My experience seeing Death Note in IMAX.

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Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
I live in a decent sized town in Tennessee, and we have only have one major theater, where they hold red carpet events for movie premiers, etc. Sadly it's the only one here with an IMAX, and there's only one IMAX in it.
But The Last Name owned our one IMAX theater for a week, and sold out every showing.
It was badass.

It was really cool walking in and seeing all the Death Note fans though. I had brought my L plushie and dressed up a little, so I didn't look like I just stumbled in and knew nothing about the series. To my surprise the whole audience erupted into fangirlish and fanboyish cheering when L was first shown. All it took was the foot scratch. And of course, EVERY time L did something remotely cute, you could hear everyone "aww"ing.

Some rude, ditzy girl had the nerve to yell, "is he like, mentally retarded or something?"
Someone came back with, "Are YOU like, mentally retarded?"
You could hear this going on halfway across the theater, and several people cheered at the comeback. Looks like L has an army of support no matter where you go.

On top of it all, the movie was actually REALLY good. Even though I had to sit a few seats down from my friend (the place was completely full and we made it there late), I was coincidentally sitting by an old friend from high school, who said he had never seen the series and was "checking out the movie." He was so impressed that two days later, he contacted me on myspace saying he had just finished the series and loved it.

Has Death Note graced your town yet? I wish it was playing at all of them, but the audience may not be big enough yet.
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