Member of the Month ^^
Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/20/08
You can try to be member of the month here ^^ just do these things, and earn points, whoever has the most points by the end of the month will win, and I will make something for them ^_^

Favorite the Group- 100 pts
Add the Group's Banner to your profile- 50 pts
Add the URL to your profile- 50 pts
Add The Group's Banner on your group- 100 pts
Add the URL to your group- 100 pts
Upload 5 photos (Little Busters related)- 25 pts
Invite Buddy- 1 pt (per buddy)
Post in Forums 2 times- 25 pts
Decide and ask for a Position- 25 pts

Good Luck ^_^ Here's the current standings:


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