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Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/6/08
here's chapter 4....

~In Johnny Headquarters.~

*You see Iris, sleeping soundly on the bed of her room at the toppest most floor and was being carefully watched by Tatsuya who happen to be visiting, then his phone rang.*

Tatsuya: Hai? Ah...Jin...what's up? Iris? She's asleep...yeah..what? The meeting is gonna start us some time...*hangs up*
Tatsuya: Iris, Iris, wake up...Jin just called, it's about your meeting with some of the board of directors.
Iris: *woke up.* Thank you for waking me up, which reminds me, what are you doing here? I thought you left for Kanegawa.
Tatsuya: What? And leave you here with Jin and his bakaness...pass.
Iris: What do you mean?
Tatsuya: Nevermind, come one. You'll be late.
Iris: ? Hmm...ok...I guess...

~After she got ready, both of them came down, to the studio where they had many meeting rooms, and the place was huge, if you don't have a guide you'd get lost just trying to get out.~

Tatsuya: I'll pick you up later, and if I can't I'll ask Yuichi to get you, ok?
Iris: Thank you.See you later.

~Tatsuya then left her, and now she opens the door and went inside where all the board members of every agency in the world gathered to discuss important issues and as usual, Johnny was not present.He's probably in Antartica doing one of his daredevil stunts and come home crying later.~

President 1: Lady Iris, where is your father? Or as usual will you be representing him?
Iris: And what is that to you? You are here as a guest, this meeting does not require father's attendance.Or shall I call the guard to show you the way out and you would have lost the chance to negociate your agency to my boys to join, which is highly impossible since I do not give my boys away.
President 1: Cih...
Iris: May I begin then? I do not like to extend meetings, and I'm rather busy today.
President 5: You mean sleeping with boys in your JE? My, my, how adult you've become...*with a smirk on his face.*
Iris: I haven't a clue what you're going on about and I don't intend to listen.
President 5: *smirk*

~The meeting ended and Iris was really tired but she made her way to the studio that Arashi has their dance rehearsals for their upcoming concert.~

Ohno: Ah, Iris. You're early.
Iris: I'm not and here, Arashi's schedule and I've already made arrangements for your concert next month. *hands him some documents.*
Ohno: Thanks, you're a sweetheart. See ya.
Iris: Your welcome, and gambatte...^^

~Then she went out and stayed in the cafe for awhile for lunch, then her phone rang just as she was about to take some bite of her French lunch.~

Iris: Hai...moshi-moshi...Iris-des...ah Iku-chan....doushita no? you want it now? No...I'm not busy...alright...I'll be there soon...Bye..*hangs up*

~Then she lets out a long sigh, and the waiter shows up and for some reason sat next to her.~

Waiter: You alright?
Iris: *looks up to him.* Yes, and I'm really sorry but could you wrap it for me. I have some change of plans.
Waiter: *smiles at her.* But you look like you're starving. If you don't eat I'll force you, and I must admit I'm a pretty good kisser. ^^
Iris: Eh? *looks at him.*
Waiter: Hahahahaha....don't worry I was just joking, did you know you're really cute like that, you must be taken...
Iris: Taken?
Waiter: Oh you're not?...*reached out his hand and stroke her hair and kissed it.* That means I have a chance, hime.
Iris: *goes really red.* Eh? *gets up from her chair.* I'll be leaving now, it was nice to meet you.
Waiter: Bye. *waves at her.*

~She runs off and left the strange waiter there, and went to meet Toma, but she bumped into Tatsuya and screamed as if her life counted on it.~

Tatsuya: Iris? What's wrong? What happened? Did someone do something to you?
Iris: Tatsuya....*hugs him.*
Tatsuya: ...*hugs her back*

~There was silence between them, then Iris realized what she was doing and pushed him away.~

Iris: Gomen...
Tatsuya: ...
Iris: What are you doing here anyway?
Tatsuya: ...
Iris: Tatsuya?
Tatsuya: *grabs her and pulled her up and he pulled her and they went out and into the cab.*
Iris: Eh? Umm...where are we going?
Tatsuya: Iris, you really forgot what day it is today haven't you?
Iris: ?

