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24 / F / "tHE bEAt wOrLD"
Posted 9/18/08 , edited 9/19/08
My mind is over flowing with things I can nOt explain.
Hope theses words will nOt fade.
The sound of the waves and the sparkeling of the sea.
The wind blowing against my face as the sun beams
on me.

I lay on the beach as I put the earphones in my ear.
Just listening to every beat of the song I hear.
It sends me into a daze right into my imaginations with smiles
and laughter.
I daze into a image, that things could change for the better like a before
and after.
I wonder still,.. could that light be there for me or for somebody else.
Could that light understand all the pain I have felt.
To the past to the present I can feel it throbbing
right inside me.
Like a bad stomach ach please somebody save me.

Can my heart and mind survive I dont noe...wont noe unless
I try.
To contain these feeling I have in my mind.
Through out my spirit I feel that Im not alone anymore.
I could hear a whisper of calm as I look out on the shore
Could there be something waiting for me, to just do something
for the greater go0od.
Could others undersand me as misunderstood
Could I write these scars down and change them in to0o a sad melody
To be played for others that will understand my pain of mersery.

My mind still overflowing with these thoughts I cannot explain
Im sure that maybe this time my life will change
For a better path for me, then I can be happy right?....
I'll keep my head high up and continue this unforgetting
I guess life is just never fare
But I'll still keep on listening and writing even if
you dont really care.
I feel this light on me as the sunsets.
I just hOpe that maybe this day will not be the
one I will forget.
I will return to my place and continue to live on
as any person will dO.
Maybe one day this pain and hurt inside will
all change into sweetness just for you.




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25 / F / Do you care?
Posted 9/20/08 , edited 9/20/08
Its reallu lovely <3
it really much feelings in it and you really got a good image in it! grat work ^^
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