What Anime have you, or would you show, or recommend to a non-viewer?
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Posted 4/5/07 , edited 4/5/07
OK as I was doing my reply to upcoming series and was reading up on mini-synopsis and dates for new anime coming out, I noted Emily of New Moon is becoming an anime. I mentioned it in passing to my mom who watched the TV Series on Canadian TV here and she, despite not watching or really liking anime (she wonders why I watch so much... ), she was actually interested in seeing it. I remember when younger the rest of my family didn't like anime and yet, I got my dad to watch with me Ninja Scroll, and my brother did sit down to watch Grave of the Fireflies with me.

So those are some of my anime shows I've watched with non-viewers in my family. Do you have any such experiences that happen by chance or that you thought out to do? What anime series or movies would you recommend OR show to a non-viewer who either doesn't like anime OR has never seen anime before? Looking forward to replies as usual so take care!
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