~The cab arrived it's destination and Tatsuya paid the driver and he took Iris's hand and led her out.~

Iris: Tatsuya, whe-
Tatsuya: Happy Birthday.
Iris: This is where we first met, I can't believe you remembered. did you know it was my birthday?
Tatsuya: *gentle chuckle.* Let's just say someone told me...^^
Iris: Hahahaha....thank you for remembering...
Tatsuya: Your welcome, here, hope you'll like it. *hands her a wrapped box with a ribbon on top.*
Iris: Hmm? *takes it.*

~She was about to open it when her phone rang, she looked at her phone to see who it was and it was Toma.~

Iris: Oh no, hello...*walks away from Tatsuya.* hai...honto ni gomen.....I'll mak-
Tatsuya: *snatches away her phone.* It's me....hai...don't worry, I'll get her back...yeah...see yo...*hangs up.*
Iris: Thank you...
Tatsuya: Come on, I'll get you back....*carries her on his back.*
Iris: Tatsuya it's ok...
Tatsuya: You're why not sleep awhile?
Iris: Fine...*held on to him and was fast asleep.*
Tatsuya: ...
Iris: Tatsuya...thank you.

~Back at JE.~

Tatsuya: Iris, wake up.
Iris: Hmm? *rubs her eyes.*
Tatsuya: Oh well...*puts her down on a bench.* I'll go give Toma his schedule, then when I get back I'll take you back home.
Iris: Ok...I'm rather tired's his schedule.
Tatsuya: Stay here and don't move.
Iris: I won't..^^

~Tatsuya then went and looked for Toma.~

Iris: Oh his present...*takes it out from her bag and unwrapped it, to find a necklace.* Kirei.....this must have cost him a fortune...
Familiar voice: That's really something...
Iris: *looks up.* You're that waiter...
Waiter: I'm happy you remembered me but I think I prefered the name Yuuhi...
Iris: Ah...sorry for leaving like that...
Yuuhi: It's cool...
Iris: Bu-
Yuuhi: *grabs her and kissed her.*

~Then Tatsuya came back and sees the whole thing.~

*To be continued.*
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Posted 11/6/08 , edited 11/6/08
here you go....

~You see Iris being kissed by Yuuhi and Tatsuya saw the whole thing and he's totally angry, so he walked up to Yuuhi and kicked him.~

Tatsuya: Ah, gomen...didn't see you there... *turns to Iris.* Come on Iris I've given Toma his schedule, let's take you home. *grabs her hand.*
Iris: Eh? Ah...hai...

~The journey back to he apartment was silent, they arrived in just a few minutes.~

Iris: ...
Tatsuya: ...
Iris: Ne, did you see the whole thing awhile ago?
Tatsuya: Ma ne... *walked to living room but stopped as Iris tugged his jacket for him to stop.*
Iris: *looks down on the floor.* I was suprised...but I didn't know what to do...
Tatsuya: *he could feel her hands shaking so he turned and hugged her.* It's ok...don't worry...don't think about it too much...why not sit down and I'll make you something.
Iris: Arigato...
Tatsuya: *lets her go.*

~As Tatsuya began cooking Iris was checking up some documents and she remembered the necklace Tatsuya gave her then turned to him.~

Iris: Na..Tatsuya....arigato... ^________^
Tatsuya: hmm? *then he sees her wearing his present and smiled.* Your welcome.

~Tatsuya finished cooking and Iris cleaned up the table and laid out the plates and cups then she looked at the time.~

Iris: Hmm...
Tatsuya: *came from the kitchen and laid his dishes on the table then looks at Iris.* What's wrong?
Iris: It's almost time...
Tatsuya: Time?
Iris: Hai...*grabs his hand and they went to the living room, she switches on the tv.* Mite..
Tatsuya: Hmm?

