMAL person.
Girl: This is normal which could only mean YOU'RE not normal deshou? ^^
Koki: Nani?!?!?!
Junno: Ma ma ma...calm down..she's asleep now.
Girl: Soka? Well, I've brought her some ice-cream from Florida,thought she liked some, ja ne. ^^ *leaves the building through the roof.*
Koki: Dakara..why can't you come in like a normal person and go out like a normal person? Iris sure attracts such weird friends sometimes.
Junno: Doesn't that make us weird as well?
Koki: ...Sodana...^^
Yuichi: But we're one of a kind don't you think?
Junno and Koki: ...

~Ignored Yuichi.~

Koki: So how long is she gonna sleep?
Yuichi: ...Nande? *blinks his eyes and pouts in one corner.*
Tatsuya: *looks at his watch.* Ah, minna. I have to go now, I have boxing practice.
Jin: Ah, okay. You going home later?
Tatsuya: Yeah why?
Jin: Well, I have to go to the studio.
Yuichi: I have to go see my mother, she's sick.
Junno: Work.
Koki: Filming.
Kazuya: I'm going to Johnny Headquarters.

~There was silence in the air, they all then began to panic.~

Jin: MAJIDE?!?! *faints.*
Yuichi: Who'll be here to take care of her?
Koki: Why not Junno skip and stay.

~Everyone except Tatsuya and Kazuya made such a big fuss.~

Tatsuya: Ano...
TTN: NANI?!?! *turns to him.*
Tatsuya: Why are you all making such a bug fuss?
TTN: ...
Tatsuya: Kame, just take her back to Johnny Headquarters and go to the forbidden elevator and go to level 13 and ask the key from Sakura. My key is at home.
Kazuya: Hai.
Yuichi: Ueda, how do you know that?
Tatsuya: Hmm? I've been there lots of times when I first joined, Johnny-san asked me to come and teach her to read,talk and write.
TTN: EH?!?!?! MAJIDE?!?!?!

~Jin who just woken up heard and cried like how miroku from yukan club did.~

Jin: Iris, yokatte~!!! *talking to himself.~

~And so KAT TUN went their seperate ways, and Kazuya had to bring Iris back to Johnny Headquarters. When he arrived, he asked Sakura for the key and she lead him to the forbidden elevator and when he got her room, he was suprised to find that the entire floor is her room.~

~To be continued.~
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Posted 10/25/08 , edited 10/25/08
haha...Jin is talking to himself XD
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 10/25/08 , edited 10/25/08
wahahahah it's funny...yeah...jin talking to himself
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Posted 10/27/08 , edited 11/6/08
~In Iris's aparment.~

*Kazuya in Iris's room.*

Kazuya: Why is her bed so big?!?!? What is she a giant?!?!?! *thinks to himself.*

~Lays her gently on her bed, then walks off, and out of the apartment.~

Kazuya: Well now that's settled....*looks at watch.* Time to go...

~Back at Tatsuya's apartment.~

*You see him sitting at the couch wearing his outfit which he wore to sing utai tsuzukeru toki in shonen club, he's lazy to change, he's reading a magazine.*

Tatsuya: *singing sparking while flipping the pages.*

~His cell phone rings.~

Tatsuya: Tatsuya des...ah Johnny-san...hai...iie....Iris went back to her apartment Shigoto? Hai...I'll tell them she'll call in sick...hai...hai...wakarimashita...ah Johnny-san...will you stay with her till she wakes up? Ah....soka? It's alright then...oyasumi.....*let's out a long sigh.* He still can't huh?

~The next day at Iris's apartment.~

Iris: *opens eyes.* Eh? Where am I? *gets up* Oh, I'm here...Kazuya must have brought me here....since no one changed my clothes....only Tatsuya does that...

*She got up and took a bath and made herself breakfast, then she got dressed and went to down to her dad's office.*

Johnny: darling daughter....*switches to doting father mode.* How are you today?
Iris: I'm quite well thank you and father am I called in sick?
Johnny: Hai...ah would you like to have breakfast with me?
Iris: That would be great daddy...^^

~Iris and her father went down and as soon as they came out of the elevator everyone in JE bowed.~

Johnny: Ah, minna, ohayo.
Iris: Ohayo...^^
Staff: Ohayo, Johnny-sama, Iris-sama.
Johnny junior: Iris-neechan, ohayo.
Iris: Ohayo.

