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30 / F / my house..of cour...
Posted 12/8/07 , edited 12/8/07
my name is aisyah but my nickname is namikimura or teukieca...^^
i was born on 16 january so my star sign is capricorn...i'm a female...i'm 12 dis zodiac is pig...i'm from malaysia....i like to zzzzzzzz,watching tv n all best dramas or movies,surf net,drawing my imagination,i love to make jokes....,read mangas n comics,writing stories,make new frens all around da world,chatting wif my frens,hang out,travelling wif my frens or my family,listening to my fav songs.. searching 4 da latest news of dbsk n all korean artiste....i'm veryyyyyyyyyy in love wif dbsk n teukie..
i like to hide my probs or my sadness in front of everyone....including my family....
i dun have fav colour coz all colours is my fav....i hate people forced me to something dat i dun like..... i like comfort people who are in pain or sad....i hate to see people will make dem smile wif my jokes..^^...i'll try to understand da situation....
if my frens got sum probs i will help dem to solve it.....
i like to eat jamjamyon,kimchi n sushi....^^...i'm a muslim so i can't eat pigs or other animals dat are not HALAL....i like to introduce dbsk or k n j pop artiste to my frens....^^
people always call me "penyebar virus korea"....hahahah...^^..
n i hate to see boy or man bullying a girl....i will scold dem n i will make dem suffer...
if y'all wanna noe bout me.....please let me be ur buddies...^^
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28 / F / Texas
Posted 12/11/07 , edited 12/12/07
Name: Emily
Age: 17
Ethnicity/Nationality: Indian (Malayalam)
I just recently got obsessed with yellow (or "oriental" for those of you that are not familiar w/the term)) pop culture and i luv it so much!! my fav group is dbsk. it was b/c of them and watching the taiwanese version of hana kimi (cause i read the anime and luved it) i started my love dramas, kpop,jpop,etc...
i was sorted of surprised by this website when i made my first account b/c they had some brown stuff too, i thought it was strictly yellow..maybe i can convert some ppl to the dark side... , but i think i turned into more of a yellow person than brown... anyways i luv music, singing, playing piano/guitar(although i'm not that great), friends ,etc
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25 / F / Vip World Pennsyl...
Posted 12/12/07 , edited 12/12/07
About Me<3

Name: Sade
Nick: Sadie, Moeee, Chameleon
Star Sign: Gemini
Zodiac: Rooster
Hobbies: surf the net, watching dramas, talking to buddies, singing, dancing, drawing, writting, messing with my brother

Food: RAMEN!!! Spagetti!!! Mandu [dumplings]
Fruits: pairs, star fruit, grapes
K-drama: mygirl, goong, i am sam, witch yoo hee, snow white, Hello!Miss, thankyou, someday
J-drama: hana kimi, hana yori dango 1 and 2, Nobuta wo Produce, LIFE
K-Pop: DBSK, suju, ft island, SS501, BIG BANG!!! , wonder girls ,snsd, shinhwa, etc..
J-Pop: news, arashi, kat-tun.
Other music: classical, opera
Idols/Guys: donghae, heechul, seungri, junsu, HaHa.
K-Movie: 200 pounds of beauty, vacation, tale of two sisters
J-Movie: Lovely complex, i love my younger sister, yellow tears
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27 / F / Osaka, Japan
Posted 12/12/07 , edited 12/13/07
NAME: Yang XiYah a.k.a Chiyo[japanese] Fhean[english]
Ethnicity: japanese/taiwanese[born in Osaka]
Star Sign: Sagitarrius
Zodiac: sheep
Love: YamaPi&Vic Zhou and the rest of my jpop&kpop fandom....

Food: sweets,noodles,rice~!
K-drama: i'm sorry, i love you...goong...lovely sam-soon...thank you...
J-drama: 1LOT,NWP,Gokusen,A million stars falling from the sky,trick123,Proposal daisakusen,kindaichi,hanadan1&2,hana kimi...many more...
T-drama: silence,mars,marmalade boy,why why love,devil beside you,corner w/ love...
K-pop:DBSK,super juniors, Se7en
J-pop: NewS,KAT-TUN,ARASHI,Kanjani8,V6,Kinki Kids,Aqua Timez,GACKT,L'arc~en~ciel...many more...
Idol/Guys: Jaejoong,heechul,donghae,kibum,YAMAPI,Vic Zhou,Akanishi Jin,GACKT,Dohmoto Koichi,KimuTaku,Nishikido Ryo,Shibutani Subaru...many more...
K-movie: 200 pounds of beauty,sad movie
J-movie: taiyou no uta,waters,tada kimi wo aishiteru...etc..
manga: hana-kimi,w juliet,lovely complex...
anime: lovely complex, nodame cantabile,ouran high,fushigi yuugi,honey&clover...

uhhmmm...i'm hoping to get to know lots of'll be nice to talk w/ people w/ the same interest as you...i'm friendly,i'm easy to please,& you could talk to me about w/e...i like to laugh a lot...sooo yah it'll be fun...

so hope to meet lots of people out there~! yay!
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25 / F / ここにいます
Posted 12/13/07 , edited 12/13/07
About Me
Name: Secret!! or you could know my penname..Kurisuchi..(Kuri!!XD)
Star Sign: Libra
Zodiac: Rooster
Hobbies: Drawing! That includes making comics! Internet. Learning Japanese!! Dancing around XD I do that a the time and finally lazing around!!
Love: Jmusic! Anything art related.. Hmm.. Drawing?? XD Uhh let's see..DESSERTS!!!


