BESM Demon Days (roleplaying game online)
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Posted 11/30/07 , edited 11/30/07
I'm currently running a Big Eyes Small Mouth session on using revised and
home brewed 2nd edition rules. Anyone interested can read below for the setting and click below to submit a character. Basic rules for BESM are also listed on the site, age 18+ only.

Opening Text:
An old man in a long blue cloak comes to you in your dreams
"It doesn't matter who you are, all that matters is that you listen carefully"
"You have been chosen. I cannot tell you... They are here, Quickly!! You must flee!! Find the others, the world rests in your hands." The old man shimmers briefly before disappearing. "I must go"
You awake in your bed in cold sweat. "What did he want with me?" The room spins around you. Indistinct shadows gather in the corners of your room as searing agony grips you by throat. For one eternal, horrible, moment, the shadows dissipate enough for you to see... You find yourself fleeing in the night, sobbing, shivering, screaming. Your panicked flight ends with you exhausted and you collapse in front of a large, well lit, building. Just before you pass out, a single sentence echoes in your mind, like a lingering shriek of despair. "Soon, the world will change."

(This is an Occult/Horror setting)
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Posted 9/4/10 , edited 9/4/10 its a new site to play text based d&d sounds fun right.
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