What makes you like or love Len?

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Posted 9/20/08 , edited 9/21/08
I like cuz of his looks...He is so KAWAII!!!but I think ...Kazuki is more KAWAII...{Cuz I made a group about KAZUKI HIHARA..That's why I think like that}
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Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/27/08
so handsome,loves to play the violin and so cool!!!!!thats why i love him!!
Posted 10/30/08 , edited 10/30/08
I love him cuz it's so cool and so sexy to watch him play the violin..and with the looksOMG!!..he's so handsome...KYAA!!..I'M BLUSHING!!
Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08
Because he looks very KAWAII especially when he is playing with his violin. I'm damn crazy over him. I LOVE LEN TSUKIMORI!!! KYAA!!! I'M BLUSHING RED!!!
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Posted 12/14/08 , edited 12/14/08
cool and handsome...:D
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Posted 12/17/08 , edited 12/17/08
he's totally handsome! ^^ just look at his serious expression. kyaaah! *faints* lol
Posted 3/10/09 , edited 3/10/09
I love him for him looks have nothing to with it.
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Posted 5/15/09 , edited 5/15/09
well ..
1. he's cute
2. he's cool
3. i think a boy with a violin is a gentleman
4. i love him
5. his eyes
6. his mysterious behavioR

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Posted 6/27/09 , edited 6/28/09
I love him because : 1. his voice, 2. his amazing violin skill, 3. his blue hair, 4. his height, 5. everything he has
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Posted 7/4/10 , edited 7/4/10
I like him in some way and I hate him in some matters

Like: well he is cold, rude, straightforward, frank, what he muse is what he says. and he's a great violinist

Hate: Too feeble when it comes to his feeling.
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