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I don't know a damn thing about cameras. Especially the not-digital ones. Just click the button and then go. I have a digital one that fits those needs just fine.

But I've been wanting to get into serious, more professional photography lately, and my dad even found for me this:

(but mine has a different lens-- AF lens 35-70 [?])

A Konica Minolta 505si MAXXUM HTsi plus (more gibberish to me) at a flea market for $3.00, and it works just fine, but I.. really don't know what to do with it. By that I mean the use of the buttons, the options, the adjustments..

So... any advice? Tips? A tutorial? (There's no manual..)

And I also just wanna ask, is Konica Minolta a good camera company? I've heard of them but not as much as I am aware of Canon and Nikon... any savvy photographers on this site who have anything to say? Please? =D
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Konica is a pretty famous company. Try them
or wait for the real photography experts here to post
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Use this thread please

PS. I like your avatar =]

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