~Then Sakura appeared.~

Sakura: Iris-sama, Johnny-sama, your car is ready for you. Please come this way. I have reserved a table for two at your favourite hotel.
Iris: Thank you Sakura.
Sakura: Anything for you milady.

~Then Iris and Johnny entered a a black limo and they went on their way to a fancy 5 star hotel that they usually go to for dinner.She's been eating there since she could barely walk.They entered the hotel and everyone bowed down.~

Man with moustache (imagine the moustache like the one Tatsuya wore in ckt): Ah, madam, sir, It's a pleasure to see you again.. *in a french accent.*
Iris: Hello, Jaques. Quite a long time hasn't it?
Jaques: Madam, I'm thrilled you've remembered me.
Iris: ^^
Johnny: My good man, you have been a very good family friend to us all.
Jaques: Honoured, sir. Please, this way.

~The three went up to dine at the balcony where they could eat under the clear blue sky and warm breeze.This would be the most romantic spot to eat for dinner.~

Iris: Daddy, do you know of Hio's intention?
Johnny: Hio? Ah the young boy that has threatened our agency, other than asking you to go with him, no, call Toya.
Iris: Vey well...*stood up and whistled a sweet melody.*

~Then Toya appeared out of nowhere.~

Toya: You called milady?
Iris: Father, may I?
Johnny: This is your fight, I would expect you to win which is not a problem I'm sure...^^
Iris: ^^ Thank you daddy...*turns to Toya and placed her hand at his face.* Under my command you will not fail me, go and bring me information, if you are to fail at your task, prepare to be severly punished and I assure you, it's painful.
Toya: I will not fail you. *there was a symbol on his forehead where she placed a curse upon him altho Iris hesitated to use it, she needed to be one step ahead of Hio.*
Iris: Toya, I'm sorry to this to you.
Toya: I'd do anything for you, I would even die for you. You are my most precious princess.
Iris: Toya...*looked sad.*
Johnny: ...
Toya: I'll be back milady. *then he disappeared.*
Johnny: Isn't it time for you to have freed him?
Iris: ...Father, he won't leave me.
Johnny: If it's for you, he would.
Iris: I don't want him to leave yet.
Johnny: ....And here I thought Ueda-kun would capture your heart...^^
Iris: *blush.* Father~!!!! I admit I do like him, but involving a "person" is not the best idea.
Johnny: Ah so you do like him...^^
Iris: *realized she was being played and left the balcony still blushing and yelling.* PAPA BAKA~!!!

~Johnny was now left alone.~

Johnny: Oh dear....hahahaha...I hope you aren't too upset my boy.
Toya: Johnny-sama...
Johnny: She has a point tho, and yet I took her in, without knowing that it would dangerous for her.
Toya: Master, you did what was right, or else she would have been found by the "others" and being put in "that thing".
Johnny: ...*let's out a long sigh and had a sad face.*
Toya: She is the first of our kind to have such love towards "people", it could lead to good or bad, we don't know, but if the prophercy is true then-
Johnny: DON'T MENTION THE PROPHERCY~!!! *his appearance now became a lot more scary.*
Toya: But, *sigh.* very well...
Johnny: I'll leave matters of the boy to you.
Toya: Yes...

~Johnny now alone in the balcony and staring up the clear, blue sky with a sad expression.~

*Back at Johnny Headquarters, you see Iris going in the building and talked with a staff member then headed straight to NHK Studio.*

Familiar voice: Iris-chan?
Iris: *turns to see.* Ah...Eri-chan~!!! Isa shi buri des....*bows.*

*You see Toda Erika wearing an elegant dress and her hair was all wavy and she had a little make-up on.*

Erika:'s so nice to see you again..What are you doing here?
Iris: I have a meeting, Sakura just informed me about a little mishap.
Erika: you have some time before the meeting?
Iris: Hai...^^
Erika: Ah good...I haven't the chance to talk to you, I've been so busy...
Iris: What are you doing now?
Erika: Hmm? Ah, another drama, which involves me to be playing another quiet, defenceless, innocent girl...
Iris:'s not that bad..
Erika: True...that way, I have an advantage...hahahaha...

