Post Reply which is a lot better dis one or tha ja one
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Posted 9/21/08 , edited 9/22/08
can someone answer my question,, is this a lot better than the japanese one?
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Posted 11/5/08 , edited 11/5/08
NOPE. not at all. The Jap one is Much Much better. Ohno Satoshi as the Maoh in Maoh is much better than Joo Ji Hoon. Ohno's expressions are enough to creep you out and the storyline is also much more fast-paced, giving the show a more dynamic feeling. The plot is essentially the same, but Ikuta Toma as Serizawa in the Jap one isn't such a good actor. Still, the Jap one impresses me greatly with Ohno, the champion creepy guy. If you're looking for a very good plotline with awesome acting, you found the right show. Whether the Jap one or korean one, they're both great, but i personally feel that the jap one is IMPRESSIVE BEYOND WORDS
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Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/26/08
personally, i like the japanese version better. it actually made me emotionally attached to the characters. but its probably because it spent A LOT more money on the production compared to the korean version. great music, great effects, great set, amazing cast (a bunch of well-known people), and an unbelievable scriptwriter and staff. keep in mind that they had the korean version to work off of and improve on too. also, i like both joo ji hoon and oh-chan, but this is oh-chan's first drama and first main role, so it took me back how AMAZING he was as Naruse Ryo. i forgot during the episodes that he was Arashi's leader, and i really saw him as the Maou. The Japanese version also made me cry at the end... even though i saw it coming. ive got nothing against the korean version, theres nothing wrong with it. i guess the japanese version just fit me better. the korean one was more suspenseful (is that a word?), but the japanese one was more dramatic and unpredictable, it kept me on my toes the whole time!! above all, i think the way it was shot, the camera angles, the timing of the music, and just the little details puts it out on top for me.
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Posted 5/23/09 , edited 5/23/09
honestly i think the korean one is muchhhh better.for one, the jap is too fast paced they miss out too many details.Like how the key to the lawyer's office got into the first murderer's hand..

and, as for the mawang, the korean mawang's "niceness"/hypocritism(?) is portrayed better than the jap maou.
in maou, i seriously think Naoto is stupid not to know that Naruse had evil intentions right from the beginning. at least in mawang, could see that Seung Ha really had a good character within him. and in the beginning, his hypocritism was really well acted, making him more evil. Naruse is just plainplain plain evil and i dont think he's supposed to be like that since they keep emphasizing "人本性善良“(all men are kind initially).

and I prefer Oh Soo to Naruse. He's more self reflective. oh yes! the love story in mawang is much better developed than in maou! (though Oh Soo and his partner was quite..... extra.) it's super sweet i cant describe it.

Kay i'm starting to sound biased. Despite all these, i admit that mawang does have a few bad points like how some events have no proper ending. and maou has newer ideas of killing . and erm, mawang is long winded at some parts (but maou is too brief). maou has a good ending. besides, maou is rather exciting 8D (i watched mawang first) i'm still watching maou now though so i'm not very reliable! i guess which one watched first is v impt. plus. i understand a little korean so i could catch the actors tone/mood and not so in jap.

[size=5]p.s joo ji hoon is good looking too! :3[/size]
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