Food: Desserts..Japanese food
Fruits: Melon...(stares at my username) I do like mangoes and bananas and watermelons
K-drama: My Girl (that's the only one I know)
J-drama: Hana Kimi, Nobuta wo Produce, (I forgot the others)
Tw-drama: None
K-Pop: Not sure
J-Pop: Berryz Koubou, Ai Otsuka, Lead, Hey!Say! JUMP, Buono!, etc.(I cant [email protected][email protected])
Other music: Play..(hehe)
Manga: I only like Beuty Pop( others I've seen in anime already)
J-Movie: Not sure.
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22 / F / gingerbread house~~
Posted 12/14/07 , edited 12/14/07
location: cotabato/davao city, philippines
nationality: filipino..but i have chinese blood
i am..
-a fan of dbsk
-especially jae joong
-a fan of their songs specially sky, tonight, insa, mid uh yo, asu wa kuru kara and hug
-also an anime lover
-a leo

(haha..that's all..)
..kamsahamnida.arigato.xie xie.kam xia.salamat.thank you.
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F / NY
Posted 12/15/07 , edited 12/16/07
About Me
Name: Joonhee (korean name)
Star Sign: Gemini
Zodiac: Rooster
Nationality: Korean
Hobbies: eating, watching animes/dramas, going on trips, getting high on crack lol (jk!) drawing, singing
Love: breakdance!


Food: korean food (: especially spicy stuffs
Fruits: watermelons and bananas
Music: Korean and Japanese, never actually listened to chinese music though =/
Drama: My Girl... etc.
Idols/Guys: Lee Junki, Lee Donghae, Xiah Junsu, Max Changmin, and KIM DONGWAN
Anime: Bleach, Deathnote, OHSHC, Gintama, etc.
Movies: My Sassy Girl, The Classic, Beauty and the Beast... etc.
Posted 12/16/07 , edited 12/16/07
**cough cough*** ***clears throat** let's see~~~
Name~I'll call myself Aoki for today :D
Star Sign~Taurus
Hobbies~ Watching K-drama, J-dorama, reading novels,manga,manhwa,hanging out with friends, dancing,going to the cinema, fansubbing..
Love~ DBSK,AnCafe, GazettE, Mika Nakashima, Nami Tamaki, Gackt

Food~ Thai food :D
Manga~Skip Beat,Vampire Knight, Garasu no Mask, Kaikan Phrase (I like shoujo/smut/romance genres)
Anime~ D.Gray-Man, Bleach, KP, Ouran, Saiunkoku Monogatari, I can't name them all you can just read my profile lol that's what it's for :P
J-Movie~ Nana, Nana 2, PoT, Death Note, Death Note 2, Azumi, Azumi 2, House of Flying Daggers
K-Movie~ Shadowless Sword, there's this other good one that I forgot the title of :S
J-Dorama~ A LOT!!! I can't name them all but, Hana Yori Dango 1&2, Kimi wa Petto(soo cute) Anego(loved this one) and more....
K-Drama~Que Sera Sera, Witch Yoo-Hee, Coffee Prince, Goong..loads more
TW-drama~ A game about Love, Magicians of Love and more....
Personality~ I'm open, honest, caring, excentric, bubbly and just ME lol

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24 / F / ESC, CA.
Posted 12/16/07 , edited 12/17/07
Star Sign: Leo

FoOd: Pasta, Cookies, Baked goods, Bubble Gum
Fruits: Berries.
K-DRama: Full House.
J-DraMa: Still havent found one of interest < Tell me if you know a good one. >
TW- DraMA: It Started with a Kiss, Hana Kimi, Devil Besides you, Romantic Princess.
K-Pop: DSBK, Super Junior, Chae Yeon, Ayumi, Big Bang, Xing, FT Island.
J-Pop: None.
Idol/Guys: Hero Jae Joong <DBSK>, Choi Siwon <Super Junior>, Seung Ri <Big bang>, Kevin <Xing>, Lee Jae Jin <FT Island>
K-Movie: 200lb Beauty.
J-Movie: None so far..
Manga: Only read Sugar Sugar Rune.
Anime: Sailor Moon lover since i was 3.