~The show started and you can see KAT TUN on tv singing they're new song Yorukobi no Uta.~

Iris: Kyaaa~!!!! >_________< KAT TUN kakoii~!!!!
Tatsuya: You recorded it?!?!? *suprised face.*
Iris: I can watch it everyday... >__________<
Tatsuya: But we could've given you the dvd if you asked and what do you mean KAT TUN kakoii? You know us...
Iris: Hahaha...sodana....but I don't want to ask...I want to earn it on my own and I don't know KAT TUN...
Tatsuya: ...?
Iris: I know Kame, Niichan, Junno, Koki, Tatsuya and Yuichi....they're my most dearest friends....the ones on tv are the ones I personally picked for Johnny's relationship with you as KAT TUN is for work...but outside work...we're all friends and I don't want to treat you as KAT TUN...
Tatsuya: You really are something...fair enough...can we eat now?
Iris: Hidoi... T______T..hai...itada kimas...

~Iris and Tatsuya enjoed they're evening dinner, and later on the rest of her friends came over and they suprised her with birthday presents and they all celebrated until midnight.~

Iris: I've recieved so many presents this's amazing they know when my birthday is, but I guess it's a good thing.... *looks up to the sky.*

~The rest of her friends are sleeping because their either tired or drunk, Jin is sleeping on the couch and Tomopi on the floor next to the couch with his feet on Jin's stomach, Kame, Junno and Toma sleeps together on the bigger couch, Koki on the floor hugging a bottle, Eri-chan and Maki-chan slept with their heads on the table, most of NewS and Arashi were on the long couch sleeping and some of her other friends slept on the kitchen floor and some on the living room floor and Tatsuya was the only one who was sleeping on Iris's lap.~

Iris: *strokes his hair.* Thank've really made me happy....*fell asleep sitting since she didn't want to wake him up.*

*This was Iris first birthday party, she was so happy since before not many knew when she was born, while Iris and her friends slept soundly, things in Johnny Headquarters began to stir up and what was not to be expected of them will be revealed.*

~End of Chapter 4 part 2.~
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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/17/08
how tatsuya fell asleep on iris's lap...^^

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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/17/08
kawaii ^___________^
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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/18/08
awww kawaii <3
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Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/19/08
i'm so sorry for this but....yuuhi actually looks like this...

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Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/19/08
and how he stole her kiss...T_________T nooooo....i want her with tatsuya...sorry...just imagining things...

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Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/19/08
and this MAY happen...

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Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/19/08
iris on her birthday...

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Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/24/08
i'm so sorry....*bows* i hope i haven't sonfused's up to you to imagine what they're like...this is MY anyways...i thank you for reading my fanfic....

oh and this is iris's maid who has served her for a VERY LONG time...*don't ask how long...i don't know either i just made it up*

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Posted 11/28/08 , edited 12/2/08
here's chapter 5...part one...enjoy...

Young Iris: *crying*
Woman: Iris-chan, what's wrong?
Young Iris: *looks at the woman and hugged her while still crying*

*you see young toya barge in the room*

Young Toya: Iris-sama *carries her* we have to go...
Young Iris: Matte....Toya...
Woman: Iris-chan...grow up beautifully...

~as soon as they left there was a gunshot.~

Young Iris: MAMA~!!!!!!

Iris: AAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maid: Iris-sama~!?!?
Iris: *breathing heavily* Rui....*gets up* gomene..
Rui: Iris-sama, you don't have to push yourself...
Iris: It's fine....thank you...
Rui: ...very well milady...would you like some breakfast?
Iris: No thank you...I'll just take a shower and leave...

*After 30 minutes, Iris went down to the studio.*

Sakura: Iris-sama, ohayo gozai mashita...*bows*
Iris: Ohayo, Sakura...
Sakura: ? Iris-sa-...
Johnny: Well, well...*pulls Iris and hugged her.* my little Iris...ohayo...
Iris: Father..
Sakura: Johnny-sama....ohayo gozai mas...*bows*
Johnny: Ohayo...^^

~At that moment, a group of old men came in and interrupt.~

Old man 1: Kitagawa-san, what is the meaning of this? My company is being bought by you, you can't do this..
Old man 2: The president requests you return his company or we'll sure you...
Johnny: *apparently he's ignoring the old people.* Iris-chan, come and have breakfast with daddy...^^
Iris: Father, I'm rather busy today, and would you please let me go, or I'll be late...
Johnny: Then let papa walk you there...
Old man 1: KITAGAWA-SAN~!!! Give me back my company~!!!
Johnny: *sudden change of aura that kills.* It's so nice to see you again...^^
Old man 1: *shivers.* ??
Johnny: Let's talk in my office shall we?
Old man 2: Y-y-yes...
Iris: Father, don't play with them too much, they're very existence disgust me.
Johnny: Have fun at work....^^
Iris: Good day to you as well father...

