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eun hye-ji hoon or eun hye-gong yoo..?
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Posted 9/20/08 , edited 9/20/08

drama_princess34 wrote:

Xx_Bhawana_xX wrote:

janerdelle wrote:

Xx_Bhawana_xX wrote:

janerdelle wrote:

Eun hye and ji hoon - proven and tested because they have a new drama together.

oooh ... wat's the drama called?

i definitely wanna watch ^^

I just read here in other thread that Eun hye and ji hoon will have a new drama.. the plot is that ji hoon will play a gay role and I think bestfriend of Eun hye in their latest drama..their no definite title yet..!!

oh rite ... well, thank u so much for the info! ^^
i'll have to do more research ... i so wanna watch them together again ^.^

... n Joo Ji Hoon's gay in it?? i dont think i'll be able to watch someone so hot play a gay role ...

xDDD lol .. jokes ...

omg..ji hoon GAY?!?! as in G-A-Y?! hahaha~! would loove to watch^^

yup, gay as in G-A-Y ^^
Posted 9/20/08 , edited 9/20/08
Please use the poll thread for this kind of topic

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