As a person:
Well, I won't blab much. If you've seen me post comments or just posts on forums it's usually DBSK. So yes, I'm vietnamese, and i'm proud to be. I love to have fun and be weird I can't stay quiet for longer then an hour, or i'd explode i swear i talk in my sleep LOL. I was born in US and i think i'm going to be staying here until i'm 18 since my parents think its so dangerous, Anyways i love having new friends so if you want to friend me or message me and i swear youll have a fun time getting to know me better. [=
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27 / F / lenior
Posted 12/16/07 , edited 12/17/07
about me
loves//jap...korean..soem chinese
i love the following groups/solo artists
chinese//fei lun hai, S.H.E., Areil lin
korean//SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!
japanese//Hey Say, Kamenashi

there are many more but just trying to make it short..heheh.....
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27 / F / Australia
Posted 12/20/07 , edited 12/21/07
About Me
Name: Michelle
Occupation: student/piano teacher/pencil artist
Viet name: Uyen
Residence: Australia
Nationality: Vietnamese
Star Sign: Leo
Zodiac: Goat
Hobbies: study jap/korean, play piano, write music, listen to music, draw portraits, crafting, hanging out with friends, reading, singing to myself XD, playing go

Food: Sushi, bento meals =P, ramen, kimchi, vietnamese pho, hu tieu and italian spaghetti ^_^
Fruits: Watermelon, nectarine, drangon fruit
J-drama: ima ai ni yukimasu
K-drama: i've only seen "stairway/staircase to heaven"
J-Pop: Utada Hikaru, koda kumi
Manga: +Anima, Zetai kareshi, Naruto, bleach, Princess Ai, death note, Hikaru no go, One piece... and different other shonen jump ones..
Anime: Naruto/ naruto shippuden, Bleach, Hikaru no go, Samurai champloo, one piece, hunter x hunter
Idols/Guys: all of DBSK!!! haha especially hero and xiah <3
J-Movie: Death Note 1 & 2, shinobi
K-Movie: i've seen many but don't know the names!!!
Songs:Rising sun.. (who doesn't like it?! lol), O, last angel, hikari, love in the ice, beautiful thing, footsteps, many many more.. list is endless
Season: winter and autumn

As a Person
I'm quite a quiet and shy person, although it won't seem like so over the internet.. that's different of course...=P, I'm friendly and very respectful towards everyone, and can deal with many things easily..if u get what i mean ... i'm easy to talk to. I get obsessed with things easily... EG.. ANIME, DBSK, harry potter.. (what was a while back cough cough*) lol...
I'm very attatched to the asian*thinks of what to write*
I greatly enjoy music! i've plyed the piano for 9 years now and am starting to write my own songs out of fun, slightly inspired by yiruma and some of DBSK's compositions. I also greatly enjoy sketching and drawing manga and now also drawing human portraits, and that of which are close to life. haha i compulsively always visit "" to upload my drawings ok.. u could say somewhat of a computer addict...
I'm a strong willed person, especially after going through many experiences in my life like losing a father and taking care of my sister with my mum... and i hope to stay happy and strong for them throughout the years..
and last but not least. i'm addicted to anything korean or japanese!
*gosh i'm going on for so much! overboard*
Posted 12/22/07 , edited 12/23/07
Anyeong haseyo everyone!!!
My names is Alana.
My favorite singer is Se7en and my favorite group is BIG BANG!!!!
I love Full House and I am Sam.
And there's so much more about me but I'm too lazy to write it!! lol
If yuo want to know more just read my About me or ask me.
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27 / F / Central Louisiana
Posted 12/24/07 , edited 12/24/07
About Me
Name: Susan
Star Sign: Gemini
Zodiac: [Not really sure]
Hobbies: Soccer, shopping, surfing the web, Gaiaonline, Crunchyroll, Myspace.
Love: Boys, Spain[I don't really know why lol], purses, clothes.


Food: Taco Bell
Fruits: Watermelon
K-drama: Full House [Super Junior]
J-drama: Honey and clover [I['m not sure if it's japanese...]
K-Pop: Super Junior, DBSK, Se7en
J-Pop: Utada Hikaru, Rie Fu, Yuna Ito
J-Rock: Gazette, Nana Kitade, An Cafe
Manga: vampire Knight, Wild ones, Fall in love like a comic, Sand Chronicles, Honey and Clover
Idols/Guys: Kim Kibum
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24 / F / `in ur dreams ..
Posted 12/29/07 , edited 12/29/07


LOLZ !! ♥

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F / Atlanta, GA. USA
Posted 1/1/08 , edited 1/1/08
About Me
Name: Rydangel
Star Sign: Leo
Zodiac: Rat
Hobbies: Surf Net,reading,arts &crafts, playing games...
Love: my siamese cat duchess and my persian cat blue prince monarch


Food: pasta
Fruits: cherries,canteloupe...
K-drama: Coffee Prince, 200lb Beauty(movie)
J-drama: Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi,Nana 1 &2(movie),kimi wa Petto,hotaru no hikari
it's not a drama, but i love ninja warrior
Tw-drama: Mars, Devil Beside You, smiling Pasta, Why, Why Love, ISWAK,Marmalade Boy
Manga: Boy Princess
Idols/Guys: Jun,Jin,Shun,Vhic,Mike,Jerry,

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