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what do you think now?

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Posted 9/29/08 , edited 9/30/08

KinkyHamster wrote:

kenshin922 wrote:

dkarmazi wrote:

there's a lot more that contributes to these statistics. income, education, many of those in prison for drugs and petty crime live a life of financial strain? probably most, if not all of them.

i dont wanna here that crap cuz my mom and aunts grew up with only a mom in a small one room house and they all went to college and 2 are doctors that make $100 an hour.

i thought your mom is dead o0?

she is if you look back you'll see i talked about her working at st. jude. i just didnt want to mention it here cuz theres no need for it in this forum and i dont like my friends seeing me talk about her. they start feeling sad for me.
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Posted 9/29/08 , edited 9/30/08

mikomiko123 wrote:

I see that Asians don't get in trouble often.

It's just we no how to not get caught
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Posted 3/9/09 , edited 3/9/09

kenshin922 wrote:

leechlife wrote:

kenshin922 wrote:

zen03y wrote:

Hey, what's up? I didn't read much about Asians being in jail

Allhailodin wrote:

Sounds true, but what does it matter , what matters it the fact that we are running out of prison cells way too fast.

Prisoners can share cells

if u wanna know why there arent many asians in jail i can tell you. to me i see them as the nicest cleanest and smartest race.

You don't see many Asians in jail here because we make up for a fraction of the population, in other words an underwhelming minority. If you go to any East Asian prison guess what, you're gonna see Asian inmates. If Asians are so good why are their jails likely packed like ours in the US? Granted, due to strict sense of responsibility and honor in Asian culture, the crime rates may in fact be lower or under reported but that doesn't reward them the title of "cleanest, nicest and smartest."

Recent news of the Chinese infant formula scandal is pretty downright dirty to me. Also, right before the Olympics, the Chinese government tried to cut down on littering, spitting, line cutting in public to appear more civilized to the outside world. Personally, I disagree with that policy because it just creates a facade of which anyone can take a look behind and see what they are attempting to cover up. Getting back on topic, Koreans aren't any better either, obsessing over superficiality and unfounded pride. On top of that, Asian culture is heavily saturated with bribery and favors. It's hard to change a culture and once you lay a government structure that doesn't exactly fit with the culture, you get a disorganized and inefficient government which is what happens in China today. Why did those companies producing the infant formulas get on the government approved product list? Bribes.

Asians aren't necessarily smarter either. It's more likely the cultural influence of hard work and study that carries through the first, second and third generation of Asians in America.

wow you hate urself.

That's not the point of his post. Why don't you actually read it and comprehend his main argument rather then displaying your use of "Spin," dipshit?

Man oh man the idiocy of the world never ceases to amaze me.
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