~Then two girls talked, untill it was time for the meeting to start.So Iris went into the meeting room and of all the people to be there, Hio was the main guest.~

Hio: Ah, if it isn't the little princess.
Iris: Hello Hio...^^
Hio: Hmph, well why not we start?
Iris: Quite right.

~As they say down, they discussed a few matters untill Hio spoke.~

Hio: I hope you've made a decision dear princess, altho I must admit I love your castle.
Iris: ...
Hio: ?
Iris: I already told you, I won't hand it to you.
Hio: ...*getting angry.*
Iris: *snaps her fingers.*

*Then Toya appeared out of nowhere, carrying a file in his hands.*

Hio: Who'd let you in, you're not allowed in here.
Toya: I go where ever milady goes, even it means passing security. Milady here's what you asked for and I will leave you.
Iris: Thank you, Toya, oh it's ok, you can stay.
Toya: ...
Iris: Hio, I have a warrant for your arrest, altho you're a kid it still files that you've abused and swindled many agencies.
Hio: What? That's impossible.
Iris: *takes out some documents and showed it to him, then she used the messaging system thing they have in offices.* Guards, there's a really bad boy here, do take care of it or you won't be coming back tomorrow....^^
Hio: What? No~!!! You can't do this, my father will use his clan to kill you.
Iris: No he won't...^^
Hio: What?
Iris: Your father is the one who told me this, it's upsetting a boy like you is like this.

~Guards came in and surrounded him, and he was brought in front of Iris, who is now looking having a really intense aura, and Hio got scared.~

Guard A: Milady, what would you like to do with him?
Iris: Quite easy...*she places her hands to cover his eyes, and spoke.* You will not disobey your father, you have no memory of meeting me, you will live a normal life, if you do not do as suggested, you will suffer by losing your father's trust. *her tone was really angry.*
Hio: *tears came out and he fainted.*
Iris: *in a gentle tone.* You've done enough don't you think? Just to get his attention, you've done enough. *as she hugged him.* Toya, bring him home safely.
Toya: Yes, milady. *the symbol on his head disappeared and he left with the boy.*
Iris: You can get out of those uniforms now.
Guard: What are you talking about?
Iris: Junno, Koki, Jin, Kazuya, Yuichi and Tatsuya. *as she took off their masks one by one.* I had a feeling it was you. What will I ever do without you? ^^
Jin: You're not mad?
Iris: Should I be? ^^

*She then got up and smiled at them and instantly they knew that she REALLY was angry because later they were all punished by cleaning the house and polishing all the floors in the studio.Then later after that, they were all wearing aprons and was cleaning the studio in tears..*

~End of Chapter 3.~
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Posted 10/28/08 , edited 10/28/08
this is the symbol that appeared on toya's forehead...


you can chose either one that suits your interest...

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Posted 10/29/08 , edited 10/29/08
this is a little late...
but i imagined toya and iris like this...
when they first met tatsuya....
sorry if i copied....

and this is how toya usually picks her up...

and this is how she just stared at hio...

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Posted 10/30/08 , edited 10/30/08
Kazuya: Why is her bed so big?!?!? What is she a giant?!?!?! *thinks to himself.*

wahahaaahaahaaa XD a giant XD
ahh . what manga is that ? cutieee ~! ^_^
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Posted 10/31/08 , edited 10/31/08

nawa94 wrote:

Kazuya: Why is her bed so big?!?!? What is she a giant?!?!?! *thinks to himself.*

wahahaaahaahaaa XD a giant XD
ahh . what manga is that ? cutieee ~! ^_^

thank's captive matsuri of vampire knight..
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Posted 10/31/08 , edited 11/1/08

lady_iris_sama wrote:

nawa94 wrote:

Kazuya: Why is her bed so big?!?!? What is she a giant?!?!?! *thinks to himself.*

wahahaaahaahaaa XD a giant XD
ahh . what manga is that ? cutieee ~! ^_^

thank's captive matsuri of vampire knight..

ouhh . okayhh ! ^o^
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