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(I thought ppl would find this fun if ppl could roleplay as there Character here/Including there Chara...So Enjoy the RP...Also please write in a color EX. purple you cant do the color in Orange or Yellow...Also please intorduce your character/ & Chara (When you get your Chara and it hatches or you have one already) AFTER! your all done typing...Anyway I'll start..first i guess XD)

*Running down the hall, late for class* (Not really..she just thinks she's late ) *See's CHAIRS BLOCKING HER WAY AND TRIES TO JUMP OVER IT BUT FALLS, trying to grab p;osters to keep her up* AH!

My Characters name is Kuroda BlackFeild... She's very clumsy...she always end's up emmbarressing herself TT_TT she has no friends and always gets picked on...

Character pic:
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With Hyper-chii i...
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*laughing* Hi need some help up?? *giggles* My name is Anna

anna is my character he is very popular and confidant even though she is the newest student here
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Hi! Kairi is my character!
She's popular cause she's a GREAT person

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