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Posted 9/18/08 , edited 9/18/08
My dear friends,
My friends as time goes by I see around the world that more and more people are starting to persecute as and are trying to stop the gospel. I see that people are ignorant and turn there backs towards Christ. They laugh about God in Heaven and think that hell is a joke. My friends this are the people that we have to save somehow.

These are the people that we have to rescue. They are going down a hole a path that the devil made for them. All they need is Jesus love. All these people need is the hand of God. These people need to hear the wonderful word of God.

We need to wash them and cleanse them my brothers and today is the day. Today is the day to go and make disciples. Today is the day to go and seek those lost sheep’s. We need to tell them the truth about Lord God in Heaven. We need to save them before they fall.

My friends there are many ways to preach the gospel of Jesus. There are many ways to rescue those in the darkness. You can reach out for them with a song or just a hug. You can tell the drunk “That there is hope in this lost and dirty world.” You can tell the cutter “that there is hope.” You can tell millions with just one sentence… “The hope is Jesus Christ.” The hope is the man who died on the cross.

My friends it is time to apply everything we have learned and take it to the world. It is time my friends that a non- believer starts believing in Christ it is time to stand up and stand up proud for our faith. Jesus loves you and he will be watching you.

My friends it is time.
Alexandra (Alex)

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