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将 – Shou
:: has gotten phone pranked by Keiyuu of Kra last year
:: Went to a My Chemical Romance concert with SID's bassist, Aki
:: Was really freaked out on the set for their Ruri no Ame pv
:: Camwhore
:: can't hold his liquor to save his life
:: Shou also almost got into a wreck in a taxi. And he laughed about it!
:: has been a haircut and clothes model a couple of times
:: moved to Tokyo when he was 1 year old
:: is friends with Ayabie's Ryouhei
:: used to be in a band called Givuss with Tora (虎)
:: the first instrument he ever played was guitar
:: 将 literally means commander, general, leader
:: used to skip high school
:: not a big fan of dogs or soccer
:: rumored to have the same vocal coach as Miku (AN CAFE) and knows him
:: his favorite subject in school used to be Japanese. His least favorite was Math.
:: likes playing with everyone's hair
:: is terribly terrified of cucumbers. He says their disgusting
:: Harrasses Saga to relieves stress
:: Wishes to never get dizzy no matter how much he head bangs
:: Would sleep the day before the world ended.

ヒロト – Hiroto
:: is obsessed with spiderman
:: Occasionally becomes "Hirito-Man" (Spider Man) and fights against Saga's alter-ego
:: Is a camwhore
:: Can and has picked up Shou
:: acts as though they`re actually doing a live during rehearsals
:: wanted to be a Johnny's Junior when he was little
:: designs some of the merchandise
:: either can't swim, or he can't swim very well
:: was "molested" by a middle-age woman on the train when he was in high school
:: always carries salt and pepper in his bag
:: lives in a 2dlk with his parents
:: was so excited after the STYLISH WAVE EXTRA live he couldn't sleep and he wrote a new song
:: the first instrument he ever played was accoustic guitar
:: while trying to be cool yelling something on the mic, bumped his teeth against it, and against Shou's teeth at another live
:: Tatsurou of MUCC gave Hiroto a 100 yen coin for him to "enjoy fall " with.
:: one of his classmates in high school (a friend) died
:: wants a pet lizard
:: named his guitars "black" and "corina"
:: the energizer of the band
:: once spit strawberry milk onto the audience during a show with Tora
:: gave away a guitar during the "fans only" Christmas Party
:: was still in high school when he joined alice nine.
:: hates Red Shiso - a red herb used for Umeboshi, a salty pickle made from unripe japanese plums
:: Favorite food is white rice
:: Was very happy when he got an ipod!
:: Would love to name his child Arusu.

虎 – Tora
:: Other memebrs referred to him as Piccolo if they were Dragon BallZ characters
:: Really likes Korn's music and I believe is inspired by it
:: Owns a Johnny Depp POTC doll lol
:: enjoys getting drunk
:: stopped blogging after his birthday
:: says that he never writes letters, because his writing is messy
:: got harrassed by some old lady in a cafe once
:: used to be in a band called Givuss with Shou (将e
:: has a younger brother (who is apparently rumoured to be Touya from Charlotte) [Note: speculation, NOT fact])
:: his biggest fear is his father
:: 虎 literally means tiger
:: has a HIM tattoo on his right index finger
:: hated school because he was forced to go
:: had a friend who commited suicide
:: doesn't like to read
:: has a cat named neko-chan
:: favorite subject was PE... and he disliked everything except PE
:: used to go by the name Makoto (真 meaning sincere, truthful, and honest). It was the name he had in a message when they first started out (Shoxx July 04 issue)
:: once spit strawberry milk onto the audience during a show with Hiroto
:: Tora likes skateboarding and anything including Johnny Depp
:: scared of insects. He says he hates everything that's creepy-crawly
:: Favorite food is curry
:: Things the he looks in a women is a girl who can keep up with him
:: His room is Gothic Style
:: Relieves stress by taking a bath
:: His goal is to become a cooler guitarist

沙我 – Saga
:: loves wine
:: Total camwhore
:: His goal is to become even sexier for his fans
:: Molests his bass
:: Occasionally transforms to his evil alter-ego to fight Hirito-Man
:: Sometimes transforms into Buddha
:: "slept" with Nao
:: likes older women
:: stayed over at Nao's and caught him undressing
:: loves Doraemon
:: has a younger brother and an older sister
:: wears briefs
:: the first instrument he ever played was guitar
:: his favorite video game is Metal Gear Solid
:: wasn't recognized when he got harrassed by an older woman for playing his guitar on the street
:: was almost recognized when he went for a haricut recently, but the stylist only said "you look like someone famous...."
:: his younger brother is rumoured to be in lolita23
:: asked the staff to run out and buy the newest Smashing Pumpkin's CD for him
:: Likes gentle girls
:: Would name his child Gundam
:: Spend his days off drinking sake or sleeping
:: Lives in his parents house
:: Relieves stress by breaking something
:: Would of become a teacher if he wasn't a musician
:: Said that all members were perverted

:: Love love LOVES talking about food and coffee and takes pictures of it
:: Likes to read manga and recently found Slam Dunk addicting
:: Used to be the drummer for Fatima
:: wants an american Girlfriend.
:: once got left behind by the tour bus because he went to the toilet
:: was in a band during high school, and he did vocals
:: is the one who started alice nine. (アリス九號.)
:: the first instrument he ever played was bass
:: had a hamster that ran away while they were on tour; fortunately it came back later
:: likes to put drawings of Radish-san on his blogs
:: was stopping Saga during an interview from telling him what happened in that night
:: can tie a cherry stem into a knot in his mouth
:: has a futon named "marie-chan"
:: used to play the bass
:: afraid of getting sick. He says that the worst that can happen to him is to have to go to the hospital because he finds "those men in white," scary
:: is against smoking
:: Favorite food is breaded fried shrimp
:: Would name his child Gurakorosuka
:: Favorite artist is Fall Out Boy
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Thank you for the facts, I knew the most things, but one fact is pretty new to me xDD Nao wants an American Girlfriend?? I was like wtf? when i read that xD where did you found the fact?^^'' aww Tora's other cat's name is Neko-chan? cute~
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27 / F / Eiji's house! Tha...
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They're all so cute XD!
Tora got's some amazing naming sense XD! Thanks for the facts! Mind if I put them on my forums in the other groups?
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26 / F / far away with stars
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facts !
from where you get them ?
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24 / F / tsuki..=)
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.dats nice hehe..
where did you get dat facts??=)
..tnx for the post..=)
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28 / F / Indonesia
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that's very nice!!
thanks for the facts... count it!!
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24 / F / U.S.....Ukraine!!...
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was stopping Saga during an interview from telling him what happened in that night
what video is that?? if you can give me a link or a title that would be great!! ^-^
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25 / F / Lost in Wonderland
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Wants an American girlfriend? I could think of plenty American girls who'd like to be his girlfriend! XD Prolly me included!
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