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Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/12/08
I feel that Naoto was more pitiful.

Ohno's character chose to live his life dwelling and seeking revenge. Whereas Toma's character had to live with the burden of his guilt and the weight of his deception (as forced by his father). He also had to watch as so many of his loved ones were destroyed at the hands of someone else because of his mistake and his fathers.

In the beginning I would have voted for Ohno's character probably. But I refuse to pity a person who refuses to let go. Manaka lost his family yes. But many people, particularly, it seems, in Japan, loose their families in equally tragic ways. Many move on. Granted, there would be no show with out his lust for revenge, but yeah.

I feel it's all a matter of choice. Manaka CHOSE to live with self-pity and hate. Naoto had no choice but to live with his guilt. And if it weren't for his father, he would have owned up and payed for his 'sins'.
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Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/13/08
Manaka is more pitiful. He suffered so much through out his life. Even though it was only his mom and brother, those were his only family, basically he had nothing after they died. So after they died, it probably made him feel more alone than ever in his entire life.
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Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/10/08
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Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/11/09
well, for me .. naoto ..
cz he's not doing it on purpose..
bcz of his father, it's become like that..
well, i think the whole story started bcz of naoto's father.. huhu ..
and also i think kimlasmay said is true..
Naoto had lost many friends and also he had no one except the 'police friend'..
but, in the end.. manaka seems regret.. i think~ i do not know what others thinking..
well, i love them both, kay!
It is hard to say but i think naoto is more sad..
Posted 8/26/09 , edited 8/26/09
Manaka Tomoo
- he abandon his own life just to get revenge, he lost his bro and her mom,he's really suffering.
Posted 9/1/09 , edited 9/1/09
manaka !on second though it's i think it's manaka tomoo...NO!!both of them are..!!i cant decide which is more pitiful...
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Posted 4/12/10 , edited 4/13/10
Both characters were very sad people. Naoto had to live his life in guilt for what he and his father did, yet he still tried to redeem himself and tried to become a better person. He tried to pay his sin by becoming a good cop. That's why I feel Manaka Tomoo was more pitiful because in the end he lets his own hatred swallow him whole. In his grief and revenge he failed to see that he destroyed and hurt others in his path to seek revenge. Losing his family was really horrible and sad, but it was himself that chose to lost in his own anger instead to move on and tried to find happiness.
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Posted 11/2/10 , edited 11/2/10
for me..naoto...i know naoto did something unforgiveable for naruse..but he realized it in the end and he's ready to take all the consequences...and naoto suffers a lot..
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Posted 4/4/12 , edited 4/4/12
for me i see Naoto is more pitiful , because he suffered with his negative emotion for 11 years and this is too sad
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