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Posted 9/21/08 , edited 9/21/08
Okay there is this guy who is like a big brother to me.... But I think I have feelings for him.. If I ask him out and he says no then it will be very uncomfortable to talk to him...
So what should I do?

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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/23/08
Well just kind of monitor him from afar to see if hes interested in other girls,if not then you shouldnt ask him out,but make strong hints that you really like him.Small things at first like paying more attention to him,then a bit stronger like hugs or playing with his hand.If he flirts back then hes interested
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Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
I had a BAD DAY today and now I feel worse. My friend's b-day party is today and my 2 friends and I go. We get there and she acts kinda rude to me and it gets worse. I got to throw some of her cake in her face and hair^^ and kick her cause she was pushing me and kicking is a reflect of mine and I find out in the end she didn't even want me to come but she gave me a invite and I told her the day before that I was coming. She's so rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sry i just had to let that off my chest lol!^^ but good thing i didn't get her anything to begin with since I didn't have time to go get anything for her. ^^!
Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
lolz a bad day eh? i know the feeling i had a bad day 2^^ well its just a bad d-a-y^^ remember that its not a bad life cuz of that^^ take care^^
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