~The 2 old men and Johnny disappeared into the lift and the whole floor was quiet for awhile.~

Sakura: Minna...back to work.

~Everyone went about their usual routine adn ignored what just happened. Iris arrived in the studio where KAT TUN will be filming cartoon KAT TUN.~

Iris: I'm sorry I'm late....
Otousan: Ah, Iris-chan, that's ok, you're still early as usual...^^
Iris: ^^ otousan, here's today's schedule for them.
Otousan: schedule?
Iris: Gomene, but I have to borrow them today, is that okay?
Otousan: *examines the schedule.* It's fine...^^
Iris: Honto?
Otousan: Hai...I'm sure they would love it....
Iris: Arigato...>________<
Otousan: ^^

~The boys FINALLY arrived.~

Jin: Why is it my fault?
Koki: Because YOU love to eat and that was my LAST takoyaki...
Jin: Well next time you shouldv'e written your name on it...
Koki: What idiot writes his name on food?
Junno: *eating fries that has his name on it.*
Koki: *blinks his eyes.* Tonikaku, you owe me takoyaki..
Jin: I don't...
Koki: Nandato...
Tatsuya: Ma ma ma...
Iris: What's wrong you guys?
Koki: Jin ate my takoyaki...
Jin: You have no proof...
Koki: I do..
Jin: Oh yeah?
Koki: Yeah, ya big eater...
Iris: Yamete...
Jin: *ignoring* That's it....
Koki: Wanna bring it on?
Jin: Oh yeah....
Iris: Chotto...futari tomo...
Tatsuya: Iris *hugs her.* Don't, you'll get hurt.
Yuichi: That's right, besides, they're fighting about something stupid anyway...
Iris: Hmm...sodana...while they fight it out let's go eat...
Junno: Good idea..
Kame: You haven't had breakfast?
Iris: Nope...oh otousan come join us...
Otousan: That sounds great....ok...
Iris: Alright then, let's go...ja ne niichan, Koki...
Koki: Chotto...aren't you gonna say anything?
Iris: ...don't kill each other ok...^^
Koki: That's good...
Iris: Because if any of you died then I would be having a hard time cancelling all your shows...^^
Jin: *in his head.* that's what she thinks of us?
Koki: *in his head.* so she did think that...

~At the cafe.~

Junno: Burger...
Iris: I'll have lasagna then...
Tatsuya: Hmm...I'd take French Cuisine then...
Iris: Is that good?
Tatsuya: We'll share...
Iris: Fine by me...
Jin: Ramen..
Kame: Beef steak...
Yuichi: Sushi...
Otousan: Sashimi...
Koki: Burger...
Waiter: Will that be all?
Iris: Hai...and they *points to Koki and Jin.* will be paying....^^
Jin: Huh?
Koki: Majide?
Iris: Hmm? ^^
Tatsuya: I think you should just listen to her, or you'll end up cleaning the dishes here..
Koki: Hai...*admits defeat.*
Jin: T______T *admits defeat.*
Iris: Such good boys...

~As they were eating and having fun, Iris cheered up a little and started to feel better.~

Iris: Hahaha...majide? Hahahaha...
KAT TUN: ^________^
Iris: Hmm? What is it? ^^
Junno: Yokatta...
Iris: ?
Tatsuya: You finally smiled...
Koki: You looked so upset today...
Kame: You know you can count on us to make you'll cost tho...
Jin: You gonna make someone pay you...
Kame: Why not? Hahahaha..
Yuichi: Hahahaha..
Junno: Kame-chan....
Iris: Arigato...^^
Tatsuya: Do itashimashite...
Jin: Anytime...
Otousan: The 7 of you really are very close....^^
Yuichi: Don't you see groups like this often?
Otousan: Not many are this close...
Iris: Otousan, you're from a different agency before right? Daddy took you because he thought you were interesting...
Kame: Eh? You were from a different agency?
Otousan: seems I was blessed when I came here...arigato Iris-chan...
Iris: Your welcome...^^

