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Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
Ok here is our first skit its a bleach one and its called Uraharas second job

Urahara: Roll up roll up(taps cane against a table leg) take your chances win a prize
Orihimi: ooo looky looky a carnial can we stop pretty pretty please
(Chad puts hand on Orihimis shoulder and nods)
Orihimi: yay(runs to the table and looks at the prizes sees a Kon doll) ohh its so cute im gonna win one exuse me(taps uruharas shoulder he raises his head Ichigo hides behind Chad screaming)
Uruhara: isn't it obvious im running a game(throws baseball up and catches it extends it to ichigo) wanna try?
Ichigo: I'm sorry we don't have time (starts to walk away orhimi squeals and wraps her arms round Ichigos waist)
Orihimi:please Ichigo
Uryu: OH leats have a go what could happen
Ichigo:(breaking free of Orihimi) ok so what can you win besides the Teady
Orihimi: hey i like the teady
Urahara:im glad you asked Ichigo
3rd prize is your own personilised bottle of bleach(nobody interested)
2nd prize is a Kon doll with a variety of changeable dresses
Orihimi: how cute!
Uryu: whats 1st prize your hat
Urahara: no not my Uryu but something just as valuable 1st prize is an all exspenses paid trip to the soul society!
Chad: Cool i've always wanted to go there
Uryu: since when
Chad: since iheard of it
Uryu: did'nt you just hear about it
Chad: yeah(he smiles uryu falls to the floor in a comic way)
Uruhara: all you have to do is throw this ball and knock over those tins sounds easy right?
(Ichigo goes first has 3 goes and walks away witha bottle of bleach Uryu goes next and then Chad both get a bottle of bleach as well)
Boys: lousey game must be rigged no one can win it
Urahara: don't feel bad boys try again if you feel lucky
Ichigo: Orihimi lets go
Orhimi: but it's my shot
Uryu: i wouldn't waste your tim...(cut off by the sound of by sound of tins crashing to the floor Orihimi jumps and squeals in delight)
Orihimi: cool what did i win?
Urahara:you can pick from any of the three prizes
(ichigo and Uryu repeat soul society over and over chad starts singing soul society in a catchy tune)
Orihimi: i'll tkae the Kon doll(boys fall uruhara passes her the doll)
Uruhara: come again soon(turns and begins setting up the tins again orihimi creeps up behind him a steals the hat from is head and puts it on)
Uruhara: hey give it back(orihimi sticks tounge out and runs off Uruhara sets up a sign that says and has a picture of a beer bottle on it he runs after orihimi shouting give me my hat back

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Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
lolz.. I love that sketch
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