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KAT-TUN Gakuen - Regular Testing


Q1 Please write down the most cool sentence that you can think of, and explain why.

A: I'm gonna do what I wanna do (In English)
I just thought of this now. Isn't it cool?

Q2 Now, write down the first 2 four-character idioms that comes to your mind.

A: Mutual Affection (相思相愛), Four-character idiom (四字熟語)

Q3 The 4-character idioms you just wrote down is a psychological test, first idiom represents your view on life, and second is about your love life. Now according to what you just wrote, comment on it briefly.
A: Hm? So that means, I'm walking a mutual affection life? fufufu. If that's for love, always having love from both sides, then the ideal would be without any love loss. Maa, in reality there won't be such a love... For the four-character idiom, I couldn't think of one from the top of my head, just for the test...Not being able to remember one probably means, my love is indescribably delicate for words.

Q4 Please simply describe where your name came from. (You can also explain why you named your pet).
A: "Jin" from "Jingi" (humanity)...or was it? Probably. I named the toy poodle I have now "Pin". Before the "Ten" and "Maru" I had died, Ten, Maru...then next I thought of Pin. According to the rhythm.

Q5 Please write down the hardest kanji to you.
A: Hard (難) I thought the hardest kanji in this question was "hard" so I copied it down.

Q6 [------that was/was done. But, not------] Please fill in the blank in the ------ region. ("____だった。でも____ない" First part is describing a situation, and second part rejects it)
A: That was red. But, it's not red (赤だった。でも赤では)

Q7 [If ------ happened, could have ------] Like above, please fill in the blank. ("もしも____ならば、____のに" Something like, if you know what happened, you could have down something)
A: If you say hi, that was a call (もしもしならば、電話なのに)

Q8 If you were to write a story based on a member of KAT-TUN, who and how would you write it. You can describe only the parts you want to.
A: About Nakamaru's life. Born in 1983, Tokyo, and then living a ordinary life, the end (laugh).


Q9 Starting with height and weight, please answer everything in your profile that can be answered using numbers.
A: Height 175 or 176cm. Weight 62kg. Shoe size 26.5cm. Eyesight for both is 1.5.

Q10 In your life, please describe how you would equally split your payments.
A: It's really annoying to split up the cost every time, so in saying "This time I'll pay and next time you pay", paying for each other. Even if I had to pay more, I wouldn't feel like it's a loss for me.

Q11 Please feel free to speak the number of times you broke up/lost love and describe the unforgettable love.
A: Twice. Even getting dumped, being able to say "I like you" and not giving up is the most important thing. The 2nd time for me, I got dumped the 1st time when I confessed, but I didn't give up and confessed again so then we started dating. Even if that's not helping, time will help solve the problem.

Q12 In your life, what's the minimum area of your room?
A: Ideally 100m^2. But, the worst 8 tatami mats would be fine. As long as a bed can be put in, it'll do.

Q13 Please answer the important components of your life in order using the ">" sign.
A: Family&friends > Peace > Money > Time > Work


Q14 Please feel free to write your feelings to the society, government and economy.
A: taspo (the name of an adult IC card that prevents the underage from tobacco and the name of the same card's system) makes me mad! Although it possibly had some effect for setting no tobacco for the underage, what if the adult lend an underage the taspo? Wouldn't it be meaningless? If there's such meaningless money, put it to supporting Africa! I seriously donate whenever I go the convenience store.

Q15 Write down a historical character you want to meet and why.

A: Oda Nobunaga. I don't know anyone else (laugh).

Q16 Please describe the place you want to live in the future and what's special there.

A: Foreign country, somewhere without earthquakes! I'm considering right now. I want to open a small cafe shop there.


Q17 Inspect a member, describe any new finding, hobbies, etc of him recently.
A: Nakamaru. Unexpectedly, he's got a nice look. I thought "wow he is an idol~"


Q18 To the problem below, please write down where you stand.
[What troubles me is about my younger sister. After she entered highschool, when asked why she can't follow the school work, "It's the parents that wanted me to go to this highschool that are bad!!" is what she says to my mother and fights with her everyday. Sometimes even physically fighting. When going to the school, she would wear bright pink clothes and not the uniform. Her attitude is really bad, and my mother was called to school because of such. Else than that, she seems to be smoking at home too...My mother told me to "Saying something too being the older sister", what should I do]

A: For me, I think that the only thing you cannot do is to hurt someone else or yourself. So to the extremes, if not hurting anyone, I think there's nothing wrong with being not proper. But, if she's hurting the mother or older sister then it's definitely not acceptable. Then, just for once! Don't pay for her education or make any food for her at home. Although it could be hurting, she can then realize how important parents are. Then, the older sister can say, "It's your parents that gives you the chance to go to school and giving you food. When you're the age that you can be on yourself, do anything you want" and teach her properly! Since she's in the rebellion age to her parents, she probably can listen to the older sister being close in ages.


Q19 Please write down the song you'd hum in the shower.

A: Eminem's [Lose Yourself]. It's not the singing but rather the RAP.

Q20 In karaoke, you're trying to be cool singing a song, then you're off tune. Please truthfully answer how you would wind up afterwards.
A: I don't really sing off tune so I don't know (laugh). But since it's karaoke, I think it's alright even if off tune. If it was me, I wouldn't mind.


Q21 Please write something in English.

A: Cheaaa!!


Q22 Please describe your sport history in details.

A: Kindergarten - Soccer (Kindergarten's soccer club)
Grade 4~6 - Soccer (Local soccer club)
Grade 7~8 - Soccer (Junior high soccer club)

credits to [email protected] ^_^

lol i`m loving him more♥♥♥
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he wants to live in foreign country in the future!!!
i hope that country is MALAYSIA!!!!
so dat i can always come to his cafe
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interesting answer for questions 11. i wonder who he is referring too...he broke up/got dumped really curious now as to who they are...(in my head im wishing its Kame for his 2nd time wen he gets rejected but he keeps persisting to make the relationship work or that Kame isnt involved in this because they have a good couple relationship obviously a AKAME fan if you cant tell)

also Thanks for the post...interesting read
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Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/22/08
hehehe I didn't know that he listened to Eminem... yay! that makes 2 of us!!!
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34 / alone in the univ...
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thanks for posting this year lialialia. Jin is really adorkable. i couldn't love him any more cause I already love him so much.
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thanks for posting ^.^
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Q21 Please write something in English.
A: Cheaaa!!

X to the D is he trying to sound all hood woooooow. I use to live near new york so I can talk a bit ghetto lol but this is absolutley hilarious omg!!!!
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Posted 10/17/08 , edited 10/17/08
Nakamaru. Unexpectedly, he's got a nice look. I thought "wow he is an idol~"

hek3 as xpected bakanishi lol~~~
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Posted 10/20/08 , edited 10/20/08
oo he listens to eminem?!! LOL
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lolz, that was interesting to read. thx for the post!! ^^
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Aww ... Everything he said was so cute ...
It was juz so JIN!!!
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this makes me love him even more.
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