~KAT TUN, Iris and Otousan then left the cafe and went their seperate ways, and Koki and Jin were broke since Tatsuya and Iris purposely ordered a lot.~

Iris: Oh, I'm gonna be late...
Yuichi: Late? For what?
Iris: Daddy arranged an omiai for me....
Jin: OMIAI~?!?!?! *passed out.*
Tatsuya: Oh you mean with guy before?
Iris: Hai...
Tatsuya: I thought Johnny-san hated him...
Iris: He still does...^^
Tatsuya: Ah sou...
Iris: Remember to not be late....
Tatsuya: Yeah...take care...
Iris: Bye guys...^^

~The rest of KAT TUN were too shocked for words and Jin still passed out.~

Kame: Oi, Ueda what's she talking about?
Koki: We need explanations..
Tatsuya: I'll explain later, I got a princess to save...ja ne...
Kame: Chotto...

~They were left there alone without an explanation and Jin was still unconcious...~

Iris: I'm here, father...
Johnny: So glad...may I introduce you all to my daughter, Iris...
Man: She's perfect....and my son, Yuuhi...
Yuuhi: It's so nice to see you again my dear princess *kisses her hand.*

~To be continued.~
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Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/30/08
Prince Tatsuya to the rescueeeeeee! ♥
cant wait ^-^
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Posted 12/3/08 , edited 12/3/08
here's part 2....enjoy

Iris: *in her head* why not jump off a cliff you loser?!?! *in reality* oh it's so nice to see you again....^^
Yuuhi: Right back at you, I must say you're a good kisser....^^
Iris: *in her head* Kiss?!?! That was no kiss you damn bastard and you know it~!!! *in reality*'re too kind....^^
Johnny: Well then Tomaki-kun, why not let Iris show you around since i'm very busy I'll see you later during dinner....*in his head* maybe...^^
Yuuhi: Very well sir, if I may Iris-hime....*bows*
Iris: *in her head* daddy i'm gonna kill you... *in reality* of course...^^

~Out at the studio.~

Yuuhi: Nice place you have here...^^
Iris: Oh will you cut the act already, I already know what you're like, and don't you dare touch me, I only allow one person to touch me and it's not you...*glare*
Yuuhi: I'm hurt...^^ *takes her hand* I wonder what I should do to make you love me...
Iris: -///- *blush*
Yuuhi: Ah you're cute...^^
Iris: Stay away from me...*about to slap*
Yuuhi: *catches her and pulls her closer and is about to kiss her until he was kicked*
Tatsuya: Touch her and you're dead...*his feet on Yuuhi's face*
Iris: Tatsuya~!! *runs to him and hugs him.*
Yuuhi: Hmph, if it isn't the knight in shining armour...
Tatsuya: *carries her.* I mean it, you come anywhere near her and I'll kill you...*glares at Yuuhi*
Yuuhi: *backs of a little, somehow Tatsuya looks really scary.*
Iris: *is blushing real hard.*
Yuuhi: ...

~Tatsuya then brought her back up to her apartment then gently puts her down on the sofa.~

Iris: Arigato...*still blushing*
Tatsuya: *his expression turned gentle* It's fine, are you ok?
Iris: Hai *stil very red in the face*
Tatsuya: *comes closer and feels her temperature* You have a fever?
Iris: Kyaaa~!!! *pushes him away.*
Tatsuya: O______O *falls off the sofa* Iris-chan?
Iris: Aaaagghhh....gomen...
Tatsuya: It's fine, but are you ok? Why'd you push me for?
Iris: Ah...uhh..*still red at the fact she pushed him and has no answer for him*
Tatsuya: Doushita *about to come closer.*
Tatsuya: *shocked, petrified actually.*
Iris: I'm sorry but please don't come near me...

~Tatsuya is still frozen at the fact he can't come anywhere near her till he couldn't sleep or eat till the next day.~

*Next day at work.*

Koki: He's shocked isn't he?
Yuichi: Hasn't recovered...
Jin: *in his own world, crying* Iris-chan...T_____T why won't you tell your niichan i not good enough? *puts hand over mouth like miroku in yukan club.* Iris-chan let your niichan in....T_____T

~Koki and Yuichi were actually refering to Jin, as for Tatsuya he's not allowed anywhere near her so he's banned from coming to her apartment.~

*In her other apartment you see Tatsuya fuming and is in a totally bad mood no one would go near him, unfortunately Junno was his victim.*

Tatsuya: The next time I see that bastard I'll rip him to shreds, it's his damn fault I can't go near her....
Junno: *is scared like hell, poor guy can't even move.* aanoo...ueda...
Tatsuya: *suddenly stood up and bashed the table.*
Junno: *screamed like a girl.*
Tatsuya: Oh, long were you here?
Junno: Hidoi yo, Ueda is scary now...what happened?
Tatsuya: ...


Iris: DON'T COME NEAR ME~!!! *with an echo.*

*End of flashback.*

Tatsuya: *is ticked off.* I'm going out for awhile...*slams the door.*
Junno: T______T why me?

~At the park.~

Tatsuya: ...
Girl: Ueda-san?
Tatsuya: *looks up.* Hai?
Girl: Ah you really are Ueda-san, remember me? ^^
Tatsuya: Aiko-chan?
Aiko: Yeah, wow it's been a long time since I last seen've you been?
Tatsuya: Majide? So you are Aiko-chan?
Aiko: *hits his head* Nanisore? Is that any way to treat your best friend? =P
Tatsuya: Best friend? That's what you are?
Aiko: never change huh? So what's new with you? Any girlfriends?
Tatsuya: about you?
Aiko: Engaged actually...^^ *shows her hand that has a ring on it.*
Tatsuya: Ah sugoi...who's the poor soul?
Aiko: Mooo~!! ^^ Well he's out of town for a few*takes out her wallet and shows a pic of him.*
Tatsuya: Hey not bad. *at that moment Junno popped out of nowhere and was out of breath.* Junno~!! What happened?
Aiko: Your friend?
Tatsuya: Yeah...
Junno: It's Iris-chan...I couldn't understand what Jin was going on about...but it's clear to know that Iris isn't in her room...
Tatsuya: WHAT?!?!?! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SOONER? *makes a dash to JE headquarters.*
Junno: Chotto, why do you always leave me? T____T
Aiko: Anoo...Iris-chan? Dare des ka?
Junno: Hmm? Oh, Iris-chan is someone very important to us, it's obvious that Ueda cares a lot about her but he's stupid so he won't tell her and I think she loves him too...^^ isn't he lucky...?
Aiko: love her too?
Junno: I do...a lot actually but I knew she won't return those feelings so instead I watch for her...
Aiko: She sounds like someone everyone love...
Junno: Well she is that type of person...anyways, I'll see you around then...
Aiko: Ah...ok...*bows.*

~Junno left her.~

Aiko: She's so lucky, before he never was interested in girls...*sad face*

~You see Tatsuya running.~

Tatsuya: That idiot must have taken her....*rings Jin.*
Jin: UEDA~!!!! WHERE'S MY IMOTO~!!!! T__________T
Tatsuya: *immediatly hangs up.* Bakanishi, useless, I guess it's up to me then...

*Jin at the moment was still shouting at the top of his lungs and didn't realize Tatsuya hang up till Kame told him, then he went and pouted at one corner.*

Tatsuya: *is running and out of his breath.*
Familiar voice: You really are an interesting person...
Tatsuya: Bastard...*looks up and sees him carrying Iris.* IRIS~!!!!!
Yuuhi: She really is a beauty isn't she?
Tatsuya: Give her back...
Yuuhi: Hmph, try and take her back...

~To be continued.~
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Posted 12/3/08 , edited 12/3/08
ehh o.o!
gambatte Uepi!! :3!!
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Posted 12/4/08 , edited 12/4/08
waaah..hontoni gomenasai for just reading this now!...
great story indeed! *thumbs up*
i can't wait for the next chapter...
iris is sooo lucky!...
she is loved by everyone[JE boys]
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